Ek kaahani Saathiya (Part-19)

Recap:Alka and ashok is shown in Rajkot alka says I will not leave mother and daughter

Jigar is shown following ragini ragini is shown going in auto and jigar follows her in car
Ragini steps down from auto and goes to her home
Jigar stops car a bit far and says I wl go to her house after few mins
Jigar goes inside and knocks door rashi’s lookalike opens the door
Jigar gets shocked saath nibhana saathiya bg music plays
Jigar happily says rashin you alive he goes to hug her but she pushes him
Jigar :rashi what happned I am your jigar
Rashi’s lookalike: who are you and whom you are calling rashi
Jigar: rashi what happened to you I am your husband Jigar

Ragini comes and says jigar sir you at this time
Rashi’s lookalike: Ragini u know him
Ragini:yes mom he is M.D of Modi industries
Jigar: Rashi why are you not identifying me

Rashi’s lookalike: I am not Rashi my name is Sonia and I am not your wife plz go from here
Jigar takes his mobile and show rashi’s photo with him and marriage photos
Sonia and ragini is surprised to see rashi’s photo
Jigar: rashi atleast now you remembered
Sonia: oh plz I am not your wife rashi its true my face looks exactly like ur wife rashi but I am Sonia plz trust me ragini also says the same
Jigar sits sadly and tears come from his eyes
Ragini:sir this is my mom Sonia we came to Rajkot first time in our life before we were in Kolkata
Sonia sees 9-10 goons roaming in their locality
She suddenly closes all doors and switches off the lights

Jigar: what happened
Sonia: jigar plz for few mins don’t ask any questions our life is in danger
Goons come inside the compound and checks one goon says as per information they are staying in this locality but this house is closed I think we hav to search some where else goons leave
Sonia and Ragini thanks god
Jigar: what happened why you both are so scared and why that goons were searching you
Sonia shows him Raghav’s (Harshad Chopra)photo and say he is my husband
Flashback is shown
College campus is shown in Kolkata

Sonia is shown with her friends
One guy is shown coming in stylish car he gets down and its Raghav
Sonia’s friends teases her that ur bf came go to him
Sonia:plz stop it I am not his type I am orphan girl who study in scholarship he is a rich guy with lot of money we cant be together
Raghav comes near Sonia and says today is last day of college I am waiting to hear yes for my proposal since last 3 years atleast tell yes today

Sonia does not say anything her friends says u are so lucky to get this guy from 3years he is waiting for you he truly loves you plz accept his proposal
Raghav: Sonia today eve you have to meet me I wl be waiting for you hope u will come he leaves
Sonia’s friends convince her to meet Raghav she agrees
Sonia goes to meet Raghav in eve

Raghav:Sonia I am very happy at last you came to meet me
Sonia: listen I knw you love me from last 3 years but I hav grown up in orphanage and I am a simple orphan girl and you are rich guy wl your parents agree for our relation
Raghav: my parents are no more
Sonia:I am sorry
Raghav: its k
Raghav: I love you truly and for me money and social status does not matter
Sonia:Raghav but
Raghav:plz don’t say anything he proposes her and asks wl you marry me
Sonia: smiles
Raghav happily hugs her Sonia also hug him back
Tere sang yaara background music plays
Their marriage is shown

After 5 years
Raghav and Sonia is shown playing with little Ragini
Alka and ashok comes to their house
Raghav: bua you plz come
Alka: you married secretly and dint even tel us how can you do this you don’t consider us as your relatives

Raghav: sorry bua
Alka: its k beta she blesses Raghav and Sonia she smirks and says in mind now see what I will do
Raghav says tmw is ragini’s birthday u did very good by coming today
Ashok:maa tmw shal we finish our work vamp tune plays
Next day
Alka :Ashok you know this property is my dads but dad never loved me he loved only his son and grandson he made all property on Raghav’s name before dying he dint gave me anything for you or me . my dad got married to me to drunkard
Ashok: ya mom every time there was injustice with us but not now
Raghav :Bua I am going to buy gifts for ragini
Alka:yes beta bring lot of gifts for your daughter todays birthday party should be grand
Raghav hugs ragini and goes

Sonia: Raghav come early we have do lot of preparations for ragini’s birthday
Raghav: sure Sonia he gives her flying kiss and leaves
Alka and ashok smirks
Outside Raghav starts car and leaves under his car ashoks men is shown he says I have done breakfail now no one can save Raghav . Ragini sees the men and thinks what uncle did to papa’s car she tells Sonia

Raghav is driving the car he tries to apply break but could not he looses control and his car hits to truck
Sonia tries to call Raghav but he does not pick up
In the eve police comes to raghav’s house and says we came to inform that Raghav,s car got break fail and he met with accident and he is no more

Sonia hearing it faints and alka and ashok smirks
After few days alka and ashok come with lawyer and says now we are the owner of this propery and alka asks to Sonia that leave this house with your daughter
Sonia: no I wont leave this house this is my husbands house
Alka: oh I will see how you wont go out she tried to drag Sonia and ragini
But Raghav’s lawyer come and say to alka that you cant put Sonia out bcoz now she is the owner of this property
Alka how is that possible
Lawyer:bcoz Raghav made all his property and money to sonia’s name
Same time Ashok’s men come who did raghav’s cars breakfail and asks ashok money
Ashok:why did you come here I told you I wl give money

Ragini: mamma this uncle was doing something in papa’s car
Sonia: what and says it means u did breakfail she calls police
Goon tries to run but lawyer catch him ashok and alka tensdly try to run
Police come and catches goon and ask him did you do breakfail he says ashok and alka said me to do this
Police arrests alka ashok and goon alka says to Sonia I wl not leave I will come back and take revenge
Flashback ends

Sonia: now alka and ashok came out from the jail so its their men who is following us
Jigar: I am sorry Sonia
Sonia: hope you got to know that I am not your wife rashi
Jigar: don’t worry I was emotional if u and ragini need any help I wl be always there
Jigar leaves

In Modi Bhavan
Gopi kokila Urmila tolu sona Jaggi is shown sitting in hall
Jigar comes and sits thinking
Kokila:Jigar what happened why u look so tensed
Gopi gives water to him
Jigar: Kaki ji Bhabhi today I saw Rashi’s lookalike

Gopi: what are you sure but how is that possible
Urmila gets emotional and asks jigar are you 100% sure that was rashi
Jigar: first I thought she is rashi but I talked to her she is not rashi her name is Sonia
Urmila remembers old flashback and she runs and locks herself in room
Jaggi Gopi and kokila asks her to open the door

Preacp: In Mumbai a big villa is shown and outside many luxury cars are shown
Ronit Roy is shown coming outside with many bodyguards

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