Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 25th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 25th January 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 25th January 2013 Written Update

Detailed Update:
Part 1:
In sb’s room all are present. They are upset seeing her condition. Viren comes there and asks how she’s. Inder chachu replies that she’s fine. Dadaji takes him outside and tells her that doctor said it’s because of some shocking news that sb had heart attack. So they have to keep her away from stress. Viren assures that he’ll take care of her.

In hrishikesh, sweety comes to beeji’s home and beeji wonders what she’s doing there. She says she came to meet pinky chachi. Chachi comes there and welcomes her. She introduces her to beeji. Sweety takes blessings from beeji. Sweety asks about dabbu’s rishta and chachi tells her what happened. Sweety asks like she’s sad hearing that and she blames herself for everything. But chachi consoles her and says that they will find someone else. When chachi goes to makes tea sweety stops her and goes to kitchen. Chachi is impressed hearing that and says she wants someone like that as her bahu. But beeji doesn’t seem to like it.

Part 2:
In sb’s room nurse gets a phone call from her brother. She’s giving him directions but it seems he’s lost. She goes down to get him. As sb is sleeping she thought noone ‘ll know she was away and leaves.

In hrishikesh sweety is in the kitchen. But she doesn’t know how to make tea. She takes a cooker and starts to boil water. She’s confused whether to add milk before or after sugar. Dabbu comes there and is shocked to see her there. He asks her to leave as seeing her will make his parents angry. She scares him with a knife and asks him to make tea. He makes tea for her. By then chachi comes there asking whether she needs help. She says she’s all done and gives the tea to her. She asks how is it. She says she made it. Sweety says sorry to dabbu. And when chachi says it’s awesome she thanks him.

Jeevika is walking through the corridor. She’s talking to herself. She is upset that viren is not talking to her and is going away from her. She sees sb through the window and asks her to get well soon. Suddenly she notices that the glucose bottle is over and she rushes inside and calls the nurse. But she cant find the nurse. She’s about to enter but she remembers what viren said that not to go near swamini bua. She’s confused what to do.

Part 3:
She doesn’t want to break the promise she gave to viren nor she wants to put sb in danger. Finally she enters the room and stops the drip. Nurse comes there and jeevika scolds her for being so irresponsible. Hearing the noise viren comes inside and asks nurse what happened. Nurse replies that sb was fine and as jeevika made noise her health is worsening. She’s shocked to hear that. Viren scolds her for coming there and asks her to leave. Though jeevika tries to explain he doesn’t listen to her. She cries and leaves from there. Virat stops her and asks what happened. She leaves without replying. In her room jeevika cant understand why is everything going wrong with her. She wanted to do something good but viren is still angry at her. Viren comes and scolds her. He asks what does she want. He says if she wants to kill someone she can kill him. But to leave badi ma. She tries to explain but he says that if she has a problem then he and badi ma will leave the house. Jeevika replies that if he thinks the solution to the problem is someone leaving the home then she’ll go back to hrishikesh. Viren is shocked to hear this. They both look at each other.

Part 4:
Viren says she can do as she wishes. Jeevika is shocked to hear that. Virman arrives there. Jeevika tries to hide her tears. Manvi tries to lighten the mood. She asks jeevika why her eyes are wet and whether she was crying. She says something went inside her eyes and viren was trying to take it off. Manvi feels the tension. Viren leaves to look after sb. Virat goes with him. Virat asks whether everything is fine between him and bhabhi. Viren replies that he’s concerned only about sb for the time being. Virat says that truth had to come out some day. And they cant hide it from sb for long. Virat says sb is recovering soon and she’ll be fine. But as she loves viren so upset and stressed that will affect her. So he has to remain happy for her. In jeevika’s room manvi tells her that whole family is supporting her so she’s not wrong. So she has to be happy for having a family like that. Jeevika replies that for the well being of family she’ll do anything.

Precap: vanshika asks manvi to take care of her eventhough there are tensions at home. She asks for Jeevika. But noone cant find her. All are upset.

Update Credit to: DesiTVBox

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