Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 23rd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 23rd July 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 23rd July 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
vidhi is having a gaze over some hanging clothes jeevika comes at her back and asks her to choose immediately what she wants to wear. Viren has asked you with so much love. You won’t deny, will you? Come on select a dress. Vidhi rummages over the closet and selects a yellow frock for herself. Jeevika says viren jee gifted this to me on our first anniversary. Vidhi apologizes but jeevika says you’ll wear this if you like. This color will suit you. Vidhi stops for a moment, when jeevika asks she says i feel a bit weird. I never got ready like this before. Jeevika says i’m with you you don’t have to be worried.

Scene 2
virat and manvi are in the hospital for check up. Doctor asks if this vomit etc is so usual ? Virat answers

instead of manvi that yes it happens in the morning when she hasn’t eaten anything . Virat keeps the discussion with the doctor and manvi keep staring at him. Virat says from next month we’ll increase her diet because the baby will grow. Doctor says to manvi I’ve Never seen a husband as caring as yours. He takes care of the doll just as his child. Manvi stands up in anger saying he’s so caring that he put his child in the washing machine and leaves the room. Virat says its nothing doctor let me check. Virat stops manvi trying to convince her that he has been so responsible now he won’t ever show any irresponsibility. Manvi says if i start moaning about you i won’t ever end but i don’t want to waste my time. I request you to go back. You just have one day. Virat says what are you saying manvi ? You can’t separate me and my child. Why can’t i ? Shouts manvi. You’ve proved how careless can you be. And even if you want to prove yourself you’ve only one day. Virat accepts the challenge.

Scene 3
jeevika dresses vidhi up. Wearing her jewellery make up and everything. Jeevika applies some lip makeup saying you have to look perfect.

Scene 4
manvi’s previous doctor comes and asks about manvi she tell him about her pregnancy. The doctor is bewildered Saying this manvi is a cancer survivor these type of people can not sustain pregnancy.

scene 5
virat and manvi comes in the house and bari beeji asks about the doctor. Virat says everything was perfect.

scene 6
vidhi goes in the living room for something viren holds her from the back starting some romance. Jeevika and vanshika comes from the back. Viren says i’m sorry i thought it was vidhi. Vidhi apologises from vanshika. Jeevika says you don’t both need to apologise it happens. As viren and vidhi leave vanshika asks jeevika about the dress . She says its just two hours and she’ll return the dress

scene 7
virat hears manvi ordering some rope, knife and stuff. Virat comes in his room saying oh. Long rope knife and bag. Wow manvi is planning something big. Anyway i should sleep with the baby.

Scene 8
viren and jeevika goes to party and introduce vidhi to everyone a guy is staring at vidhi. Suddenly says hi to viren. Some of his friends call viren and a woman calls jeevika too. Vidhi is standing=
alone and a guy offers her a drink viren stops her. Vidhi says i’m at a wrong place who don’t even know difference between soft drink and alcohol. Viren says you’re not less than anyone.

scene 9
virat sees doll waking up and sleeping over again. When he comes back from washroom he sees there’s no doll there. He comes to find come and tells beeji that he lost the doll. Manvi and everyone comes there. Manvi says looks like Virat has again put in the washing machine. Virat says Manvi you have kidnapped the doll i’m sure. Just when i left you steal it. Manvi says i’m not mad. Virat says i’ll check your doll. Virat says i heard you ordering the rope, knife and bag. Beeji says Virat you should check your room first. Virat takes everyone to the room and everyone is dazed doll is there on his bed.

Precap – Tu hi yeh mujh ko bata day chahun main ya naa, YES! Viren an Jeevika are dancing on this song in party.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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