Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 21st May 2013 Written Episode Update


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 21st May 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 21st May 2013 Written Update

Beeji gets angry at sweety as food get burnt. Manvi also angry. But jeevika says it’s ok. We’ll make it again. Beeji and manvi leaves angrily. Jeevika instructs sweety and she prepares food. Jeevika asks her to remove it from flame when it’s ready and leaves. Sweety thinks that on her birthday, jeevika made her en so much job as she hadn’t done in her whole life.

At the dining table, virat asks about pinky chachi. Beeji says she had gone to her home. Delivery Man comes with cake. But dabbu goes and says it’s not for this home. It’s the address of the home, two blocks away. Dabbu says it’s sùmi’s doggie’s birthday. And it’s 5 years now. Sweety feels bad that He remembers some dog’s birthday

but not hers. Everyone compliments the food and sweety becomes really happy. Jeevika asks sweety to bring more food. In the kitchen, sweety feels bad that noone remembered her birthday. When she comes back lights are switched off. And she gets scared. Suddenly lights come and Everyone wishes her. She’s really happy. And cuts the cake. She feeds manvi first. And then gives cake to everyone. Jeevika takes manvi aside and tells that our love has changed sweety. But manvi says only time ‘ll say that. It’ll be a miracle then. They then gives gift to sweety. Manvi gifts gold payal. And jeevika gifts a necklace with earrings. She is happy that they gave her expensive gifts. And she keeps talking about it’s cost. All feel awkward. When dabbu gives her a ring. She starts complaining that it’s very cheap. She then says they’ll exchange and buy a new one. Dabbu feels bad. Manvi tells jeevika that sweety doesn’t care about anyone’s emotions. And she’s concerned only about money. Manvi says they have to take some strict measures to bring sweety in the right path.

Beeji is about to sleep. She asks the sisters to check whether the brothers need something. Jeevika says viren needs an extra pillow and virat needs water. They go to give it. Jeevika goes to Viren and gives the extra pillow. He asks why isn’t she sleeping with him. She says she’ll sleep with beeji. On the other side virat keeps complaining that he came all the way to meet her but she’s not sleeping with him. Viren asks about the problem. And jeevika tells about sweety’s plan to sell the home. Manvi also tells about sweety’s intention to virat. She did emotional blackmail and made them transfer the home to her name. Now she’s planning to sell the house with her mom. And earn crores. Viren and virat is of the opinion that dabbu is also responsible for sweety’s behaviour. He should understand his responsibilities. Viren and virat assures that they’ll solve the problem. Virika and virman hugs each other.

In their bedroom, sweety keeps shouting at dabbu for giving her such a cheap gift. She expected something she can adorn for her entire life. Dabbu feels bad and says he’ll give new gift tomorrow. Manvi is watching from behind the door and feels bad for dabbu. Sweety asks dabbu to sleep and let her sleep.

In the morning manvi and jeevika goes to beeji. And seeing her upset sisters asked her to tell everything. When they insist beeji tells her about transferring the home to sweety’s name. She tells them all what happened. Jeevika feels that beeji thinks so much about sweety. Sweety should also be made aware about family’s love. Jeevika asks beeji to give her a chance. Beeji says before that, they have to do satyanarayan pooja. She thought of doing it when viren was trapped in that case. Jeevika thinks to herself. This is her opportunity to make sweety understand her responsibilities and also importance of family. Manvi thinks to herself. She’ll make sweety do all the works this time. And make her respect her husband. If she doesn’t do that she’s not manvi chowdhary vadhera.

Precap: sweety tells dabbu she doesn’t need icecream now. Who asked him to bring icecream for her at midnight. And talks rudely with him. Manvi and jeevika are watching this. Manvi tells jeevika that someone who doesn’t respect her husband. How ‘ll she understand other people’s responsibilities. Manvi tells jeevika that she’ll teach sweety a lesson.

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