Ek kaahani Saathiya (Part-14)

Recap:Jigar Raises hand on Paridhi later paridhi tells she is leaving the house and also call mona with her

Paridhi: Mona u don’t worry jiggs and samar doesn’t deserve us we will leave this boring home
Mona:ya momji these ppl are so boring they believe like gawar
Gopi: paridhi&mona what are you saying let us leave together don’t leave the home
Jigar: Bhabhi let them go actually they don’t deseve our family love they are selfish people who always think about themselves.
Paridhi&mona pack their bags and leave kokila&gopi try to stop them but they leave
Jigar sits sadly and say I never thought paridhi wl do like this she used to love tolu&molu before but now she don’t care for them
Gopi and kokila consoles him
Jigar goes to his room and take rashi’s photo and cries he says rashi I am missing u a lot
Aa aa emotional bg music plays
Jigar says seeing rashi’s photo that I should not have married again rashi why u left me if u would have there this things never happened he emotionally hugs her photo.

In morning modi bhavan
Jaggi is shown doing exercise jai&veeru come and says dadu we will also do exercise with you
Jaggi says okay come they do exercise but jai&veeru sit in Jaggi’s back and say dadu now u do
Jaggi: arrey you both are very mischievous ur mom kept correct name to you both
He does exercise by making jai&veeru sit in back
Gopi comes there she calls jai&veeru for break fast and calls Jaggi also jai&veeru run
Jaggi: gopika why u smile less u should keep smiling always u look beautiful
Gopi: Jaggi ji plz
Jaggi cracks some jokes but gopi doesn’t laugh she says I am going but she slips suddenly Jaggi holds her Gopi remembers ahem also holding her same way she gets tears in eyes la la la ah la la ah bg music plays
Jaggi asks gopika r u ok
Gopi says yes and leaves
Jaggi thinks wat happened to her suddenly why tears came from her eyes

Tolu : Papa I am sorry still now I dint help you in our family business from today I want to join the office
Jigar:its k sahir what can we do situation was like that
Sahir: k papa me and molu are leaving for office
Jigar: hav break fast and go na
Sahir: No papa we already had break fast
Sahir&samar leave to the office
Jigar have break fast and leave to the office
Kokila’s mobile rings she picks the call and its Urvashi
Kokila: Urvashi tell why u called I wl send Jaggi back within few days
Urvashi: no kokila let Jaggi be in modi bhavan only can you come to my home I had to talk to u personally
Kokila: k Urvashi I wl come now
Kokila thinks why Urvashi called me whats the matter she tensely leave the house
Jigar is shown driving the car one girl is shown stopping his car her face is not shown
Jigar stops the car the girl asks plz wl u give me lift
Jigar k come girl gets inside the car and her face is shown (Krishna Mukherjee)
Jigar: where you want to go and she says I wanted go modi industries
Jigar: why. she says I applied for a job there and I hav interview at 10am so plz drop me to modi industries uncle I am new to the city and I am not getting any taxi so I stooped ur car
Jigar: k what is ur name . she says my name is Ragini chatterji and I came from Kolkata and I live here with my mom.

Precap: Ragini is shown hugging one woman and says mom I love you womens face is not shown

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  1. Nandhini

    Its good pari and mona left the house themselves…finally some peace at modi bhavan?? jaggi-gopi scene with the bg music was really good! The new girl might be jigar’s pair or a new vamp or samar’s new pair but she called jigar as “uncle”???

    1. Siddharth

      No Nandini the new girl ragini wl not be Jigar’s pair bcoz she is like daughter to Jigar as in the upcoming episodes Jigar wl fall in love with her mom. Who wil play ragini’s mom wl be suspense for now ?

  2. Riana

    The best part was Mona n Paridhi leaving home…I love that one???…New girl for samar…so good!!…???…Updt soon

    1. Siddharth

      No Raina Ragini wl not be samar’s pair

    2. Siddharth

      Thanks a lot Raina?.i am thinking to pair Ragini with Ricky

  3. Shakaib

    First of all sorry that I commented shortly in previous updates,
    …secondly…..Love Jigar throwing Pana Out of house…????
    Is Krishna mukherji for Jigar???Or I guess it might be her mom…right? For whom ragini is??? Is she for Gopi’s son???? Ahahahah is Jigar’s sad tune and I love that scene where Jigar hug Rashi’s pic??????waiutngir next one…

    1. Siddharth

      Thanks a lot shakaib bro?. No krisha mukerji is not for Jigar ?. Jigar wl fall in love with Ragini’s mom .
      Ragini’s mom wl be shown in next episode and she wl be jigar’s pair .
      Whom it is i wl reveal on next episode

    2. Siddharth

      I am thinking to pair Ragini&gopi’s son in upcoming episodes but i want to introduce seeta also . So i am thinking?

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