Ek kahani (manmarziyan) episode 12


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Episode starts with Raghav n his PA leaving to concert in car. Akhil already reached concert, his PA is not at all leaving him anywhere. He thought to escape from him. He saw washroom n moved towards that. His PA followed. Akhil gave a cold look at his PA.
Akhil:please give me privacy in washroom atleast.
PA: sorry sir..!! U go, I will wait.
Akhil walked in removed hanky n blazer their. He changed his hair style with his hand n came out of washroom. PA saw him but didn’t recognize, instead he waited their only.
Akhil laughed n walked from their, trying to call Arjun. He could hear that concert already started.He moved from their to see concert.

Neil n Radhika are on stage covering their faces as usual,giving their performance. They sang Saturday Saturday…. n then shake like a shammi…
Meanwhile Radhika is searching for Arjun as well as singing.

Arjun just reached concert. He was at backside of stage trying get in but watchman is not allowing.(same watchman, who stopped Arjun last time).
Watchman:sir..!! U again… u came last year also naa. Arjun recognized him.
Arjun: haa.. bhayya.!! Please let me in.
Watchman: no sir..!! We can’t.
Meanwhile PA,who found Arjun is not in washroom, started searching for Arjun n found him fighting with watchman.
PA: Hey. Watchman.. allow sir in…
Watchman:but sir he is…
PA: he is the head here…. let him in.. sir.. where are you? I have been searching for you since so long.
Arjun understood that Akhil trapped him.
Arjun: I went out for a small work. Come lets go.
Arjun walked towards stage from backside n saw Akhil standing their n enjoying performance. Arjun, to his excitement ran towards Akhil n wrapped his hand around his neck. Akhil came to sense.
Akhil: Bhai..!! Thank god. U came. Now have a look at your jaan… Arjun looked up towards saw her dancing n singing. Her back is towards his front. He can’t see her face clearly, a tear drop ran out from his waiting eyes.
Akhil:Aruu..!! We can’t see her face. Come lets go to front, so we can see her… he pulled Arjun with, who is still staring at Radhu…

They both walked towards front part of stage into audience, who are cheering. They stood in middle of crowd. Akhil could see everyone cheering, enjoying n some having placards in their hands. Arjun is just staring her.

Radhika n Neil are singing. Radhika was searching for Arjun. She just then spotted Arjun in crowd n forgot song, she got freezes for seconds. All got confused. Neil continued singing n tapping Radhika to get her back to sense. She smiled staring him n continued singing. Akhil stared at Radhika n then Arjun. He smiled thinking “finally they found their love”. Count down started from 60,59,58,…. everyone shouting, even Neil also but Radhika just staring n blushing due to his stare. Akhil spoke out taking his mobile.
Akhil: Bhai..!!New year first work is to talk with my girlfriend..!! Then what’s yours..?? Dailed his gf.
Arjun thought for a while at his question n smiled.
Arjun:proposed to be my better half. Akhil gave a what look.
Arjun looked here n there. He took a placard from ground n asked someone for marker. They gave. He wrote “I love you mere jaan” at it back as it’s front is having something already. Count is 10,9,8,…
Arjun: u talk to your gf.. me with my gf.. with naughty smile. Akhil too smiled n continued his work.
Arjun looked at Radhika n saw her staring. Count 3,2,1… HAPPY NEW YEAR.. All shouted. Neil hugged Radhika telling “HAPPY NEW YEAR”. She did the same. Arjun lifted his placards n Radhika saw that n read “I love you mere jaan” n she is speechless now, few drops escaped her eyes due to happiness. She starts singing deewani mastani song… Neil caught her hand rotates her, which made her to lost his gaze.

Akhil returned ended call n sang “dewani ho gaye..(teasing Arjun)”Arjun blushing.
Akhil:stop blushing..!! We didn’t saw her face now. Come… we have to go n catch her. Performance is going to end.
Arjun nodded in “right” manner n ran out of crowd. It’s difficult as crowd is more now, both with much difficulty came out n walked towards backstage. They both started running, when they heard performance ending. At back entrance, watchman stopped Akhil from entering. Akhil tried to convince but he didn’t. But he allowed Arjun.
Akhil: u go..!! It’s important for u. I will wait for good news.
Arjun went off giving yes node.

