Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 29th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 29th May 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 29th May 2013 Written Update

Jeevika says there is nothing special. She asks viren why is He up so soon. He says nothing. All come for arti. Virman prays for virika’s love to remain always strong. Swamini bua tells dadaji that they should sent either viren or jeevika out. Dadaji asks viren to accompany him to bank. Jeevika is happy that all are helping her. When viren says they have to plan party. Dadaji says virman ‘ll handle it.

Jeevika is instructing the servants about preparations. She sees some sweets which she hadn’t ordered. Virat left it by mistake. Manvi scolds him. Jeevika asks swamini bua and vanshika about the sweets. But then manvi goes and asks her to go to parlour and get ready. It’s a special day. They assure her they’ll take care of all arrangements

and jeevika goes to take appointment.

When viren comes back he’s happy to see the arrangements. Manvi asks isn’t the arrangement gr8. He says jeevika ‘ll love it. They ask him to go get ready. Vanshika asks manvi to enquire how long ‘ll jeevika take. Jeevika says she’s about to reach. When she comes home family members switch off the lights and go hide. Viren comes down. And jeevika rings the bell. Both wonders what happened to the light. Viren opens the door and jeevika falls on his arms. And title music plays in the background. They have a romantic moment. Lights come back and the entire family wishes them. Virman hugs virika and wishes them. Manvi asks how was their surprise. They are confused. Manvi says di thought jeeju forgot the anniversary. And jeeju thought di forgot anniversary. And both ended up planning surprise party for each other. And we gave a surprise to you. Manvi asks how was it. She asks them to Cut the cake. When virika cuts the cake. Manvi and virat starting fighting over who should get the big piece. Virat says he’s big. But dadaji says he’s the biggest and he should get the biggest piece. All end up laughing. Chachù says now they should celebrate. And the two star couples of their family ‘ll perform. Virman and virika performs on a romantic track. (awesome and lovely performance. Very romantic.)

after the performance one guy comes and says virika is a really sweet couple. They smile. Swamini bua looks at him with doubt.

Swamini bua asks who ‘s he. He says he’s vIcky. Virat goes and greets him. He introduces him as he’s his friend. All greet him. Vicky says party is over. So he’s leaving. But virat asks him to have food. All reaches the dining table. When vicky is about to sit virat says it’s his lovely wife manvi’s seat. He sits near her. Viren asks what happened to you today. Manvi asks him not to be jealous it’s the first time virat is saying something good for me. Jeevika asks her why would viren feels jealous. Chachù asks them to stop and vanshika asks vicky to sit near her and vicky starts crying. Virat feels bad and offers his seat.read full update only ay desitvbox.com Manvi asks sorry and asks him to sit anywhere. But vicky says he has some problem. And continues to cry. Manvi says they’ll talk outside. And virman and virika go out. Vicky says problem is a girl. If he doesn’t do anything his girlfriend will be married to someone else. Virat asks him to kidnap her from mandap. Jeevika asks him to go with him parents and talk about their marriage. But he says both families won’t accept each other. The girl’s name is shri and her family is south indian. Even if my parents go they won’t agree for the marriage. And he’s sad. Everyone consoles him. Virat says they are like a family to him. And vicky asks them to be his south indian family till their wedding is over to convince shri’s family. Dadaji has a rajnikant style. Vanshika has a hemamalini style. And chachù has a Chiranjivi style. But jeevika says it’s not possible. They can’t do south indian acting. But manvi feels she’s gonna have a lot of fun in doing this.

Manvi calls entire family to hallway. Dadaji and vanshika asks what’s the problem. Manvi says it’s a real big issue. Jeevika asks her to say the problem straight away. And she starts asking rapid question to everyone. About love. And finally asks dadaji whether they shouldn’t help vicky and shri to be one. Dadaji says yes. Vanshika says they could have talked about it tomorrow. But manvi says it’s important they do it today. And manvi explains vicky’s plan of becoming south indian family for a day. All are shocked. Swamini bua gets angry on her for spoiling their sleep at this time for this. Manvi is upset.

Precap: shri and vicky are waiting. And the entire vadhera family comes in south indian attire. And shri is shocked seeing them. (all are looking mindblowing.)

Update Credit to: DesiTvBox

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