Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 22nd May 2013 Written Episode Update


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 22nd May 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 22nd May 2013 Written Update

Manvi and jeevika asks sweety whether she’ll do everything for pooja. Manvi starts saying afterall she’s the owner of house now. Chachi is away. Beeji and badi beeji can’t handle everything. Sweety thinks to herself. Now this house is in her name. So there’s no shame in doing the works. Manvi is happy that she’ll make sweety suffer. Manvi goes to dabbu. Dabbu asks her to watch tv with him. Manvi asks him to Go out with viren and virat. As they are getting bored. Dabbu leaves and manvi is happy that now they can talk to dabbu. Meanwhile manvi sits to watch her favourite show.

In the kitchen jeevika tells the stuffs required for pooja. And sweety writes it down. Manvi comes there. Jeevika tells shopping ‘ll be over in an hour. Beeji comes

and asks whether everything is done. Manvi tells beeji that shopping ‘ll also be over soon.

Sweety is shopping and is very tired in the hot sun.

Sweety is making prasad and jeevika is instructing her. Manvi comes and take jeevika with her. Sweety is happy that prasad is Good. She calls dabbu to ask him to buy some stuffs. But dabbu is with virat and viren. Virat doesn’t let him pick up. Sweety gets angry. Den manvi calls virat. Dabbu asks him not to pick up the call. Virat thinks dabbu ‘ll feel bad If He picks up the call. So he doesn’t pick up. Manvi gets angry.

Virat viren and dabbu returns. Manvi gets angry at virat. But virat says he was busy. Dabbu watcher virat. He goes to sweety. And sweety gets angry at him. He tells her he was busy. Buying stuffs for pooja for her. Sweety doesn’t say anything. Dabbu feels happy. That sweety didn’t talk back to him. He’s happy that virat’s tactics are gr8.

Pooja starts and beeji asks sweety to bring prasad. Sweety goes to kitchen to take it. But sees that it’s burnt. Since there is no time she decides to adjust with that. She goes there. Beeji asks for pandit. But sweety forgot to call him. Manvi thinks to herself. Now she’ll understand how difficult it’s to run a house. Just then jeevika comes and says beeji reads satyanarayan katha very well. So she’ll do it. When jeevika insists beeji agrees. Jeevika tells sweety that he knew that prasad got burnt. And made new. She gives it to her. Sweety is happy and thanks her. Manvi is not happy seeing jeevika helping her. Beeji does the pooja. Sweety help her. Beeji calls jeevika and viren for aahuti. Then virman comes. Then sweety comes and sits down. But badi beeji gets angry and says she can’t do it without her husband. Dabbu comes and they both do it. A neighbour comes and compliments beeji for arrangements. Manvi is about to praise jeevika. But jeevika interrupts and says all credit goes to sweety. Sweety is happy. Beeji asks sweety to distribute prasad. Sweety thanks jeevika for help. And says she’ll never forget it. Jeevika tells manvi that her formula works.

Dabbu comes with icecream and praises sweety for her good work. He’s proud of her. But she says she’s very tired. Gets angry and dabbu. Talks rudely with him and goes to sleep. Dabbu feels bad. Manvi and jeevika are watching this from behind the door. Manvi tells jeevika that her formula might be changing her. But this female has a lot to learn. She doesn’t even respect her husband’s feelings. If she doesn’t understand that, then how ‘ll she care for others.

Jeevika asks manvi whether she needs tea. Manvi asks her to go to give others. Dabbu comes and takes tea in hurry and says it’s for sweety. She had headache. Manvi is surprised. Manvi tells jeevika that if sweety loved dabbu atleast ten percent in return. Situation would be different. She ask jeevika to give tea to viren. And she’ll serve others.

Jeevika goes to viren and sHe wakes him up. He tries to romance with her. she says it’s her maaika and not their bedroom. Jeevika asks viren. If there’s lack of respect between a husband and wife does it mean that there is lack of love. Viren says true respect comes from true love. Jeevika feels there’s true love missing in between dabbu and sweety.

Precap: sumi comes with jalebi. Dabbu says he doesn’t wanna have. But she feeds him. Manvi and jeevika are watching that. Dabbu feeds sumi. Sweety comes watching this. She’s angry. Manvi and jeevika are surprised to see her facial expression change.

Update Credit to: DesiTvBox

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