Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 6th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 6th February 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 6th February 2013 Written Update

Dabbu says only one thing is missing. Viren Jiju. All are sad hearing that. He says if Jiju was there it ‘ld have been awesome. Jeevika is upset. Suddenly Viren comes and all are super happy seeing him. Jeevika smiles. Virman is really happy. Jeevika remembers Viren asking her to leave from SB’s room and she becomes sad. Viren hugs Dabbu. And congratulates him. Dabbu introduces Sweety to Viren. Viren goes to Beeji and tells her that he can cancel all his meetings for her. She’s happy that he came. Viren goes to Manvi and tells her that he can also give surprises. Manvi replies that they‘ll have a great time. Dabbu says he knew that Jeeju ‘ll come. Viren retorts that but some people did not think so nor did they wish to see him. Jeevika

is upset hearing that.

Beeji tells Sweety that they all are happy with the relationship. But they need to know her parents’ opinion regarding this. She replies that her dad is no more. But she’ll inform her mom and brother. On mentioning her brother’s name Dabbu remembers his last encounter with her brother. He’s super scared and says he can’t go near him. All are laughing. Sweety consoles him saying last time her brother had a misunderstanding. That’s why he mishandled him. And otherwise he’s really good. She says she is his only sister and he’ll agree to whatever she says. She calls her mom and brother there.

Sweety’s Mom and Brother arrive. All greet them. Beeji says she had told them everything but they need to know her opinion. Chachu says they like Sweety and asks whether they like Dabbu. There is a moment of silence. All are tensed. Finally Sweety’s mom replies she’s happy with the relationship as she trusts her daughter. Whomever her daughter selected‘ll also be special. As her daughter is also special. All are happy hearing that. Sweety’s brother stares at Dabbu and he gets scared. He hides behind Sweety. Brother asks him to hug him . Dabbu is scared but when Sweety insists he goes. Her brother says sorry for what happened last time. Virat asks to do the Rokha fast.

Chachi does Dabbu’s and Sweety’s Tilak and Arti. Then they put a chunri on Sweety’s head. Manvi says the Engagement function is over and now there’s gonna be dance Dhamaka. Virman hits the dance floor first. All join them. Dabbu asks Sweety to come near him. And they start dancing. All are dancing but Viren and Jeevika are upset. Manvi says to Virat that if she doesn’t do the patch up of Virika then asks him to change her name. Virman makes a plan. Virat goes to Jeevika and Manvi goes to Viren. They asks them to dance and bring them to the dance floor from opposite sides. Virika hit each other. And turns and look at each other. Title music is played in the BG. Viren looks down and Jeevika is upset. Someone pushes Jeevika and she falls on Viren’s arm. They look at each other romantically. But then Jeevika moves away. Virika looks at each other. Virman is sad that their plan did not work.

Function is over and Sweety her mom and brother leaves. Chachu says he’ll contact the astrologer and fix the marriage date. Sweety’s mom replies as they wish and leaves.

Dabbu asks everyone to go take rest. Viren tells Chachu that he’s gonna leave. But Beeji says it’s night and it’s not safe to go at this time and asks him to stay back. When Beeji insists Viren stays back. Beeji asks Virat and Viren to go sleep in Jeevika’s and Manvi’s room and asks the sisters to sleep in her room. But Dabbu doesn’t agree to it. He asks them to sleep in his room. Chachi insists that they should sleep in her room. Manvi asks them not to shower so much of love. Dabbu says they’ll sleep in his room and he’ll sleep in Beeji’s room and that’s final. Beeji asks everyone to go sleep. And reminds Chachi about going to the astrologer. All leave.

Virat goes to Viren and says that they’ll sleep in Dabbu’s room and let the sisters sleep here. As he can’t get up early. Because light falls directly on eyes in that bedroom. Viren says ok and asks him to tell Manvi about it. Viren goes inside. The sisters are in the kitchen and Virat says success to Manvi.

Manvi is walking through the corridor. Virat pulls her inside to her room. Jeevika is switching of all the lights and enters Dabbu’s room. She thinks Manvi is lying on the down and asks her whether she’s tired and sleeping or just acting. She goes and hugs Viren. Viren gets up and she sees him. She asks what’s he doing here as they were supposed to sleep in the other room. Viren rplies that Virat exchanged the rooms and whether he did not tell her? Jeevika says she’ll go and sleep with Manvi. But Viren stops her saying Virat ‘ll be there. So asks her to sleep there. They look at each other. When Jeevika shares the blanket with Viren he says he’s not feeling cold and gives the entire blanket to her. They lie down not facing each other. Jeevika thinks before they used to be so close even when they stayed far from each other. But today they are lying close to each other but they are far from each other.

Precap: Everyone is at the breakfast table. Beeji says there is only one week left for the wedding. So she asks Viren whether he can stay back if he doesn’t have any important works. Virman smile. Virika looks at each other.

Update Credit to: DesiTVBox

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