Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 30th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 30th January 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 30th January 2013 Written Update

Episode starts at hrishikesh where everyone are having breakfast. Dabbu eats paratha and complains that salt is less. Jeevika replies that and she says she had put less salt as viren doesn’t like it. Beeji asks dabbu to eat it with achar. Badi beeji asks about the pickle that she had sent. Jeevika replies that it was really good and more than her viren likes and he doesn’t let her touch that.

At the same time at chandigarh viren is angry that the paratha contains a lot of salt. Also he asks for badi beeji’s pickle. All are astonished seeing him like that.

Badi beeji tells jeevika that she’ll give more pickle this time.

When servant brings food for viren , he leaves making an excuse of urgent meeting.

Jeevika is sad in her room. Beeji comes there and asks her to rest. She replies that she’s fine. Beeji says she always prays to god that her kids always stay good. She adds that she believes her kids ‘ll share with her if they have any problem. Jeevika is upset hearing that. But she manages to smile.

BeeJi thinks that there is something that she’s hiding. She decides to call up manvi. At the same time manvi is trying to call up beeji. And line appears to be busy. Finally the call gets connected. Beeji asks if everything is fine. She replies that they are upset about swamini. Virat asks her to say everything. When beeji swears upon her manvi tells that there ‘s tension between virika and tells all what had happened. Beeji is upset hearing that. Manvi asks her to send jeevika back to chandigarh as soon as possible.

Manvi says if Jeevika doesn’t come back then they cant do anything. Virat is smiling. She asks what and he replies that he has a plan. He tells her the plan. She warns it’s risky. But they join hands finally. Manvi calls up Beeji and asks to switch on the lap for video conferencing. They greet each other. They decide to solve problems between Virika. Dabbu complains that no one told him anything. Suddenly Jeevika comes there. All are shocked to see that. But they make up an excuse. Manvi asks Jeevika to join them. Badi beeji calls Jeevika. Jeevika asks Manvi to give medicines to Viren and also to ask servant to prepare his lunch properly and she leaves. Manvi tells the plan to Dabbu. Dabbu says risk is involved but he’ll do it.

At Chandigarh, Viren sees Chachu scolding Chachi for misplacing his wallet and chichi goes behind saying sorry. He remembers a similar incident where he told Jeevika that all his stuffs are hers and she can place it anywhere. She says if she’s not there then it ‘ld be hard for him to find it. He replies that she ‘ll never go anywhere. Servant comes and tell that he cant find his medicine.

Manvi is taking the medicine to Viren. But Virat stops her. He says that if Viren cant find it then he’ll call Jeevika. Manvi appreciates his idea. Viren comes there and they hide. Viren cant find the medicine and he decide to call up Jeevika. Jeevika is busy with badi beeji and she doesn’t see the call. Viren wonders why she’s showing attitude. Manvi gives the medicine to Virn and leaves.

Dabbu goes to Jeevika and tells that he has a problem. Actually his friend has a problem and tells her a confusing story regarding rights about property and says he need Viren’s help as he’s the best in Chandigarh. Jeevika says he’s the best in India.

Dabbu gives the phone to Jeevika. She’s happy seeing the missed call from Viren. But Viren is on call and phone appears busy. When Dabbu insists she calls again. Viren sees her call and picks up. She says that Dabbu needs some legal advise and tells him the story. Viren is confused and asks her not to make any excuse to call him. She says she didn’t make any excuse and he called her first. He says but she didn’t pick up and he’s not narrow minded and that’s why he attended the call. He says he’s getting late and he needs to go and disconnects the call. Jeevika is sad. Virman and Dabbu are watching them.

Precap: Beeji says kids always remain kids. She takes a letter pad and a pen and says that the magic of the pen‘ll solve all the problems between Virika.

Update Credit to: DesiTVBox

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