Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 5th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 5th February 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 5th February 2013 Written Update

Viren is in his room. He feels there is mistake on his side too. He decides to call up Hrishikesh and wish everyone. He calls up Madan chachu. Chachu tells him that Jeevika said he cant come as he has an important meeting. Viren is sad hearing that and he feels Jeevika doesn’t want him to come there. He asks to convey his regards to Dabbu and apologises for his absence. He assures that he’ll make it up for the marriage.

Manvi comes to Viren’s room and asks him whether his packing is over. He replies that he’s not coming as he has got an important meeting. Manvi is sad hearing that. She pleads to him to come as it’s an important day for Dabbu. She asks to come atleast for Jeevika. Virat calls Manvi and asks for his blue t-shirt. She

says to Viren that without him they wouldn’t feel like celebrating. Viren asks her to go and give Virat his t-shirt and she leaves.

At Hrishikesh all are busy with the preparations for the engagement. Chachi complains about the flowers as she needed better ones. Chachu is checking his invite list. Jeevika brings sweets for Badi Beeji. She says she doesn’t want that and asks her to bring other sweets.

Sweety comes there and calls Dabbu outside. They go to the garden. She says she had come to wish him as she couldn’t wish him yesterday. He replies that she can come any time as she is his special friend. She wishes him all the luck. She says they became friens first and ‘ll always be friends. But she started to feel he’s getting more close to her. She started sharing everything with him. She goes and hufs him and smiles wickedly. Dabbu is shocked, but hugs her back. She bids goodbye and leaves. Dabbu keeps thinking.

Viren thinks about what chachu said that he cant come as he has got a meeting. Inder chachu asks him why he did not go with Virman. He replies that there was some last minute changes in the plan. He asks chachu about the meeting with Sinha’s. Chachu says everything went fine.

At hrishikesh Virman arrives and all are happy seeing them. They greet everyone. Jeevika calls her ‘devrani’. Manvi retorts that there is no ‘Jetani’ ‘Devrani’ here and they are sisters. And she points to Dabbu and says he’s their third sister. Dabbu asks her to change her habbits as he’s getting married. Manvi says she’s not gonna change and asks him to warn his would be wife too.

All are busy with the guests. And all are enjoying. Amidst the crowd Jeevika is alone all lost. Manvi notices that and tells Virat about it. She says in this happy occassion too, Di is sad and upset. They decides to do something fast.

Chachu is upset that the girl’s family has not reached yet. He decides to call them. Sweety comes there and says hi to Dabbu. She calls him. But his friends doesn’t let him go. They compliment him and say that he looks like Shah Rukh Khan in his shervani.

Chachu is upset and shares his tension with Beeji. The girl’s father calls him. Chachi asks what happened. Whether their car’s tyre got punctured? Chachu replies that they cancelled the engagement. All come there. All are shocked to hear that. Chachu says they will do the engagement only when the girl completes her graduation. Beeji asks why they did not tell them about it before. All are sad. Chachi says she doesn’t know what to tell all the guests. she goes to Dabbu and asks him what ‘ll happen to him now.

Sweety comes there and and asks Chachi not to worry. All look at her. She says they can still continue with the engagement. They only need to find another girl. Chachi asks which girl ‘ll marry Dabbu. She replies that the girl is right in front of her and that she’ll marry Dabbu. All are shocked to hear that. Chachi smiles hearing that. Sweety says she never shared this to anyone. And she doesn’t know whether she eligible to become their daughter in law. And she doesn’t know whether Dabbu loves her as much as she loves him. But she’s ready to spent her entire life with him and she loves him. All are happy hearing that. Chachu asks Dabbu his opinion about it as they need to know that before proceeding . Dabbu is confused. Chachu asks whether he’s ready to spent his life with her. Dabbu replies that he started loving her the first time he saw her. But he hid it from everyone. He never knew that he’ll share it with someone else and he’ll be put in such a situation. He says he loves her and ‘ld be happy to be with her. All are happy hearing that. Chachi goes anear him and says he should never hide is feelings from there. And asks what if he got engaged with the other girl. Badi Beeji says that when god made this pair the other engagement was supposed to break. She says she fully approves of Sweety. Chachi syas she also loves Sweety. Jeevika goes to the new couple and welcomes Sweety to the family. Chachi asks Chachu to come and bless the new couple. Chachu says his blessings are always with loved ones. Manvi says it’s a complete masala. Dabbu also says it’s like the climax of a movie. All are happy and enjoying. But only one thing is missing. Viren Jiju. All are sad hearing that. He says if Jiju was there it ‘ld have been awesome. Jeevika is upset. Suddenly Viren comes and all are super happy seeing him. Jeevika smiles.

Precap: All are dancing. Virman makes a plan. Virat goes to Jeevika and Manvi goes to Viren. They asks them to dance and bring them to the dance floor from opposite sides. Virika hit each other. And turns and look at each other. Title music is played in the BG. Viren looks down and Jeevika is upset.

Update Credit to: DesiTvBox

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