Ek kahani (manmarziyan) episode 11

Episode starts with Arjun explaining how plan to Akhil n Akhil nodded in yes manner. After completing his explanation.
Arjun:be careful..!! I don’t want to hurt dad at any cost.. all the time he cares me a lot… okay??
Akhil:okay.. Bhai.. I will manage..
Arjun: that 5 mins are important.. we have to do it..I even talked with driver.. He will help u buddy..wear this..
Gave his blazer n Akhil wear it..
Arjun:u have to manage everything as Arjun Mehra, son of Raghav Mehra. Don’t tell ur name at all.. okay.. Give address to driver..okay..??
Akhil: haa.. Bhai..cool… ur gng to meet her for sure.. chill man… I need a party after that..this help costs u more..He gave a naughty smile.
Arjun smiled n hits him in a playful manner. Now his work is to just to wait till it’s 4. Thinking that, he leaned on his chair, closing eyes, he ran into her thoughts. Akhil sat on sofa in same cabin surfing n chatting on his phone.

Arjun thoughts went to past, a year, how he met her, her hazel eyes,he to doesn’t know how just 2 beautiful eyes can make him mad, he doesn’t know they can cause a hectic change in his life. He opened his eyes n looked up into his watch, a small disappoint is seen in his face, means it’s not 4. He is not ready to close his eyes anymore. He is eager to see those hazel eyes directly. The thought that he is going to meet her made his a little shiver raising goosebumps. Just then he heard a bell sound. He looked up to that sound n struck his on wall clock. Anxiety in him reached peak. He cursed his watch n stared it angrily due it’s disorder of showing wrong time. He jumped out from his chair in excitement. Akhil raising his head due to sound caused by Arjun’s movement. Arjun,who saw this, indicated his watch telling “it’s 4”. They both moved out of his cabin.

Both walked towards lift with cool looks. Just then Arjun saw his dad, coming from some other cabin with his PA speaking something urgently. Arjun pushed Akhil into lift n pressed ground floor saying “wait down” n turned towards his dad normally. Raghav looked up n saw Arjun at lift n thoughts came in his mind “Y Aruu is so cool, is he gng to meet her? No no., my son is not gng to do that. He will always respect my words.”He smiled at his last sentence, still staring at Arjun. Arjun smiled back but bit tensed. Raghav walked towards Arjun.
Raghav:beta..!! Ur still here..? It’s already 4. U have to be at concert na..
Arjun:gng dad…
Raghav: okay beta.. I forgot to tell u that I’m going to urgent meeting.. I can’t accompany you to concert n see how my son is going to do his duty.. but I can hear from others.. I wish you will fulfill them.

Arjun smiled inner thinking “thank god.. even dad is not coming”.
Arjun : no problem dad..!! I promise everything goes correct..
Raghav smiled n turns to leave, Arjun smiled, suddenly turns saw him smiling, Arjun becomes mum n stared innocently. Raghav stares him doubtfully for second n says “Aruu… Shekar uncle is going to guide you, he is my business partner n Frd too. Take care. Bye” Raghav left to meeting with his PA.

Arjun gave a relieved expression n moved towards lift, it opened n he stepped into it n pressed ground floor n it opened again after few seconds. He saw Akhil waiting. Akhil too saw him n walked towards each other.
Akhil: Bhai..!! (tensed)ur PA called to ur mobile n asked “where r u?” (Phone is in Arjun’s blazer which Akhil was wearing) said returning his mobile.
Arjun: so what..?? Y r u tensed for that..??
Akhil: he is accompanying you to concert… if he sees me in ur place.. He will….
Arjun:he will surely inform dad…
Akhil: yes..!! Now what to do..??

Arjun thought for a while n said “I can’t stop meeting my girl for this small jerk..where is he now..?” (They r in parking area)
Akhil: entrance.. waiting for Arjun.. now what to do bhai??
Arjun ties hanky to Akhil’s face n says something…
Akhil: waah..!! Until now I heard everyone becomes mad when they fall in love but u r becoming intelligent..
Arjun waved bye n left in his car. Akhil wished “All the best”.

