Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 25th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 25th February 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 25th February 2013 Written Update


Virat is humiliated at himself for living on his family’s money. Maanvi is trying assure him that its alright cause they’re his family, and its okay for them to take money from the family. Virat refuses to listen to her and is going on about how he’s been so unsuccessful and is a burden to the family. Maanvi once again reassures him that this is not the case. The family loves him and doesn’t find him a burden, and tells him that his goal is not very far away from him. She asks him not to break down, cause if he breaks down, so will she.


Dabboo is in the kitchen cooking. When Pinky asks him as to why is he cooking, he say he’s bringing the food for Sweety in a tray so that she can eat alone in

her room cause she’s apparently sick. Beeji comes in and enquires, but both Pinky and Beeji don’t say anything, even though they’re not pleased with it. Dabboo goes off with the tray, while Pinky wonders as to why does Sweety always fall sickk.


Maanvi is OTP with Pinky, who is telling her what all happened. Maanvi is shocked at the way Sweety and Dabboo have been behaving. Maanvi is very suspicious about Sweety and her antics, and is wondering to herself as to what is the matter.

Virat is on the phone with a Krishna Studio who apparently are looking for a singer. He introduces himself as a singer and lands himself an interview/audition. He picks up his guitar and begins to strum a song while Maanvi enters. Maanvi is happy to see him strumming. Virat asks her how was it, and she replies that it was mindblowing. He tells her about the audition and continues practising. He begins strumming and accidentally strums the wrong chords, causing the string to break. He then alludes it to the fact that his luck is destroyed. Maanvi asks him to go change the string, but he tells her that its a very old guitar, and its not possible for it to be changed. She then tells him to get a new guitar, but he says that he wants to buy a new guitar out of his own money. He decides to go for the audition with the same guitar, and tells Maanvi that in reality, he can’t afford a new guitar. Viren is listening to this from outside the room and is worried.

Viren is telling Jeevika about how he is going to gift him a new guitar before his auditions. Jeevika likes the idea but is worried about Virat’s reaction to the guitar. Viren reassures her that nothing of the sort will happen, and he wants him to do well in the auditions. He goes off to sleep, but Jeevika is worried.

Virat tells Daddu that he’s going to fix his guitar strings. When Maanvi asks him as to why didn’t he tell Daddu the truth, he says he didn’t want the family to know about any auditions till he gets selected. Viren comes in with a gift for Virat and makes him open the gift. Virat is surprised to find a guitar, to which Viren replies that he found out about Virat’s broken guitar string, and didn’t want him to audition with a broken string, which is why he gifted him a new guitar. He asks him to consider the guitar a good luck charm. Daddu asks him as to why didn’t he tell him about the audition, to which softly replies its okay. He blesses him and asks him to go and audition well. Virat replies that he wanted to buy his own guitar, to which Daddu replies that money is the family’s whether its Viren’s, his, or Virat’s. Virat is pacified, and leaves for auditions.

Maanvi is telling Jeevika that she’s never seen Virat this tensed before, and how his confidence is completely shattered, cause Virat can’t take anymore failures. Jeevika reassures Maanvi that every thing will be alright soon, and Virat will soon be successful. She tells Maanvi that the only thing to be worried about is the fact that Virat is an egoistic person, and he shouldn’t think that the family is trying to pity him by helping him out with money. Maanvi replies that she’s his wife, and knows him best. He doesn’t want to depend financially on the family for tiny issues, and that is what is killing him on the inside. There is no solution to it except Virat’s own earnings. JeeMaan hug, while Maanvi is worried.

Jeevika is cooking in the kitchen when Viren comes in and hugs her from behind. He asks her what did she think about Virat’s gift. She replies that she’s worried about his reaction, even though she loved it. He asks FM Jee to stop worrying and close her eyes. He gives her a gift wrapped box which turns out to hold a pretty wristwatch. Jeevika thanks Viren. Maanvi enters the kitchen and runs to see the gift and is about to take it when Viren asks her not to touch it. Maanvi is shocked and rather embarrassed, while Jeevika is stunned. Viren looks away rather angrily and Maanvi apologises awkwardly. Viren laughs and brings out another wrapped gift for her, and Maanvi and Jeevika are pleasantly surprised. Viren jokes that he’s bought his wife and brother something, and if he wants to stay in the house, he’d better buy his saali sahiba something too. Maanvi laughs happily and opens the gift to find an identical watch to that of Jeevika’s. Maanvi and Jeevika are pleased and Viren says that if the sisters are together, why should their gifts be different? Both put on the watches for each other as a ghadi bandhan.

Virat goes to the studio and reports to the receptionist, who tells him that the auditions are cancelled cause they have found a singer. He is about to leave dejectedly, when someone calls him from behind. This person tells him that if he’s Viren Vadhera’s brother, he should use that to his advantage and get hold of contracts. Virat replies that he doesn’t want to get hold of contracts through sifaarish, to which the person tells him that it is impossible for him to get a hold in the industry on his own without any contacts. Virat is listening to all this and is rather annoyed. Episode ends on his thoughtful face.

Precap: Virat is shouting at Maanvi for accepting the watch from Viren. Maanvi is questioning him as to what is the matter in accepting a gift from her own brother in law, when he replies that they’ve never gifted Viren-Jeevika anything, so they shouldn’t accept anything from them either. He tells her that gifts should only be accepted from people to whom you can gift something back, and better, in return. Else, it is not a gift, but an act of charity. Viren listens to all of this from outside and is shocked.

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