Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 28th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 28th February 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 28th February 2013 Written Update

Mr. Tulani gives the contract to virat and gives him a cheque of 1 lakh as an advance. He said he’ll give the remaining amount after the recording. Virat is really excited. He says they’ll do the recording in the next 15 days and will launch the album by the end of month. He asks virat to go through the contract and sign it. Virat replies that he’ll go through it and sign it and give it back by tomorrow. Mr. Tulani excuses himself and leave for a work asking him to wait. He forgets to take his phone. And the phone starts to ring. Virat ignores the calls for the first few times. But then he decides to attend the call. He’s about to pick the call when the guy comes back and takes the phone from him. He notices the caller, gets upset. He excuses

himself and leaves from there. Virat sits there and reads the contract and feels happy about himself.

At hrishikesh
sweety is in the kitchen and complains about the work she’s being made to do. She says where has she reached. Pinky chachi comes there talking over phone to her relative. She says that she had four icecream and now she has throat infection. Her voice is almost gone. She says her daughter in law had come. So she ‘ll take care of all works. And now it’s resting time for her. On seeing how sweety had operated the vegetables chachi comments on it. Sweety starts shedding her crocodile tears. Chachi gets tense and asks her what happened. She replies that she doesn’t know how to do all this. Her mother had never let her enter the kitchen and she had not been around the stove. Chachi asks her not to cry and that she is also like her mother. She’ll teach her everything. Sweety happily asks her not to worry. And she ‘ll learn everything soon. Chachi asks her to go take rest. On the success of her plan, sweety leaves kitchen happily. But beeji stops her and asks where’s she going. As she was supposed to cook breakfast for everyone. Chachi comes and covers up the situation saying sweety had been really busy with her studies so she couldn’t learn anything. So she asks her to go take rest. Beeji is not happy about it. She asks her to stay with chachi and learn everything. Chachi interrupts and says she’s the new bride. So it’s good to make her rot in the kitchen. And chachi asks her to go take rest. Sweety seizes the opportunity and leaves. She thinks to herself about beeji. She comes everywhere and makes problems for her. Instead of praying at this old age, the lady is being a pain for her. Beeji is left thinking.

At chandigarh
whole family is waiting for virat. Vanshika is tense about him. She hopes everything ‘ll be fine and nothing like last time will happen today. virat enters. He’s silent. Dadaji asks him how did his day go. There is a moment of silence. All look at him expectedly. Virat shows the contract he had hidden at his back. All are really excited. Except for viren and jeevika. Manvi scolds him for showing attitude and hugs him. She congratulates him. Vanshika also congratulates him and hugs him. Dadaji says he knew that virat is as good as anyone else. And today he proved it. Swamini bua says she knew her tiger ‘ll do it. She hugs him. Finally viren comes and hugs virat. And says his brother finally did it. Kadambari chachi says it calls for a party. Dadaji says they’ll surely celebrate. Swamini bua says that she knew virat ‘ll come with the contract. So she had already planned everything. All are happy. But jeevika is upset.

Virman is in their room. Manvi is selecting virat’s costume for the party. Virat selects a blue shirt. But manvi doesn’t like it. Virat interrupts saying party is in his honour. So he’ll select. Manvi retorts that it’s her department. And he has to obey her. Virat hugs her from behind. Manvi looks in the mirror and Say that they are the world’s best jodi- virman. He lifts her and turns her around. Virat asks her to get ready and she replies that she’ll take time.

Viren announces that his star singer brother virat is entering. Virman enters and applaud for them. They greet him. Mr. And mrs. Tulani enters. Virat greets them and introduces them to dadaji. Mr. Tulani says that they had not done any favour to virat. He’s extremely talented and deserves it. They are happy that virat is signing the contract with them. Virat feels proud hearing that. Virat gets a phone call. He excuses himself and leave to attend the call. There he overhears two guys talking about him. Virat is really lucky to have a successful brother like viren. Viren recommended for him and in one night he became so famous. Till yesterday he was a lad roaming about. Virat is not ready to believe what he heard. He thinks he got the contract because of his hardwork and talent. He decides to talk with mr. Tulani.

Mr. Tulani is talking over phone. He requests the person not to mention viren’s name as he doesn’t want his brother to know about his favour. And comments that viren is really a great man. Virat is listening to all this. Mr. Tulani sees him. He tries to explain. But virat stops him. Shlok comes there and calls virat to sign the contract. Virat is not moving. But when shlok says all are waiting, virat goes with him. Jeevika is watching all this from behind. She thinks to herself that she was afraid of this only. She has to inform viren before virat’s temper rises. Shlok brings virat inside. Viren comes there and take him inside. He asks virat to sign the papers in front of the whole family, so that all can watch his excitement. Virat is not responding. Viren says that it’s the first contract. Just watch what’s gonna happen after this. Jeevika rushes inside. But she’s stopped by an aunty. She doesn’t let jeevika go and starts to talk with her. Viren gives the papers and asks virat to sign. All are watching excitedly. Virat takes the pen. He turns the papers. Leave the pen. Tears the papers into pieces and throws it in the air. All are shocked to see this. Jeevika comes there. Viren asks him what he did? Virat replies that he doesn’t agree to the contract. Viren asks what is he saying. Virat stops him. Manvi asks virat why is he talking like that with jeeju. He replies that the powerful lawyer viren vadhera had done great stuffs. So that people call him great. The contract and the party is not what he deserves. But viren’s favour for him. Swamini bua asks what viren did. Virat replies that the contract is a favour from viren. But viren protests saying he had reached here because of his talent and hardwork. But virat retorts that he knows everything. He did all this to be great. But jeevika protests. Virat asks her not to come in between because it’s his problem with his brother. Jeevika remains silent. Virat says good that he came to know about his plan. Otherwise he would have his success as his big brother’s alms. He knew very well that he wanted to do something by his own. And he doesn’t want any more favours from this home. But still viren did this. Viren says sorry for hurting him. But that was not his intention. Virat retorts that first by recommending for him and now asking sorry. He just want to be great in front of others. That’s why people call him the most successful lawyer of chandigarh. When viren walks people would call him an ideal brother. But when he walks people will say look at virat, he still walks holding his brother’s fingers. Everytime viren tries to prove himself great, he ‘ll droop low in front of himself. Viren asks him to stop. The brothers stare at each other.

Precap: virat says all thinks he’s useless. Not capable of doing anything. But today he had taken a decision. He’s leaving Home. All are watching shocked..

Update Credit to: Deepali

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