Ek kaahani Saathiya (Part-13)

Jaggi,Jigar&Gopi go to urmila’s chawl and Jaggi lift Jai&veeru in his shoulder

Jaggi asks seeing Urmila who is this old lady I think she is not well as she might be nearer to 100years
Gopi: Jaggi ji she is my Urmila mami and she is not 100years old
Urmila says to jaggi that ur grand father would be 100 years old not me
Jaggi: sorry Urmila dadi
Urmila: again u are calling me Dadi I am dadi for my grand childrens not for you
Jaggi: I am once again sorry Urmila aunty as all ur hair has became white so I thought u might be nearer to 100 year old

Every one laughs
Urmila: oye Jaggi if u call me dadi once again really I wl beat u in broom she says to gopi that jaggi’s face matches with Ahem but he is completely opposite to ahem
Jaggi&Urmila’s funny conversation starts
Gopi: Sahir today I cme here to take you back to modi bhavan hope u wl not refuse to me
Sahir: but baadi mom I think u knw how mona&pari mom behaving with sona they wl trouble her without any reason
Gopi: I knw everything maaji told me but u dnt worry now I am there so no need to worry abt mona&paridhi I wl see how they trouble sona now.
Sahir:but baadi mom
Gopi: u hav to come back its your baadi mom’s order
Sahir: ok I wl come
Gopi hugs sahir&sona
Jigar,Jaggi&Urmila gets happy

In Modi Bhavan
Door bell rings
Paridhi opens the door she gets shocked seeing tolu&sona back
Paridhi: oh wat happened why u both came back sahir u told that u wl not come back how come u changed the decision u cannot stay in chawl right
Jigar:just stop it paridhi we can talk inside
Paridhi: wait jiggs I am talking na and sona u made my son hate me and now how you thought of coming back do u think I wl accept you

Jai&veeru starts playing with ball jai throws the ball inside
Mona is shown drinking green tea ball hits cup and tea falls on mona’s face&saree
Mona:mom ji what the hell bcoz of this ill mannered kids my face&saree got spoiled I cant even stay 1 min with this kids.
Paridhi: did u see Jiggs the behavior of ur lovely grand children
Jigar: Paridhi they are kids and they wl do little mischiefs
Paridhi: no I wont allow sona and kids in this house sahir can stay here
Gopi: pari stop ur childish behavior hw tolu can leave his wife&children
Paridhi:plz gopi behan always dnt give advice to me I cant allow sona& this ill mannered childrens to stay here

Jigar shouts paridhi and raises hand and say if u continue ur drama I wl put u out of the house who are you to stop my son& daughter-in-law from entering their house
Paridhi: jiggs u tried to slap me
Jigar: u dnt hav right to take decesions of this house elders are there and my son have more right in this property and house than you mind it
Paridhi:jiggs today u proved that u dnt love me

Jigar: Paridhi I love you but from last 4 years ur attitude is completely changed and u dnt care of family members or tolu&molu . you&mona just keep on goosiping and just worried about yourself
Samar: papa is right mona from 5 years we are married but did u given time to me til now u don’t even sit and ask how I am or what I want 24 hours u wl be busy with ur make up shooping and goosiping with pari mom .
Paridhi: I think no one likes me&mona in this house and no one care abt my feelings its better if I live the house

Gopi:pari plz dnt talk abt leaving house we can solve matter
Kokila:yes pari dnt take decision in hurry
Paridhi: plz kaki ji and gopi behan dnt act u both want me to leave the house
Sama&sahir try to stop pari but she don’t listen
Paridhi: I am going to my dad’s house mona u can come with me
Mona:of couse mom ji I dnt want to leave in this stupid house

Precap: Jigar is shown driving the car one girl asks lift from him her face is not shown girl sits in car


  1. KAN


    |Registered Member

    Who is this new girll….suprb i ur ff men leads also have voice …… Not like sns … Where they stand slint just like a puppet

    • Siddharth



      Thanks a lot Shakib bro.
      Shakaib currently Chirag,Hetal,Parag&baa in U.S they went there for baa’s treatment. They wl be returning back soon and i wl give them dialogues😊

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