Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 7th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 7th February 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 7th February 2013 Written Update

Jeevika thinks before they used to be so close even when they stayed far from each other. But today they are lying close to each other but they are far from each other. Jeevika gets up and and looks at Viren. She goes to call him but stops. She covers him with the blanket. Unknowingly while sleeping Virika hugs each other. And they both smile. Virman comes there and Manvi comments that they stick to each other like in some hindi movie. They look so romantic. She asks for a song and Virat starts singing ‘Tujhe dekh dekh sona…’ . They leave. Virika smile. But then they start thinking about their fight and Jeevika leaves from there.

Jeevika and Manvi are in the kitchen. Jeevika is carelessly putting parathas on the stove and Manvi asks

her to be careful. She retorts it’s k. Let her hands burn. Manvi asks whether she’s angry and says sorry. She says that she can’t sleep without Virat. So she asked him to make the plan. Jeevika asks her not to be shy and asks her to go serve parathas. Manvi asks her about yesterday night and Jeevika asks her to leave.

Beeji sees Jeevika still working in the kitchen and she asks what is she making. She says she’s making Puthina chutney. Beeji asks why she’s making that as she had already made imli chutney. Manvi teases her saying Jeeju likes only puthina chutney and that’s why she’s making that. All smile. Jeevika goes and serves paratha to Viren. By mistake he holds her hands. Virika look at each other. Virman smiles.

Chachi comes announcing that she has fixed Dabbu’s wedding. All are happy hearing that. She says it’s the day after Valentine’s day. Manvi comments that Dabbu is quite lucky. Beeji says there is only one week left for the wedding. So she asks Viren whether he can stay back if he doesn’t have any important works. Virman smile. Virika looks at each other. Badi Beji says after Dabbu’s wedding there ‘ll only be his kids wedding here. So asks Viren to stay. Manvi pulls her leg saying she can watch live video of Dabbu’s kids wedding from heaven. All scold her. Badi Beeji says Manvi is always behind sending her to heaven. When everyone insists Viren finally agrees. Chachi says if he had not agreed then she ‘ld ‘ve tied him with a rope here. Viren asks what works he should do. Chachi replies before any works she Jeevika and Manvi ‘ll go for shopping. Manvi asks Viren whether he’ll take them for shopping. He agrees.

Jeevika is in her room and she has trouble tying her dori. Viren comes there. She mistakens him to be Manvi and asks him to help her. He’s hesitant and is going to leave when she calls again. He goes there. She sees him in the mirror. He ties the dori. Title music plays in the background. Virika looks at each other. They come close to each other. Just then Manvi comes there and asks why she’s not ready. She sees Virika together. Jeevika says she’s about to come. Viren says he’s also gonna come. Manvi asks her to take her time. And leaves. She thinks to herself that she’s really stupid. Jeevika remembers her time with Viren and smiles.

Manvi is in her room. Virat comes there and asks why she’s upset. She saysshe made a big mistake. Today di and Jeeju might ‘ve patched up if she had not gone there and spoiled their time together. She feels guilty about her wrong timing. Virika was together and was having a good time. But she came in between and everything got spoiled. Virat says that they ‘ll create a moment like that. Manvi asks how and Virat says his branded dialog. When Virat is here not to fear.

Beeji says that astrologer said that there’s no auspicious any time soon after this and so they got to fix this date. Chachu asks whether they ‘ve any problem with the date. Sweety’s mom replies that even they wish their daughter’s marriage take place on an auspicious date and they are happy with the date. Her brother asks when should they start the preparations. Chachu replies they ‘ll do everything together.

Viren is bathing. Virat goes and closes the pipe. Viren doesn’t get water. Jeevika comes there with tea for Manvi, but she can’t find her. She thinks where Mannu had gone after giving order for tea. Suddenly she hears Viren’s voice. Viren is calling out for Virat. She goes there and asks him what happened and tells him Virat is not here. He tells her that water is not coming. She goes and checks the pipe. She comes and asks him to open the pipe below. But his face is fully covered in soap and he hits somewhere when he tries to find the pipe. Jeevika says she’ll come inside. When Viren asks whether she’ll she replies that there is no other way. Viren asks for a minute and wraps his towel. When Jeevika comes inside she remembers the last time when she came in with towel for him and he was pulling her inside. Her duppatta gets stuck and she turns to look at Viren. But he’s looking to the other side. She notices that her duppatta got stuck on a pipe. She opens the pipe. Water starts coming. Viren is under the shower. Jeevika is going to leave but she slips and falls on Viren’s arms. They look at each other.

Precap: Virika are in their room. They are reading a chit. In which it’s written it’s the last stage and they have to join the photos in the envelope. Envelope falls and both of them bend to pick it up. Virika are lost in each others eyes. Jeevika’s duppatta catches fire and Viren notices that.

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