Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 22nd February 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 22nd February 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 22nd February 2013 Written Update

Virat says he lost the contract and all the family members are sad hearing that.

Dabbu and sweety comes in the hall. Dabbu tells beeji that sweety wants to come home as she’s missing home. Sweety comes there and says that they can complete her ‘pathfera’ also. Dabbu is packing all the gifts. On seeing that chachi asks why is he packing all the gifts. He replies that sweety wishes to open the gifts at her home. Seeing everyone not so happy dabbu covers it up saying sweety did not ‘ve time to open the gifts since she was busy. So they thought to take it with them. He asks beeji whether it’s fine. Beeji says it’s k. Sweety says it’s late. And says bye and leave. Dabbu takes the bags and leave behind her. All are upset seeing sweety’s


Viren goes to virat. virat is in his room and is upset. Viren says it’s just one failure. Virat says he chose a difficult career. Winning a reality show was easy. But becoming a playback singer is different. But viren says he’s very close to his destination. Music company is calling him for auditions. Viren tells him the story of spider who never accepted his failure. It wanted to cross a wall. But the web it made got spoiled every time. Finally after a number of tries it succeeded in crossing the wall. Virat says he knows why viren is advising him. And he’ll try hard to reach his destination.

Viren goes to jeevika and tells her about virat. Jeevika says Virat thought he’ll surely get the contract. But he didn’t. So he’s really feeling low. But viren says in life everything may not happen according to their wish. Jeevika asks whether she should talk to Virat? But viren says he should get over the failure by himself. And he’ll do it.

Manvi goes to virat and serve him tea and butter cake. Virat says he’s not in a mood. But manvi says she always like to have something sweet. He shouldn’t be disappointed hearing a single no. She closes his laptop. And says in future he’ll sign four contracts on a single day. Virat says viren told him the spider’s story who never accepted his failure. And now he’s in that same condition now. Manvi smiles on hearing that. Virat asks why is she smiling. She replies it’s because she’s talking to spiderman virat. He says he’ll complete all her dreams. Duo hug.

Kadambari chachi asks inder chachù to take shlok for shopping as it’s holiday for him today. But chachù says he got an important meeting. Virman comes there and ask chachi what’s the problem. When chachi shares the problem manvi asks chachi to take shlok for shopping. But chachi says she got to attend a function. Virat asks them not to worry. And he’ll take shlok for shopping. Chachi says all her problems are solved. And chachù says when virat is here, there ‘s nothing to fear. Jeevika is watching them from behind and is happy seeing virat happy.

Pinky chachi is upset that dabbu and sweety did not reach back yet. They were supposed to reach in the morning. Dabbu and sweety arrives. Dabbu asks sorry to everyone and says sweety wanted to have breakfast and icecream. So they couldn’t reach in the morning. Sweety says she thought to have breakfast as she did not know when she’ll be able to have food her home makes. Chachi consoles her saying she has come from her mom to another mom and she’ll make parathas for her everyday morning. Badi beeji looks surprisingly on hearing that. sweety says she’s not well and she is sleepy. And leaves saying she needs to take rest. All are upset seeing her behaviour.

Jeevika gives viren his wallet. Viren looks at her lovingly. She asks whether she has become more beautiful as he’s staring at her. He says she’s always looking beautiful. And she’s not his life partner. But his life. When she was away he used to forget his wallet, credit cards. She says she’ll never leave him and go again. He says she’s not his desire now, but his habit. She asks him to check the time as it’s very late now. By the time he reaches there judge will give the verdict. Viren leaves finally. Jeevika stops him and tells him that now he need not worry about virat as he’s now getting along well with everyone in the family.

Manvi serves tea to dadaji. He asks about virat. She says he had not come back. Shlok and virat returns. And shlok is sad. Manvi asks whether he bought the entire mall. He replies that he didn’t buy anything. Virat asks him not to be sad and they can go back in the evening. Dadaji asks what happened. And virat replies that his credit card limit got over. Dadaji asks his limit was 2 lac, but then how did it get over. Virat says since it was dabbu’s wedding there were many expenses. And he’ll show the details. Dadaji says it’s not necessary. Viren and jeevika comes there. Viren gives a briefcase to dadaji and tells him it’s from Mr.oberoi. His salary and their commission. He says it’s the maximum payment they have received till date. Dadaji says he’s really proud of him. Dadaji takes some money and go give it to virat. He says it’ll d sufficient for shlok’s shopping. But virat resists. Manvi is upset seeing that. Dadaji asks him to keep it as younger brother has rights on elder brother’s money. Virat says now he’s not so young now. But dadaji insists and gives him the money. Virat is not happy with it. Manvi and virika are upset seeing that.

Precap: virat leaves the money on the table. Manvi asks him not to feel bad as it’s his own family. But virat says now he’s married. And he doesn’t like depending on dadaji and his brother for his pocket money.

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