Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 31st July 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 31st July 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 31st July 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
manvi talks to the child in her womb. Saying from now and onwards i will keep talking to you. Doctor says you wont be healthy if i give you birth. But my heart says you will be fine. Healthy just as your dad, big size. Virat comes in giving her milk shake and asks what was she writting? Manvi says it’s my daily diary, i write in it daily. Suddenly doctor bakhshi calls vira receives the call and turns on the speaker. Doctor bakhshi asks if they can come hospital? He wanna coduct some tests. Manvi says i wont come. We have decided not to abort. Doctor says if we get to know the problem beforehand we will probably be able to solve it. Virat agrees saying yes i’ll bring manvi to hospital today. Manvi says i wont go virat. What if doctor says

something terrible ? Virat says i doesnt matter what happens. Our decision will remain same. And what if everything is positive? Manvi says yes we would be able to tell your family everything then. He kisses her forehead and they both hug.

Scene 2
in chandigarh, everyone is on table vidhi says hello to dada jee, bua and calls vanshika maa.vanshika looks at her, maa? Vidhi says sorry aunty. Actually jeevika calls you maa.. Vanshika interrupts saying but you’re not jeevika. Dada jee says wow sundar you’ve decorated everything like jeevika, sundar says its vidhi who has done this all. Dada jee praises the breakfast. Vidhi asks vanshika why isn’t she eating anything she says i don’t want to and leaves the table. Swamni says don’t worry vidhi maybe she’s not feeling well. Vidhi says but i made this all for her. She got angry with me last night. i thought this would make her happy.

Scene 3
beeji is buying vegetables and finds man whose back is at her. Beeji follows her to see the face but couldn’t. She thinks was it him? No how could it be possible after so many years.

Scene 4
vidhi is thinking in her room that it was her mistake that she thought about viren this way. She should talk to vanshika by herself. Vanshika is shouting at sundar for letting her make the breakfast. Swamni comes in and asks what she’s doing? Vanshika says i always feel like she wanna come between viren and jeevika. Vidhi listens everything. Swamni says she is here for us for our happiness. Vanshika says maybe you’re right. I’ve been so rude with her maybe i should go and apologise for my behavior. Swamni says because of you i don’t feel the absence of virat. And manvi here. Btw everything is okay between them now.

Scene 5
Scene 5
Manvi and Virat go to the hospital for tests. Manvi asks if they can stay here until the reports come. Doctor Bakhshi says yes i’ll to make the reports as soon as possible. Female doctor asks her to go for sonography test.

Scene 6
Beeji rummages over her closet and finds a picture a picture shows it to Bari beeji. Bari beeji says i don’t want anything related to this man in this house. Beeji says what if the person come himself back ? Beeji says that is saw him today in the market.

Scene 7
Vanshika goes to Vidhi’s room and finds a letter there in which Vidhi has written that, sorry aunty i will always be a problem for you. I am sorry for everythign that you felt because of me. I’m going far a way from this house. Vanshika is startled.

Scene 8
There is hospital Virat asks manvi to have something to eat ? You must be hungry? Manvi says no i don’t wanna eat until reports dont come. Nurse comes and informs her that reports are ready they go to hospital.Doctor says reports are ready Manvi. Just as i said, she looks. Your baby is perfectly fine. He is fighter like you. A smile comes on both Mani’s and Virat’s face. They both hug each other. Doctor says but there is one thing. Virat asks what? suddenly phone rings and its his mom he disconnects saying i’ll talk to her later. His phone rings again Manvi says there must be something importanat you should talk to her first. He goes out to receive. Vanshika says nothing is right Virat. Vidhi has left the home. Virat is dazed. Doctor says that your womb is really weak its dangerous and can cause natural miscarriage. Don’t worry this can be okay you just have to intake multi vitamin injections. Manvi asks will it cause anything to my child? Doctor says its good for both of you. You can have these injections in house. Manvi asks the schedule?
There maa is worried that she promised them that she’ll take care of her. Virat says don’t worry maa i’ll leave for Chandigarh in while ? There are so many people for Manvi here. Don’t tell this to anyone. Maa asks not to tell anything to Manvi. Virats says okay maa i’ll leave soon. Manvi comes out. And tells that doctor only said to take a healthy diet. i’ll take a double diet. Virat says lets go. She says wait doctor has said something else too.

Precap: Beeji says what will i do now beeji? i’ve always said to my kids that their dad is not in this world. How will i tell this truth to them? Manvi comes and asks which truth Beeji?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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