Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 3rd May 2013 Written Episode Update


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 3rd May 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 3rd May 2013 Written Update

Jeevika convinces the goon to untie her and help and her and in turn her family would help him, IC reaches a dark secluded entrance of the mill, the goons leave Jeevika, who tells him to come to police station at 9 am the next day and leaves, IC wonders how can he search for Jeevika in this huge mill, he is trying to call Jeevika, but in vain, Jeevika walks out, IC is happy to find her and shoots a series of questions at her.. Jeevika decides to hide the truth from chachu as he might call the police and get the goon arrested (who tried to help her). He asks her why she turned off her phone and called from a landline …

Jeevika says she came to meet someone to get a clue to prove Viren innocent and she was just returning home, Chachu is still

interrogating her.. Jeevika is fumbling on her words and they decide to go home, chachu informs that the police might be coming any time, on hearing this Jeevika freaks out in panic, chachu says she was missing and sounding worried so he informed the police.. Jeevika requests Chachu to inform the cops not to come .. chachu is hesitant but gives into her pleads and they go towards their car..

The family is glad to hear about Jeevika being safe, they wonder what was the need for her to go all alone .. Jeevika and chachu come home, Vanshika mom hugs her and scolds her with concern, dadaji says if she needs any help with Viren’s case she should have asked them.. they would have accompanied her…

Beeji asks about marks of the rope on her wrists.. Jeevika says she ran into the wall and in the process hurt her hands.. Jeevika apologizes for going out of home in the middle of the night but she has no other option as she has to get all the evidences to get Virenji out of jail .. Beeji tells her to stay calm as everything will be fine.. V mom tells her to go and rest … and she will come to check on her Jeevika in her room is remembering how Sambhav changed his statements each time and concludes him to be the master mind behind the conspiracy but is not sure of the motive… she anxiously waits for the confession of the goon before the police next morning ..

@next day – Beeji tells she is proud of Jeevika trying to save Viren, and asks her to take care of herself in the process, Jeevika takes Beeji’s blessings and leaves to police station ..

VirMan reach supposedely Ria’s flat, but it is locked … they knock on the adjoining flat, a woman asks about VirMan, Maanvi tells she is Ria’s distant relative came from abroad to meet her and she had only this address and asks about Ria.. the lady informs that Ria eloped with someone and got married, her parents were distraught and left the apartment and she has no idea of Mr and Mrs Mehta or Ria or her husband, but she hands over a bunch of envelops which the postman left with them and tells VirMan to give to Ria or her parents

@Police Station – Jeevika comes to meet Viren, who is talking to IC, chachu asks her why she called him here… Jeevika shares all the happenings of the previous night when she went to meet Sheetal, Viren c, with concern and warning chides her for going alone to a dangerous place.. Jeevika says she is fine and instead we found the guy (goon) who would give his statement to the police, chachu asks how can she trust a petty goon.. Jeevika informs she has no other way but to trust him .. The guy comes to meet Jeevika, Chachu and Jeevika take him to the desk of the inspector, the goon says his name is Tejan and he says Viren is innocent and he did not murder anyone, the police asks for the evidence/proof, Tejan says that the girl whom Viren supposedely murdered is not Ria but Sheetal and Sheetal is his sister

the police asks for proof, and doubts that he might be giving false statement to save Viren, Jeevika says what is the need for him to do that, the cop asks Tejan to speak, he says that he would call his sister Sheetal and she can come and give the statement.. Viren says he doesn’t care who sheetal or ria are..but he wants to why he is implicated in all this ,.. Tejan says only his sister can speak about it.. A girl comes and calls Bhaiyya, all are shocked and turn towards her..

Viren recognizes her as Ria and screams at her ..that he is in jail because of her murder .. Viren lashes out at her and tells the inspector that this is the real Ria regarding whom he was talking in the court .. the girl asks Viren who is he ? all are shocked …

The girl pretends Viren to be unknown and asks tejan why they are calling her as Ria.. Viren furiously lashes out at her and says this is all Sambhav’s planning … The girl asks who is Sambhav and what are they all talking .. Chachu warns her to tell everything clearly and what was the motive behind framing Viren .. the girl is affirmative that she is not Ria , but Sheetal .. and says that she doesn’t know about any Ria .. The inspector tells Ria, that her brother gave a statement that she framed Viren along with Sambhav … Sheetal/Ria confronts her brother Tejan, and says that he is a selfish guy .. She pleads and requests the inspector to trust her that she is not Ria and she is not aware of any sambhav …


Sheetal/Ria asks Tejan as who forced him to give a false statement … Tejan says that Jeevika promised him to settle his life if he gave the statement in Viren’s favor.. Sheetal/Ria frames Jeevika for implicating the statements

Update Credit to: munnihyderabad

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