Ek kahani (manmarziyan) episode 10


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Episode starts with Ritvik,Neil n Radhu went outing n long ride.it’s almost night. Ritvik literally enjoyed their company, he felt them very close. He loved the experience as he has no such previous experience.They r back in city now. Radhika sees shopping mall.
Radhika : faltoos… we will go to shopping.?? Please..
Neil: no yaar… Ritvik is new to ur torture. He can’t bear it. I can’t scare him as he is thinking India is great.. with naughty smile.
Ritvik smiled at that. Radhika made a face showing her 32.
Neil:don’t scare as now itself. Okay we will go don’t kill us here itself. I’m so young n my gfs will cry if I die..(God:always bothered about girls only, didn’t even think about his pa.)
Radhika smiled n Ritvik stared her. They reached mall. Trio got down n walked into shopping mall.
Radhika:come we will shop..

Neil:Ahh..!! My head is aching. I will have some coffee u go n shop.. he tired to escape but Radhika hold him.
Radhika: faltoos.. I know how u got headache suddenly.. stop ur acting n come.. she pulled him.
Neil: Bhai..!! We r gone today.. he made helpless face.
Ritvik: is this that dangerous to go shopping with girls.?? With confused face. Radhika walked into some dresses store n both followed her talking.
Neil: what r u asking? So u never went shopping with ur sister? I know sisters will drag brothers sure for shopping?

Radhika is just few steps away them but it’s a audible convo to her. Ritvik became sad hearing that.
Ritvik: we r not so close.. he explains everything about his arrival n Sam’s ego n his mom also… Radhika turned hearing him n saw his sad face n thought “so he loves his sister alot.. I have to something to get them close but for I have to change his mood”.
Radhika:guys wat r u talking? Come fast help me in selecting dresses.. picking dresses..she walked into trail room.
Ritvik n Neil winked each other mischievously..
Radhika came out.. Ritvik showed thumbs up n Neil thumbs down..she went on making a face at Neil.. she changed another..n Ritvik shows thumbs down n Neil thumbs up.. again she walked into trail room with another dress.. this continued for another 10 dresses, both alternately showing thumbs up n thumbs down n laughing.. Radhika got irritated n thought for a while n gave naughty smile.
Radhika:bhayya.. pack all these.. faltoos will pay for them..
Neil: what..?? No… all dresses r not nice.. only this blue n that orange r nice on u.. Radhika smiled..
Radhika: pack them bhayya..I know how to make u select my dresses.. naughty smile.. he patted on her head playfully.
Neil: u know everything of me.
Ritvik thought “thanks India.. u have me such a loving frds.. They r my close now, so I have to gift them”.

Ritvik:guys, u wait at coffee shop n order coffee for me, I will be back.. he left.. both nodded in okay manner n moved towards coffee shop n ordered coffee n sat on a table..
Radhika: Ritvik became so close to us in very short time naa..??
Neil: haa.. he is nice n u know ritvik’s sis..
Radhika : I heard.. cutting him.. we will have to help him getting him his sister..
Neil: yes.. we have to.. as he is our Frd now.. did u remember tomorrow is our concert..?!
Radhika thought “how can I forgot that faltoos..I’m waiting for that day from almost year” nodded in yes manner.

Radhika: we have to practice tomorrow.. Neil nodded yes.
Ritvik joined them after 10 mins. They talked n laughed. They both dropped him at his house. While leaving..
Ritvik: Hey guys.. 1sec.. he called someone..They came with a big box n small packet.. he gave big one to Radhika n small one to Neil.. They gave a confused look..Ritvik indicated to open it..
Radhika opened n found a beautiful black sparkling guitar n Neil found a mouthorgan n a t-shirt of that color..
Ritvik: did u guys like them.?? A bit tensed..
Radhika n Neil: wow.. it’s awesome..

Radhika played a small tune n Neil mouthorgan n shirt..
Radhika: y only guitar n mouthorgan??
Ritvik: I know only few things about you guys..so I felt these r correct gifts for you..
Neil: this shirt was really awesome man…color too good n that to costly brand tq..
Ritvik laughed n said “what’s the necessary of thanks”.
They both waved bye to Ritvik n left.. he stared until they go out off his sight..

Radhika n Arjun both r restless whole night in their respective rooms…
Radhika thinking “I’m very desperate to meet you hero..I’m restless until I meet u. Will u come for me..?? Do u have same feelings like me..?? R u restless like me..?? I’m scared whether u will come r not??”
Arjun thinking “yaa.. I’m still in ur thoughts.. don’t know.. do u have any black magic in ur eyes..??(smiled) it’s been 1 year but I felt like I met you yesterday.. this time I’m not gng to leave u.. just 1clue,I will catch you forever..is I’m just fan for u or anything else? I will find out for sure.I expect u will wait for me..?I will find a way”
Arjun n Radhika r in their own thoughts n dreams eagerly waiting for tomorrow…

Ritvik stepped into his house waving bye to his new found frds. As he entered, his PA came running to him. Ritvik leaned on sofa relaxing himself n remembering his day n thought “they r really lovely. Radhu… Radhu was really awesome, her every small thing attracting me especially her simplicity n Neil, that faltoos, no flirt, so much energy in him.” distributed by PA voice “Sir..”
Ritvik opened his eyes n came out off his thoughts.
Ritvik:haa Hari, wats tomorrow schedule..??
He said started n ended at 4PM meeting.. Ritvik gave a questioning look “after that…??” Hari understood.