Raghav leaving to meeting. He remembers Arjun words n his smile n thought “y is he smiling..!! She is not going to meet her even though he smiled. Is there anything behind that..?? Whatever I have to be alert… sorry Aruu.. this is for ur happiness only..”
He took his phone n called his PA n said to connect Arjun’s PA. It connected. N Raghav said “is Arjun with you..??
PA: no sir..!! He just went to ground floor to go to concert.
Raghav thought “I think their is something” n said “u accompany him n don’t leave him for a minute n update me everything.okay??”
PA:yes sir…!!
Raghav thought to leave Arjun thoughts as he has to attend meeting. He entered into lift. Just then he remembers he forgot meeting file.. so he comes out n moved towards his cabin.

Here Janki… so tensed but she is Arjun will meet her at any cost. She is somewhat excited too. She prayed “just he should get his true love like I got Raghav.”He thoughts where distributed.
Maid: coffee madam ji..!! With cup in her hand.

Janki took it n had a sip, it gave a bit relief to her thoughts. She looked up on to the table to find some magazine to push her thoughts completely. All r almost finished by Janki already except Raghav’s business magazines. She don’t want to read the old one as she already read but she want to read something to divert herself, so she too an attractive business magazine from those n opened it. She doesn’t find any interesting, so she is randomly pushing papers. She paused at one page which caught her eyes. Her eyes widened as she concentrating on the particular article. It’s article about Raghav becoming sponsor for Mrng stars n about his greatness n kindness to serve poor. Janki remembers Arjun saying “mrng stars concert “in previous call. She was in a shock for few minutes, thinking “it means Raghav doesn’t know the concert which Arjun is willing to go, it’s a coincidence, no.. this is bhagawan ka leela. Even Arjun doesn’t know that, he is handling mrng stars concert. I have to tell him. Don’t know how much tensed he is..”said Janki lifting her phone n redial previous call.

Akhil in car, his face is covered with hanky. Car moved from parking area to entrance n it stopped their. Someone tapped driver’s opposite window. Akhil looked up n he can easily say that he is Arjun’s PA. He talked something to driver n opened opposite door to driver n about to sit, Akhil interrupted.
Akhil:mister..!! I said to not come with me. I can manage. U go.
His PA looked back saying “dad’s order sir” n paused n just then he noticed Akhil’s covered.
PA: sir..!? Why are you covering your face..?
Akhil, who already prepared said “I heard their is flew in city so for my safety. Okay. How much time it takes to reach..??”diverting.

PA: 2hrs sir… He turned keeping file on car pavement infront.
Akhil turned his face to look out n saw mrng stars boarding n smiled thinking “I going to miss your performance this year, but I have do it for my Bhai’s love. I wish his waiting would end today. I wish I can get good news. Bhabi wherever ur get ready for my Bhai..!!”

Neil n Radhika already at concert getting ready. They didn’t inform that they r concert to anyone except Shekar as don’t want press to irritate them.
Radhika getting ready in room infront of mirror. She looked into n sees Arjun staring her n turns to find no one their. She smiled keeping her hands on her face shyingly.
Radhika: waiting for you hero..!! I’m very desperate to meet you. See I’m getting ready for you only. I never thought that I will experience this sort of thing in my life. I’m getting mad”.
Someone laughed. Radhika turned n saw its Shekar.
Shekar:I saw my daughter shying today.. I have to congratulate that fellow for making mere Radhu shy.

