Ek kahani (manmarziyan) episode 13


Episode starts with Raghav reaching home still worried for Arjun. He saw Janki sleeping on sofa in sitting position. He kissed her forehead n sat down on floor taking her palms in his n started “sorry Janki..!! I did this for my son only. I don’t want to hurt him, I want him to be happy. Finally I succeeded, he didn’t met her, he may wait but he will forgot her but I know it takes time, but he have to forget. I don’t want love to effect his future like yours.” He walked into his room. Janki didn’t slept but waiting for Arjun. She silently cried at his words after he left.
Arjun returned home n saw Janki still awake n said everything to her. She smiled wholeheartedly n prayed for to give happiness to him.

Radhika, Neil n Shekar sitting n having dinner. She waited for Neil to leave, finally he waved her n left to his room. Radhika ran to Shekar n pulled him towards pool. She explained everything smilingly n at final made a dull face.
Shekar: now..!! Y r u dull.??

Radhika: bcuz.. I lost him..
Shekar: u said.. He is backside of stage, noone can enter from back except registered members. So we can find him.
Radhika smiled n hugged Shekar, ur great pa…

Next morning:
Neil n Radhika left to clg…
Neil:I’m going to ground to meet my new frds..
Radhika: classes..??
Neil:nice joke.. joke of the decade…Radhika smiled n Neil left to ground to meet Arjun gang.
He met Arjun n both talked.
Akhil: Neil..!! How did you last night.??
Neil:we enjoyed last night.. music,dancing,singing..
Akhil: we..??
Neil:me, Radhu.. He was about say Shekar but Akhil cut off….
Akhil: ooooo…..Radhika..?? He raised his eyebrow.
Neil: yaa.. Radhika, my bestie…
Akhil: really..?? I thought something more than that(teasing)..
Neil: no Bhai… nthg like that, we r childhood frds,so little bit more close..
Arjun hearing Radhika, her hazel eyes flashed, he felt like his love n Radhika eyes r same. Just then his phone rang, it’s his PA.
PA: sir..!! U didn’t sign mrng stars cheque..!! Arjun smiled evily…
Arjun: I know, I want you to arrange meeting with tomorrow. I will sign it in meeting. Don’t inform this dad. It’s my project, I didn’t like to involve dad..
PA:okay sir…!! I will tell Shekar malhotra to attend…
Arjun: what..!! No tell them that those 2 stars should attend if they need cheque..!!
Arjun ended the call without hearing anymore.

Arjun: now let’s see how will you miss mere jaan. Neil n Akhil heard this.
Akhil: so planned to meet her..?? Arjun nodded.
Neil: who is her your going to meet..? Before Arjun speak Akhil started.
Akhil: she is Arjun’s girlfriend….. He stretched last word.
Arjun patted his head n said “more than that “.
Neil: even boring boy is in love… Akhil laughed n Arjun made face.

Radhika in class, she found new Frd pooja. They both chatted a lot. They both became good friends. They both decided to stay in same room in hostel. Radhika thought to message Neil n took her phone n typed “where are you .?” Neil “with seniors, Arjun n Akhil” Radhika “Arjun means,the one who helped me right?” Neil ” yaa..!” Radhika “please, introduce me, I will thank him.”Neil “okay..!!”Radhika “come to library.” N Radhika walked towards library with pooja.

Neil: Arjun Bhai..!! Please come with me. My Frd want to meet you, she want thank you for helping her..!!
Arjun: no.. that’s not necessary.. leave it.
Neil: don’t say like that.. She will kill me if I won’t introduce you..She will keep saying “I didn’t thank him, I didn’t thank him” I don’t want to die. Please..
Akhil laughed n said “such a sweet girl naa..even I wish to meet her..”
Neil: yaaaa..!! Sooooo much.. u will get diabetes due to that much sweetness…
trio walked towards library.

