Ek kaahani Saathiya (Part-18)

Recap: Jigar sees Rashi’s lookalike and gets down from the car

Jigar turns the car and goes to opposite side of the road he does not find them he search but he could not find Rashi’s lookalike he things is it real what I saw

In modi Bhavan
Kokila gets a call its hetal
Kokila: mota Bhabhi how are you and how is chirag,Parag and baa
Hetal: all are fine kokila we are coming back to Rajkot after 5 days baa got well
Kokila: she tensedly ask is it
Parag speaks to kokila and asks how is gopi
Kokila:every one is fine
Kokila tensedly sit and starts thinking

Gopi comes to kokila’s room and asks what happened
Kokila: gopi baa chirag parag and hetal is coming after 5 days
Gopi: wow its great I am very happy but maaji why u look tensed what happened
Kokila: gopi baa don’t know abt jaggi and how she will feel when she get to know Urvashi was pregnant before me and parag ji’s marriage she will get big shock I never taught after 51 years I shud face this

Gopi: maaji plz don’t be tensed every thing wl get fine one or the other day this truth would have come out we should face this I am with you
Kokila: if Urvashi dint took promise from me of staying in this house I would have given their share and sent them far away
Gopi: but maaji we cant do inequality with Jaggi ji and Urvashi maasi Jaggi ji is elder son of this house so he shud get his rights as a son in this house

Kokila:yes gopi u are right I had become selfish I should not have married parag ji even after knowing about Urvashi I snatched everything from jaggi and Urvashi so now I hav given right to Urvashi
Kokila sees Jaagi standing there she thinks did jaggi heard what I said now
Kokila: arrey jaggi what happened do you need anything
Jaggi: you both saas bahu wont smile whenever I see you u both wl give serious look
Jaggi’s funny tune plays kokila gets relived
Jai and veeru come there and take him
Jigar sitting in office thinks abt seeing rashi’s lookalike he says is it real or my imagination I should find out this

Scene shifts to Rajkot city
One car is shown coming alka Kaushal and sangram singh steps down from the car
Alka: finally we reached Rajkot Ashok hope we will be successful in catching mother and daughter
Ashok: yes mom my men informed me that they have left Kolkata and came to Rajkot but I wont leave them bcoz of that girl I spent 14 years in jail I swear I will make their life hell and take back our properties
Alka: they cant hide from us if they get caught no one is there to save them
She sees Raghav’s photo and say now see what I wl do to ur wife and daughter before dying u made all properties to ur wife’s name na see now how will I take it back she laughs evilly
Alka’s vamp tune plays

Precap: Jigar follows ragini and go to her house rashi’s lookalike opens the door dhin dhin tana tana back ground music plays Jigar happily say Rashi

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  1. Riana

    Amazing episode…Ashok n her mom r chasing which girl ??…Anywayzz its interesting…Happy to see ur new writting style…???…Precap is superb…updt soon…????

    1. Siddharth

      Thanks a lot Raina . It wl be revealed in next episode more and more twists are going to come from now i wl updated once in 2 days .

  2. which character is raghav

    1. Siddharth

      Kish desh mein hai mera dil and Saubhaghyavati bhava Fame Harshad chopra is playing raghava’s character here.
      Thanks omer

  3. Shakaib

    Lovely…superb…fabulous…fantastic….mind blowing…and what not..??wow…Family members are coming back..I wish it could be on SNS… Goki are worried as members are coming…n jaggi’s truth could be out…. Fantastic….Is Alka’s character name in this ff is Also Alka.. Awe..sangram’s name is ashok…. I think Raghav was step son of alka and ashok is bio….right..?? That’s why they are chasing Them..
    Precap us superb…..update soon…wanna know rashi and. jigar’s reaction seeing each other….it has get interesting so Much…

    1. Siddharth

      Thanks aloot shakaib. Ya alka kaushal name wl be alka only here :D: alka and ashok is Raghav’s relatives .

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