Radhika:pa… She dragged that.
Shekar walked to Radhika n placed his hands on her shoulders n kissed her forehead n said “all the best ..I wish you will meet him for sure.” N hugged her.
Neil saw his dad kissing Radhika from distance n walked to them n said “these days people getting partiality. Giving kisses to one only forgetting other” showing fake anger. Shekar smiles.
Radhika: so ur begging for kisses..?? Making face.
Neil: what to do.?(touching his cheek) nowadays no girls r giving. (God: wherever you start. He will stop at girls only)
Radhika pulls him n Shekar hugs Neil n Radhika n kisses their foreheads.
Watchman: sir..!! Someone came for you.
Shekar:beta n Radhu get ready..!! I had work, I’m leaving.
He left with watchman.(same watchman who stopped Arjun year back)

Arjun in his car. Asked driver “how much time it takes to reach that address.?”
Driver:sir..!! It’s 2hrs..
Arjun: no shortcut..??
Driver: no sir.. all roads are blocked bcuz today 31st naa..
That date 31st brought a shiver in his body. As every 31st in his life, gives or takes something from him. He wished that he would get her. He looked with irritated look thinking “2hrs”. He saw mrng stars boarding n smiled says “I’m coming mere jaan”.

Akhil thinking how pass time, his eyes struck on the file which is infront of PA n thought “Arjun said that they r sponsoring concert but didn’t know which concert. I will find n atleast enjoy in this concert”
Akhil:what’s that file..??
PA: this one is concert file which we r going sir..
Akhil: give it.. let me have a look at that finally once…
PA hesitatingly gave file as Arjun is saying finally once, bcuz Arjun didn’t took a look at that file at all till now from mrng. Akhil opened it n started searching to find name of concert. After few searches, he got a shock n he looked into file to confirm whether he is correct or not. Yes…!! He is correct, it’s mrng stars. He immediately fired question at PA.
Akhil:did Arjun saw this file already..??
PA: sir..?? Confused.. bcuz Akhil mentioned Arjun instead of me in hurry. Akhil realized what he said n corrected.

Akhil: did I read this file..??
PA: no sir.. u just signed blindly…
Akhil to himself “this idiot Arjun. I will kill him. Can’t he have a look at this file once.? Mrng to eveng, he is signing blindly without knowing what he is doing. Idiot, really idiot. Whatever..!! I have to tell him. No.. He is coming to that concert only I will tell him their.. no no.. if he goes their like he will be one of audience so I have to tell him so that their will be possibility of talking to her instead just seeing her”.
He took his phone n dailed Arjun. It didn’t connect. He tried again n again n finally it connected. Arjun lifted it thinking “is something wrong ..???”.
Arjun:what happen..?? Anything wrong ..??
Akhil: ur the one who is wrong..
Akhil: did read the file about the concert your company sponsoring..??
Arjun: no.. but y what’s necessary of that..?? It’s not important than mine.
Akhil: u idiot.. it’s mrng stars..

Arjun: what..?? R u serious ..??
Akhil: yes man…!! I just verified file n found now. U come to the concert. I will be waiting. Okay..??
Arjun: love u.. love u so much… Okay I’m coming, struck in traffic… he kissed his phone in excitement.Akhil laughed at Arjun’s excitement.
Akhil: save for my Bhabi.. Arjun chuckled n both ended their calls.

Janki redial number in her phone to tell this to Arjun. Raghav,who came their to get file heard the ring n lifted it. Before, Raghav could speak out, Janki brust out in excitement.
Janki:Aruu beta..!! U know.. the concert which we r sponsoring is the one your searching. It’s mrng stars only beta..

Raghav is shell shocked at her words. He 2didn’t spoke anything n ended the call.
Raghav to himself “oh God..(caught his head)I myself made it. I have to stop Aruu..”He runs throwing file. His PA who saw Raghav running.
PA: sir..!! Where r u going?? We r having meeting now.
Raghav: cancel everything.. we r leaving to mrng stars concert.. fast…
PA: sir… all roads blocked sir as their is new year in few hours.
Raghav : whatever..!! We have to reach their before that concert ends….
Both left to concert in car..

That’s it guys for today. Next episode will interesting I think. Sorry guys… lack of time, exams r also cmng. I didn’t study from a week due to sankranthi celebration, I enjoyed a lot. I want know,is their any medical students here…?? Please comment.. waiting for your comments. Please mention your opinion about my story.. thank you guys for ur comments in previous episode. Love u all…

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