Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 8th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 8th February 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 8th February 2013 Written Update

In the washroom Jeevika is going to leave but she slips and falls on Viren’s arms. They look at each other. Title music is played in the background. They both are wet. Then Beeji calls Jeevika. And she leaves.

Virat calls Dabbu and tells that now he’s also part of DPL. Sad husband’s party. Manvi comes and asks him to stop his stupidity and says he belongs to SPL. As his would be wife is hot and s*xy. She comments that he found a great girl. And says she proposed him in a filmy style. Manvi asks him to do something romantic for Sweety. Virat says idea is good, but they need a plan. Manvi replies that she has a blockbuster idea.

Manvi Virat and Dabbu goes to Sweety’s home. Manvi and Virat hide behind a bush. Virat has his guitar

with him Manvi asks Dabbu to call Sweety. Dabbu calls her and she comes near the window. Dabbu says he has a surprise for her. She asks him to come upstairs. But he insists on her coming down. He says he’s going to participate in a music show. Sweety says she’ll pray to goddess for his victory. But Dabbu says first she should listen to him. Otherwise she wouldn’t know how he sings. She replies that he’s her would be husband and she’s sure that he’ll sing well. But since he’s insisting she’ll come down.

Dabbu sings the song and acts like he’s singing. But actually he’s only doing thelip movements. But actually Virat is singing and playing the guitar. Manvi is hugging him. Sweety loves the song. And comes down. Seeing her Virman hides. Sweety says he’ll surely win the competition. And says he has an awesome voice. She says she loves him. They have a romantic moment.

Chachi says Sweety is so good and wish Sweety stays here from now itself. Chachu asks her to have patience. Jeevika comes with tea for everyone. Chachu says she’s always busy with works. The food she made was so tasty that now he don’t ve space in his stomach to eat anything . All comment about Jeevika’s food and Beeji makes such awesome food that if they start complimenting her food then they can’t do other works. Beeji asks them to go to market. Now only the couples are left and Virman announces that they are going to play a game. And only married couples can participate in it. Dabbu and Sweety are sad on hearing thet. But then Manvi says even they can participate. Virat announces the rules of the game. They had made chits and each chit has a clue. They have to solve clue. The couple who solves the clue first ‘ll win the game. Sweety says since Virman made the clue they’ll surely win. But they reply that they are not participating. Viren makes an excuse of a phone call and tries to leave. But when Manvi insists he decides to play. Manvi asks Dabbu to take the chit first. Dabbu says Sweety is quite lucky for him and asks her to take the chit. Sweety takes the chit and reads out the clue. I smell like Rose flower but I am Not jasmine. I’m Your fan But not your friend. They don’t understand the clue. Sweety asks Dabbu whether he had any girfriend named chameli(jasmine). He replies there was only one girl and her name is Summi. Sweety is upset and says he loved someone else before her. He replies that he only likes her and doesn’t love her. Manvi asks them to think and they are stressing their brains.

Manvi says time up and they blame each other.

Manvi says next is Virika’s turn. Virika looks at each other. When Viren signals her Jeevika takes the chit. Every day and every month, whichever season may it be. Ice and fire. We always stay together. Viren starts to think. Jeevika instantly replies th at ice stands for fridge and fire for stove. And the answer is kitchen. Viren repeats after her and they rush to kitchen. Near the fridge they find the next clue. It says about the fruit Adam and Eve had. Jeevika find the answer and its garden. They rush to there. Viren finds the next clue under the flower pot. It’s a song. And when they compete it the next answer is telephone. Under the land phone they find the next chit. It says after the day’s work it always gives them relief and rest. Jeevika thinks it’s balm. But then Viren guesses it right and the answer is bed. Then run to their bedroom. Virman is happy seeing that.

Virika enters the room and they find it’s fully decorated. With rose and candles. A very romantic sight. On the bed there ‘s a heart shape made of rose petals. Viren finds the chit on the heart shape. The chit says they have to join the pieces given to form the picture(something like a jigsaw puzzle). They sit down to join the pieces. It’s their wedding photo. They look at each other. Suddenly wind blows and a candle falls on Jeevika’s duppatta. Virika are lost in each other’s eyes. They are speaking through their eyes. Jeevika asks Viren to say the 3 words e said on their wedding night. Viren replies that he doesn’t have to say it. As he stays in her heart . Jeevika asks if it’s so then why is he not able to read what’s in there. Viren replies that she doesn’t let him. Jeevika says it’s not their fault. But it’s because of their situation. Virika look at each other. Jeevika’s duppatta catches fire and Viren notices that.

Precap: Virman is fighting in the garden. Virat says he can’t adjust with her anymore. Manvi replies that even she can’t stand his attitude. She asks him to leave and he says ‘get lost’ to her. Virika is watching that. Jeevika says the problem is getting serious and they have to do say something to Viren.

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