Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 26th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 26th July 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 26th July 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
bari beeji calls manvi asking where did you threw you childhood clothes. I’ll remake them for your child. She says they’re probably in store let me search.

scene 2
virat got a defect in his bag’s zip. When asks for a new bag beeji says go and check for it in store room.
Virat goes to store and manvi is already there beeji closes the door and says this won’t be opened unless you forgive virat.

Scene 3
in vadhera hous viren is in deep thought jeevika asks you wake up so early today. Let me make tea for you. viren consents and is concerned about vidhi’s problem. That he gotta do something. And to with what vanshika is thinking .

Scene 4
virat and manvi are sitting in the store room not talking

to eachother. Outside everyone is enjoying pakoras and talking so loudly about it to make both of them jealous. Virat finally breaks the ice and says they locked them here and enjoying pakoras outside.

vanshika is standing mandir praying to lord to save the relationship of viren and jeevika. And not to bring vidhi in between them. When she turns she finds viren eyeing her. They catch a glimpse first and vanshika plans to leave but viren asks what was she praying she utters out that she dont want vidhi to come between them. Viren says that she had been misunderstanding things. Vanshika says she has observed her so well and wants to win him over jeevika. She reminds him the hug scene and that what vidhi said while cooking for him. Now viren is in thoughts. She asks viren to contemplate over it she came from a family where she was neither loved nor respected. She finds that love in you. We have to do something about it.

Scene 6
beeji calls jeevika and tells her that store scene. That they’ve closed them in the room and won’t open until they sort out. Jeevika says wow beeji what an idea.

Scene 7
Viren comes to vidhi thinking how is it possible that vidhi is falling for him while she knows how much he loves jeevika. he goes inside room who is setting roses in the room. He stares at her for a while, asking what she is doing ? She says good morning viren jee. See i bought these roses for you jeevika told me that you like them a lot . Viren somehow is now certain about what vanshika was saying. She removed the picture of viren and jeevika. Viren got nibbed by a rose prick. Vidhi comes to his rescue but virens asks her to leave.

Scene 8
there in chandigarh virat and manvi finds a cockroach in store and got frightened. Manvi says this is all because of you. You desired to leave and beeji did this to us . He nagged why should have i stayed you didn’t even drank water from my hand . Why should i stay when you hate me this much. Manvi confesses everything that dabo mixed pills in that water. I should have died if i drank it. I came rushing to stop you because i love you so much virat. They both stop for a while just exchanging some glances. Virat finally says why are sending me away when you love me. She confesses i can’t even imagine going away from you virat. Not even in a dream. But what would i say to my child that his dad wanted to kill him for just fame . I wanted you to be a good dad. Virat. Says you did right if you didn’t test me i would be a good dad. Please i’m sorry for everything i did. They hug each other.

Scene 9
vanshika and vidhi are or sitting in front of each other. Servant tells vanshika that jeevika and viren will have breakfast in lawn. She thats so good a couple should spend time together . Vidhi is broken when she listens this. Vanshika leaves and vidhi finds viren’s phone ringing and plans to go to give it to viren.

Scene 10
virat and manvi holds each other feeling the love. Suddenly manvi pushes him back saying what are doing. Virat says don’t stop our fight has ended now dont stop this car. Manvi says we can’t do this because i’m pregnant he says i even asked a doctor he said to whatever you want. Manvi says you shameless you asked this all from a doctor. Abruptly beeji, pinki and bari beeji comes in. They both in one voice say out fight has ended we wont fight again.


Scene 11
jeevika and viren are spending time together beautifully. Jeevika put some spread on a bread for him and whilst tells him about beeji’s idea. Viren is in some deep thoughts like not even listening to her. Jeevika with a mischeivous smile on her face dips her finger in jam and applied it in Viren’s face. The spell of Viren’s thoughts breaks and he what is this Jeevika? She says at least i can do that to gain your attention, can’t i ? He says okay now you’ll have to clean it aswell. She reaches for tissue saying okay i’ll. Viran grasps her hand ahan not like this , Jeevika says then how? He pulls her close to his face saying ‘aisay’ (like this). Suddenly vidhi enters. Jeevika oblivious of her presence says stop this Viren jee. Viren says it’ll happen today. Vidhi is staring at them in anger and Jeevika notices her. Asking viren to go away pointing at vidhi. They both move back.Viren cleans that jam with napkin and stands up, Jeevika follows him. Vidhi gives him the phone. Viren says you should have asked Sundar to give me the phone you had no need to come and disturb us. Vidhi in disappointment leaves having tears. Jeevika asks him why was he so rude to her ? She would have minded. Let me go get her.

Precap- Doctor says to Manvi that you lack the basic things to carry a child you should go for an MTB. What is this MTB ? asks Manvi. Virats says he’s asking us to abort our child.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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