Ek kaahani Saathiya (Part-15)

Recap:Ragini stops the jigar’s car and asks lift . Ragini asks him to drop to modi industries

Jigar drops ragini near modi industries
Ragini:Thanks uncle
Jigar:Welcome and Best of luck for the Interview
Ragini goes inside the modi industries and asks receptionist I hav an interview today
Receptionist asks her to wait for 10 mins
After 10 mins receptionist tells ragini to go to cabin
Ragini gets shocked seeing Jigar sitting inside and samar also shown sitting
Ragini Uncle you

Samar:dad do u knw her
Jigar:ya but I wl tel that later he says to ragini that now u came to interview so
Ragini: I am sorry sir
Jigar and samar takes Ragini’s interview
Jigar: ragini u are talented and u performed well in Interview but
Ragini: what sir
Jigar: u are selected for job and u can join from tomorrow
Ragini: Thank you very much sir I am very happy
Jigar and samar smile
Ragini: I wl perform well sir and I wl meet ur expectations in job
Jigar: ok
Ragini happily leaves
In Urvashi’s home
Kokila comes to Urvashi’s house and asks Urvashi what happened why u called me so urjent
Urvashi: kokila i sent Jaggi to help you even after you did wrong with me I forgot every thing and helped to rescue ur daughter-in-law from that evils and convinced my son to stay in ur home

Kokila: yes Urvashi jaggi is very nice within 2-3 days he mingled very well with all family members and I wl never forget Jaggi and urs help in my whole life
Urvashi: kokila I want to ask something from you hope u wont say no
Kokila: of course Urvashi tell what is it
Urvashi: I spent all my life in this small house and my son is still doing odd jobs so I want my right in modi bhavan and also u hav to give right to my son
Kokila stands speechless and thinks I can manage other family members but when baa come back from u.s what wil I say. baa only know that parag married Urvashi before marrying me she dnt knw that Urvashi hav child with parag if she gets to know abt jaggi she may get shock.

Urvashi: kokila wat happened what are you thinking
Kokila: ok Urvashi I wl giv ur right come with me to modi bhavan jaggi and u can stay there
Urvashi: Kokila dnt worry I wl not make parag away from you I wl not snatch ur right I just want my remaining life to spend peacefully that’s it
Kokila agrees

Ragini reaches her house and calls mom where are you I want to give happy news for you
Ragini searches her mom
Some one touch ragini’s shoulder ragini turns and says mom u here and hugs her(Ragini’s mom’s face is not shown) ragini says mom I got job from tomorrow I am joining
Ragini’s mom :its very good news beta (only her face and lips is shown )

Precap: Jigar sees Ragini outside and sees her mom’s face sns emotional tune plays

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  1. Shakaib

    Mind blowing..!!

    1. Siddharth

      Thanks a lot shakaib ?

  2. Riana

    Beautiful episode❤❤…Btw is the lady Rashi (Rucha)….???…I m getting goosebumps???…Else who can be the lady!!…

    1. Siddharth

      Thanks a lot Raina ? . Next episode I WL reveal it who is that lady?

  3. Nandhini

    Urvashi is upto something?? Or is she rightfully asking her place in modi bhavan?? Waiting to see jigar’s love interest??

    1. Siddharth

      Thanks a lot Nandini ?

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