Radhika lost him, she searching with her hazel eyes but if no use. She felt someone pulling her n found its Neil n then realized that performance ended. Both towards backside of stage. Neil n Radhika walking towards exit n Arjun coming from exit. Suddenly someone pulled Neil n Radhika into some room, it’s Shekar.
Shekar: lot of press outside, so wait here till I return. He walked out of room. They both sat on sofa facing door. Radhika smiled thinking about Arjun n his proposal n he looked up n saw Arjun standing at door talking to someone, she got up.
Arjun asked some waiter about Radhika n he indicated towards his right n saw Radhika standing n staring him. Both lost for few seconds. Both started walking towards each other. Just then Arjun stopped hearing someone calling him. Radhika too stopped when he stopped. Arjun turned saw n shocked seeing his dad. Raghav fast walked towards Arjun. Arjun is speechless, don’t know what to do. He stared at Radhika n tried to walk towards her but Raghav caught his hand preventing him to walk.
Raghav: Aruu.. Come lets go, concert finished, we had a lot of work.
Arjun: dad..!! U go, I will come…to himself..God do something.. ([email protected] beta)
Just then power goes off. Arjun thanked God, he released his hand from his dad m walked towards room.

Raghav lost arjun’s hand but struggling n caught his hand to make sure that he is with him only.
Radhika was happy thinking that he is desperate to meet her. She hugged Neil in darkness telling “faltoos.. He came yaar.. He came to meet me, wow..  even he is desperate to meet like her.”Just then someone pulled her.
Radhika tried scream but someone closed her mouth n said “it’s me, dad beta, come, let’s leave, it’s easy way to escape from press, so I switched off power” he didn’t remove hand, which didn’t gave opportunity to speak out. They walked. Radhika heard car door opened n Shekar asked her to “get in”.
Radhika: pa… I want to speak something important..
Shekar: not now.. get in.. fast.. someone pulled her in.
Radhika saw Neil sitting beside her, which surprised her.
Radhika: when did you came..??
Neil: long back.. ignoring her question n removing his scarf from his face n pulled her’s too..
Radhika thought “whom did I hugged then.??” With blogged expression which made curves on her forehead.

Power comes on…
Raghav shocked to see Akhil instead of Arjun.(me lol) he saw Arjun standing few steps after room door n smiling. He pushed Akhil’s hand walked towards Arjun.
Raghav: Aruu.. what are you doing here.??
Arjun: nothing dad.!! Come lets go. We have to wish mom..!! He stared Akhil standing with tensed look n Arjun smiled. This gave a sigh of relief thinking that he found her.
Arjun: come Akhil.. I will drop you.
Raghav: when did he came.??
Arjun: he came to concert n I saw him n called him to back stage.
Trio walked to car. Arjun indicated something to Akhil.
Akhil: uncle..!! I had my own bike. I will go..

Arjun: then I will accompany you.. I will run to go in bike..
Raghav is tensed but he can feel happiness in arjun’s voice, which Raghav never refuse.
Raghav: okay.. then go, but come home soon, don’t rid fast, be safe n careful, we r waiting for you at home.
Arjun nodded n both left on bike. Raghav smiled seeing Arjun happy but tensed from inside.He left in his car thinking about Arjun n Radhika.

Arjun shouted I’m joy while Akhil riding. He stopped in middle of road n asked “what’s the matter..??”. He smiled thinking what happened after power went off n said “she hugged me..”
Akhil: what..?? Really… unbelievable… I just told you to find but you hugged her. That’s too much man.. (teasing)
Arjun: actually when I was about to meet her, dad came, n thank god power went off, then I released my hand n walked towards her in darkness. Someone hugged me, when I was about to push, she spoke up “faltoos .. He came yaar.. He came to meet me, wow..  even he is desperate to meet like me”. I realized it’s she. I felt butterflies in stomach n stood like that only. She broke hug and power came on n I found nowhere.
Akhil(annoyed): that means she just hugged n u didn’t saw her face or spoke to her.. idiot, how can we find her..

Arjun smiled. Akhil gave a angry look.
Akhil: how can smile man..?? Being ur, I’m annoyed more than u.
Arjun: no problem man..!! Now, I’m sure that she too loves me.. I can find her for sure n after all i’m head for this concert… He smiled with a lot of naughtiness.
Akhil:my Bhai is using his brain after meeting my bhabi…Arjun blushed n hits him playfully…

Abi: May I know what your studying n where..

Credit to: Deepthi

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