Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 28th January 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 28th January 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 28th January 2013 Written Update

Doctor says Swamini has shown signs of improvement. He suggests that she should be taken out for a change in weather and environment. Vijay says he’ll take her to Shimla that very same day. Viren is worried about her, but Inder assures him that she’ll be fine, as she’s been through worse before. Viren offers to drop Vijay and Swamini to Shimla. While initially Vijay is hesitant, he relents and agrees.
Jeevika is remembering Viren’s harsh words about the entire fiasco and moaning in a corner of her room. She goes and picks up the wedding picture frame of the two of them, hugs it and cries.
Vijay brings Swamini down the stairs, while Vanshika is asking Maanvi to take care of her health. She asks for Jeevika, who isn’t present at the moment. She goes up to Viren-Jeevika’s room, where Jeevika is sitting on her bed, staring at nothing in particular. She goes up to her and asks her as to why is she sitting in the room when everyone is leaving. (This clearly means all the Vadhera Seniors are leaving, allowing the Juniors to get up to all sorts of hanky-panky! Teeeheee!) Jeevika replies that she didn’t want to make Swamini feel uncomfortable, which is why she doesn’t want to come down. She reassures her that Swamini would have no hard feelings against her, and asks her to take care of herself. Viren enters, and Swamini leaves, hinting that they could share a cute good-bye if they wanted. Viren is searching for something, and when Jeevika asks, he replies rudely that he’s looking for his wallet. She locates it and gives it to him, and he takes it without looking at her. Around the same time, Maanvi appears at the door. Maanvi comes in and says that Vijay is looking for Viren. Maanvi goes up to Jeevika and asks her to come out to see everyone off, and drags her down.
Jeevika comes down with Maanvi, and for some reason, she is royally ignored by everyone who is in the leaving party. As Viren leaves, they share an eyelock which is full of hurt and pain. Maanvi notices this.
Maanvi and Virat are in the room, and she tells Virat how something is off between Jeevika and Viren. Virat agrees, but also says that he doesn’t wanna probe and stretch into it as Viren is already stressed out cause of Swamini. One of the butlers comes in and lets Maanvi know that Jeevika is looking for her, and she leaves. Virat is thoughtful.
Jeevika is packing her bags when Maanvi enters, much to her shock. Jeevika tells Maanvi that she called her to let her know that she is going back to Hrishikesh. Maanvi is shocked at the suddenness of her decision, to which Jeevika replies that she needs a change, which is why she needs to get out of the place. Maanvi then replies that she would accompany her, but Jeevika counters that both the DILs cannot leave the house at the same time, cause of which Maanvi needs to stay behind. Maanvi agrees, and asks her when she is leaving, to which Jeevika says that she’s leaving the very same day. Maanvi is shocked that she’d be travelling along, but Jeevika assures her that Viren has made the necessary arrangements. Jeevika asks Maanvi to handle the responsibilities well, and keep everyone happy. Maanvi is shocked in the beginning, but then bursts out into peals of giggles, and tells Jeevika that she’s behaving as if she’s leaving for good. Jeevika brushes her off, and asks her to help her in packing. As Maanvi is arranging clothes in her bag and Jeevika goes to take out more clothes from her wardrobe, Maanvi finds a pink bottle in her bag, which is clearly Gangajal. Maanvi understands the magnanimity of her sister’s actions, and stares at Jeevika’s back.
Viren is on his way back, and is remembering his actions towards Jeevika and regretting how he didn’t stop her when she said that she’d return to Hrishikesh. He repents over his words and decides to make up for it the moment he returns.
It is late in the night as Jeevika drags her bag out and leaves her room. She remembers all the moments she shared with Viren and the Vadheras –good and bad- and is in tears. Maanvi comes to her as she is leaving, and sees her in tears, and asks her point blank if she is hiding anything. Jeevika replies that girls always cry- when they leave their maternal home, and when they leave their married home. She assures her that nothing is wrong. Virat announces that her cab has arrived, but he doesn’t feel like letting her go alone at this time of the night. He offers to drop her, but she refuses, asking him to stay with Maanvi who is alone at home. Virat-Maanvi see Jeevika off in the driveway.
Just as Jeevika’s cab pulls out of the Vadhera driveway, Viren’s car pulls into the driveway. He walks up to the room he shares with Jeevika, only to find it empty. He calls out for her and searches her all over the house, but gets no response. He goes over to Virat-Maanvi’s room and knocks, hoping to get news about Jeevika’s whereabouts. Before Viren can ask, Maanvi asks him if she’s spoken to Jeevika and whether or not she’s reached Hrishikesh. Viren is stunned as he realizes that Jeevika has left the house.

Precap: Viren is moaning in his room about how Jeevika left him. Jeevika is moaning in the cab about how Viren didn’t stop her. Maanvi tells Virat that Jeevika-Viren are having major issues, and it is up to them to solve it, to which Virat agrees.

Update Credit to: ritchelle

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