Hari: sir.. after that mrng stars concert..
Ritvik is fan of mrng stars, he listened to them in YouTube n became fan of their music. As soon as, he came to India, he ordered Hari to prebook tickets for that show.
Ritvik: ohh.. tq Hari.. u remembered n booked tickets for my fav show.. he thought “I wish Radhu n faltoos accompany me” n said “book 2 more tickets”.
Hari: sir, it’s difficult..
Ritvik: tell my name or bribe anyone but I was tickets..okay go.. see how to get tickets.. to himself “I will tell them tomorrow”.

31st, morning:
Radhika n Neil left to an isolated area near some cliff for practice. Radhika was almost in arjun thoughts..Neil saw her but helpless. He can’t hurt her.
Neil thought ” this love is trapping my Radhu, I can’t let that pain hurt her. I will erase him from Radhu without knowing her n select best one, who never hurts her”. Tears brizzled in his eyes remembering his dad suffering when he lost mom, he drank all night to forgot her, it took years to make him normal but still not completely. He covered his tears n brought Radhika to sense with his mouthorgan music. He continued practice…

Arjun as his father ordered him to be in his office at Sharp 9. Arjun got ready to leave for office. Surprisingly,his face is not at all tensed, bcuz his mind had an idea to meet his to be better half. He stepped into the office. He does his work with absent mind.he knew that he is working, but not aware of what he is doing. It’s afternoon, Janki was tensed at home thinking about Arjun. Both didn’t had their lunch. One due to excitement n other due to tension.

Ritvik reached clg to invite his frds to accompany him to concert but he is unable to trace out them. He tried calling them but both are not reachable. He got tensed thinking whether they are in any danger.? He can’t leave it as they r very close to his heart now. He ordered Hari to trace their phones where they r switched off. After 1 hr, he said it’s near so n so area. Ritvik left to that area, so tensed. He got out of the car and searched for them n hear some music. He follows the music n saw both playing their instruments. It gave a sigh of relief. Neil n Radhika saw him their n gave a confused look to each other.He ran to them
Ritvik: u r here? Oh god.. I’m so scared. What r u guys doing here? I’m searching for u from so long… breathing heavily.

Neil:what happen Ritvik?? We r practicing….
Radhika: for concert.. Radhu tuned Neil… y r u scared?
Ritvik:ur asking y r u scared? Did u see ur phone? U switched off n enjoying.. u guys didn’t even inform me. I was madly searching for u. It seems I’m not ur Frd.. okay byee.. I’m leaving.
Neil:Arey Bhai..!! We r sorry.. we r a little busy in practicing..
Radhika: yaa.. we r really sorry… sorry.. holding ears with cute face. Ritvik smiled a little bit again made a angry face.
Radhika smiled seeing him smiling a little. Radhu n Neil hugs him at once making him cool n smile..
Radhika: tell me.. y u search for us??

Ritvik: actually.. I want to invite you both for mrng stars concert.. Will u guys please join me..??I’m big fan of them.
Radhika n Neil laughed a lot at his sentence, which made Ritvik puzzled. Finally, they controlled their laugh.
Neil n Radhu: ur not their fan but Frd.
Ritvik made more confused face, which made them laugh again. Radhika hitted Neil still laughing n said “Arey..!! Faltoos.. He doesn’t know naa..”
Neil: he even cannot understand, if we say.. laughing.
Radhika:cool Radhu.. Ritvik.. u r not fan but Frd of them.. pointing themselves..
Ritvik: what..?? Seriously..?? Wow.. I need a autograph then..
Neil: it’s not necessary..
Radhika: bcuz.. we r always with u naa.. forever..
That what forever don’t y made Ritvik goosebumps.. He hugged Radhika tight..Radhika smiled…
Rest of the day, till evening, they practiced,Ritvik stared both… more on Radhika n less on Neil enjoying their music. They moved city in the evening n got ready for concert..

Office, afternoon:
Arjun called to his mom through his office phone. Janki saw ‘office’s displaying on her phone n thought “it’s Raghav”. She lifted it.
Janki:haa.. Raghav..
Arjun(changed his tone): Janki darling.. y r u so dull..?? Seems ur dreaming about me sweetheart.. Janki felt strange…
Janki:it’s not Raghav.. who r u??

Arjun:it’s me jaan.. Raghav only… He chuckled..
Arjun: mom,… u found…
Janki:can’t I find my son? But tell me y r u so happy.?? I’m so tensed about you here..
Arjun: chill mom.. I had my own plan.. I’m gng to meet her for sure..
Janki:okay fine.. now I’m bit relieved.. u return home n give me good news.. by the by.. tell me concert name, I will watch live in tv..
Arjun:sure maa.. it’s mrng stars.. bye… see u next year sweetheart with good news..
Both ended their calls…
Arjun sat in his chair. Whole day, he just signed few papers n kept looking at clock. He didn’t involve in any work except signing. He waited for time to run.

Time showed 4, Arjun took phone n made a call..
Arjun:Akhil.. r u ready..?? Come fast.
Akhil:yaa Bhai… got ready.. on the way…
Both ended the calls… Akhil reached office in few minutes.. PA stopped him entering Arjun’s office… Arjun saw Akhil being stopped n shouted on PA to let him in..
Akhil:what’s the plan Bhai..??
Arjun explained n Akhil nodded in yes manner..

Sorry guys.. I thought of updating big one but didn’t.. I tried. Sorry again… I will update next part soon.. today’s one was bit boring I know.. but please be patience..
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Credit to: Deepthi

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