Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 4th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 4th February 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 4th February 2013 Written Update

Viren reaches the restaurant and is doing some work on his laptop. Virat is hiding behind a pillar, spying on Viren. He calls up Maanvi and tells her that Jeevika isn’t here, and he’ll call her once they’ve patched up. He keeps the phone, and at the same time Jeevika enters. She looks around and is shocked to see Viren, who looks up and sees her at the same time. They remember their fallout regarding Swamini, and Jeevika goes to sit on an adjacent table. A random hooligan goes up to Jeevika and begins to flirt with her, and tries to get her number. Jeevika is outraged but isn’t able to do anything. A fuming Viren comes up and slaps the hooligan, and gets him kicked out of the restaurant. While the “hooligan” is

being asked to leave, he turns and winks at Virat. Viren asks Jeevika to go home, but she vehemently refuses that she doesn’t need him to take care of her. He’s annoyed and asks her to continue humiliating herself. She refuses to listen, and Viren asks her what would have happened if he wasn’t there. She replies that if she can tolerate his harsh words, she can tolerate anything else. Viren replies that he didn’t hurt her, but it was she who hurt him by revealing Karan’s truth, even though he’d asked her not to do so. Viren leaves from there, Jeevika is in tears and Virat is bummed.
Maanvi is on the phone with Beeji, and is annoyed at Viren-Jeevika’s immaturity. She doesn’t understand what to do. Beeji says it isn’t in their hands anymore, they need to leave in it God’s hands.
Jeevika returns home to the Chaudhary Mansion to find Pinky on the phone with someone. She goes up to Beeji and tells her that her friend never came, which is why she returned back home. She walks off from there, while Pinky is still on the phone. She keeps the phone and tells everyone that the girl’s families loved Dabboo, and want the roka to happen the very next day. Madan is a bit shocked at the suddenness, but is pleased nevertheless. Pinky and Madan ask Dabboo if he has any issues with the girl (who is called Chinky), to which he blushes and replies no.
Pinky goes up to Beeji to let her know of the good news. Beeji is also quite happy with the proposal and the family of the girl. Beeji asks Dabboo his reaction, to which he replies that his happiness lies in the happiness of his family. Pinky goes to tell Jeevika the good news, while Beeji goes up to the mandir to pray for Jeevika and Viren’s relationship, and thanks God for making a provision to let Viren and Jeevika meet on the occasion of Dabboo’s roka. Jeevika comes out and congratulates Dabboo. Beeji instructs Jeevika to call up Viren and inform him, as they inform the others about the roka. Pinky takes the phone to call up Maanvi.
Viren is driving back home and is disturbed about the entire situation.
Beeji asks Jeevika if she informed Viren or not, to which she replies that his phone is out of reach.
Pinky calls up Maanvi and tells her that she needs to come to Hrishikesh ASAP along with Virat, as Dabboo’s roka has been fixed. Maanvi is ecstatic and tells her that she will reach Hrishikesh the first thing in the morning.
Jeevika goes up to Dabboo who seems a bit disturbed. She asks him what’s the matter, and at the same time, his phone rings. Sweety is on the other line. He doesn’t pick up the call, and she comes in at the same time. Pinky comes and asks everyone to get ready, as they have to shop. Sweety asks for the reason behind the shopping, to which she is informed about the roka. Sweety is clearly stunned, and runs away after wishing Dabboo all the best.
In Chandigarh, Tarun/Sundar comes and asks Maanvi if he should set the table. She asks him to wait till Viren-Virat come. At the same time, Viren pulls into the driveway and honks. Maanvi and Tarun/Sundar smile.
Jeevika is fiddling with her phone and she realizes that there’s no point of her calling him, as he wouldn’t want to come for the roka after the day’s incident. Beeji comes in and asks Jeevika about Viren’s plans, to which she replies that she will call him that instant. Jeevika is supposedly on the phone and Beeji smiles and leaves, thinking to herself that Viren-Jeevika are bridging their gaps.
Viren and Virat are having dinner, and Virat casually slips the news about the roka. Viren is upset that he didn’t know about it from before, while Virat smiles to himself.
Beeji calls up Maanvi to express her happiness about Viren-Jeevika’s so called growing proximity, when Maanvi tells Beeji that Viren is having dinner with Virat and she’s serving them, so Jeevika cannot be talking to him. Beeji realizes that she’s been fooled by Jeevika.
Beeji goes into the room, where Jeevika is still pretending to be on the phone with Viren. She makes up some excuse for Viren’s supposed absence in the roka.

Precap: Dabboo is lamenting the fact that Viren is not present for his roka. Virat-Maanvi-Jeevika seem upset. At the very same moment, Viren enters.

Update Credit to: ritchelle

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