Pooja n Radhika walked into library. Pooja walked towards some table sat reading some random book. Radhika waited for Neil n thought to get some book meanwhile, she walked towards some rack n started searching.
Trio stopped at library entrance.
Neil: where is she..??
Arjun: May be in library..
Neil: she know that I will never step into library, so she will wait out if she want to meet me. Let’s waiting.

Akhil:I can’t stand like statue here. I will have a nap in library, it’s calm n having ac too…
Arjun: let me accompany you, I need a book, I will get it, u wait for her here, we will come.
Neil nodded n Arjun n Akhil left to library. Akhil selected some corner space to sleep n sat beside pooja. Arjun walked towards librarian n asked about some book. He indicated some rack. He walked towards that n pulled some book on top n opened. It’s not the book he is searching so he placed it in its place. He pushed that book into too rack but it’s not fitting their. He pushed using more force n it’s slipped n falls on Radhika who is searching for some book in opposite side making her sound “Oouch”.
Book falls on her head n moved from her face n then ground making her spects fall. She takes spects from ground n sees they r blur due to dust n cleans them with her dupatta.
Arjun, who heard “Oouch” bent little to look opposite side. He saw her hazel eyes n said “same hazel eyes”.She looked up to see who is in opposite side n felt a familiar features n she walked out to confirm . He felt that it’s her n walked out the rack looking her through the books where she too did the same.
Both stopped suddenly when they came to face to face. Arjun saw her wearing spects n thought “it’s Neil Frd right..? Ya..!! She is Radhika. But I think she is my jaan. Y I feel so..? Is she really my jaan..?? I can’t confirm until I see her eyes close once more. But I can feel the familiar feeling”

Radhika is really in shell shock, her body became numb n she felt her legs freezed to floor. She thought “God..!! I finally found him..!! It’s true..??” “Haaa .!! It’s true”said her soul n danced out in happiness. They looked at each other. They were about to speak n stopped hearing Neil.
Neil: Radhu..!! Ur here..I searched to out.. He saw Arjun their.. ohh..u too here, Radhika, he is Arjun n Arjun, she is Radhika.
Radhika to herself: means my hero is the one who saved me. Wow.. Radhu,ur lucky. U should have seen him that day only so that u couldn’t wait for him these long… Radhu control, control your feelings now m behave normal.
Neil patted bringing her to sense.
Neil: u said you wanna thank him naa.. so now thank him.
Radhika nodded n said “thank you sir for saving me that day”.
Arjun: it’s not a big thing. I’m not gng to save you every time, u urself should face them. N ur performance was nice that day, I like music n your performed very nice.
Radhika: thank you.. She heard pooja muttering something under her breath walked to her.
Radhika: what happen pooja.???
Before pooja replied Neil started.
Neil: wow..!!Ur becoming frds with beautiful ladies these days Radhu… pooja gave a confused expression.
Radhika: Neil.. don’t start with my Frd now, I don’t want to lose her frdship. What happen pooja.??
Pooja: that idiot fellow, sleeping in library n even snoring n leaning on others, it’s disgusting, how can someone snore in library..God.. with irritated face.
Arjun n Neil turned towards each other n said AKHIL in union n walked from their leaving girls towards Akhil. Just then he phone rang. It’s Shekar.
Radhika: ha pa.!!!

Shekar: the head of sponsored company want to meet you both, I said no, they said he is not ready to sign cheque without meeting you guys, cheque is necessary so I said yes..!! What do you say beta..?
Radhika: it’s okay pa..!! We will attend meeting.. Both ended their conversation. She thought “how mean he is. Can he sign for poor also. I think he need profit so he held meeting. Let’s see”.

Arjun who came to Akhil feel his phone buzzing. He took it out saw msg from his PA telling “they are attending meeting at 10 sir”. He smiled happily.

Thank you guys for yesterday comments, I think u will be happy seeing them both met finally. Waiting for your comments , they really encourage me.

Credit to: Deepthi

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