Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 26th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 26th February 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 26th February 2013 Written Update

Episode begins with Beeji and Manvi conversing over the phone where Manvi informs Beeji that Virat has gone for audition, and if they’re blessings and prayers are with them, then Virat will surely get his job done. She then inquires about Dabbu and wishes to talk to him. As Beeji goes to give the phone to Dabbu, she sees Dabbu in a bad state cutting the potatoes while Sweety on the kitchen cabinet filing her nails. Beeji does not like this scene. Sweety sees Beeji and quickly tells Dabbu that she only asked for a demonstration, in order to learn how they cut in this house, different from her own maayka style. Beeji is still not convinced. Sweety then looks at Beeji and asks if she would like some coffee or tea? Beeji declines and give Dabbu the


Dabbu is happy to speak to Manvi and asks why she has started calling early morning? Manvi says now that he is married, he might not have time for her in the night. They giggle. After speaking to Dabbu, Manvi returns to her room, only to find Virat quietly seated. He tells her to ask him about anything other than his interview. Manvi asks his not to be worried, because soon things will be fine. Virat says that this world doesn’t lack people who like giving sympathy to others. Manvi is hurt by Virat’s word. He then asks about the new watch that she was wearing.

Manvi gets excited and says that Viren Jiju bought one for Jeevika and one for her too. Virat is upset and asks her why she accepts gifts from other people, and if her watch had become too old, he would have gifted her one, a better one, but couldn’t she wait for a few days? Manvi replies that it’s not “another” person who gifted her, but his own brother! So why the big deal? Virat says that such things are not called gifts, because they are given as charity. Viren, who was standing outside their room, heard everything and has tears in his eyes because of Virat’s harsh words.

Manvi removes the watch from her hand sadly, and asks Virat to throw it somewhere far away, if that makes him any happier. Virat realizes, and apologizes to Manvi. She requests him to not take everything in a negative manner. They hug.

Viren is standing depressed in his room. Jeevika comes and asks why he is the Fikr Minister today. He says he is hurt by Virat’s words- because the thing that never even crossed his mind ever, was said by Virat today. Jeevika explains to Viren that it’s not Virat’s fault here, he has the talent, but his destiny is not supporting him. She says it’s not easy for a married man to sit at home idle, and he won’t understand this, because he has always been busy with work. Viren understands. Jeevika tells him that once Virat gets a job somewhere, all his frustration will take a stand.

In Hrishikesh, Sweety is talking to her friend on the phone. She thinks to herself that if her friend comes here, she will find out that Sweety is married into a pauper house instead of a palace. Later on, Dabbu enters the room and Sweety asks him they could renovate the room since everything was too old. Dabbu agrees and goes to convince the family. Beeji and Badi Beeji are very disappointed and disagree with this because it is their ancestral property. When Dabbu pleads too much, Pinky request Beeji to allow. Dabbu is happy. Badi B tells Beeji that Sweety’s intentions don’t seem right and she might kick them out soon, just like the furniture

Next day, the whole Vadhera family wishes Shlok for his birthday. Virat brings a small gift and gives it to Shlok. After Virat, Viren brings a bigger gift, and Shlok keeps Virat’s gift aside and goes on to thank Viren for gifting him such a huge present. Manvi and Jeevika notice Virat’s unhappy gesture. He begins to leave the room although Manvi tries to stop him, but in vain. Both JeeMan feel bad.

Everyone is preparing for Shlok’s Birthday Party when Kadambari Chachi remembers that she hasn’t brought the cake yet. She first asks Viren to fetch it, who initially agrees, but has to leave for some important work. Kadambari then spots Virat and requests him to fetch the cake since he is sitting idle at home (she didn’t mean it in the wrong way). Manvi quickly comes forward and says she hasn’t been out in a long while, and hence she will go pick the cake. Virat, in a stern look tells Manvi that he is already going, besides he’s not doing anything important sitting at home. He leaves. Manvi looks on helpless while Jeevika too, feels sorry for both.

Precap – Virat singing ‘Bam Bam Bole’ (Taare Zameen Par) with all the children, while the rest of family dances along in a circle happily. After the song, Mr. Ramesh Taurani gives Virat his card and asks him to come to his office, his job is ready without the need of any auditions. Virat and Manvi are delighted! Later in the room, Viren thanks someone for giving Virat the job under his influence. He is then stunned to see Jeevika having heard that.

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