Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 21st February 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 21st February 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 21st February 2013 Written Update

Virat viren and dabbu are in the kitchen. Dabbu is super nervous thinking about his first night. Virat asks him not to be nervous and tries to explain to him what to do. Dabbu says he thinks of nothing else other than food when he’s tensed. And he calls god hanúman. virat asks him to call god krishna as he got to do rasleela today. He gotto enter room and smile like shahrukh. Then sweety ‘ll serve him milk. Drink the milk like salman khan. Then like akshay kumar he’ll ‘ve moustache of milk like him. And then he has to remove sweety’s ghunkat. And then look at her. Viren comments that virat ‘ll never change. Dabbu says he’s tense and he only thinks about food now and starts to eat laddù. Virat takes the plate from him and ask him

to act like a man and go near sweety. but dabbu is hesitant. Virat explains him to bring sweety close to him and end up bringing dabbu close to him. Viren interrupts and says dabbu knows the rest. Virat asks dabbu to say he’ll do it. Dabbu finally says he’ll do it and leave.

Jeevika and manvi are decorating dabbu’s room. Chachi comes with sweety. Manvi asks sweety to look at her room and asks how’s her room. Sweety replies that it’s k. But her friend jitika’s marriage was in a 5 star hotel. And the decoration was too good. Manvi and jeevika is a little low hearing that. Sweety says but it’s k as they had put a lot of effort in it. Jeevika and manvi smile. Manvi says every girl will be nervous on her first night and asks her not to be nervous as dabbu is very sweet. Dabbu comes with viren and virat. He hides behind them. When jeevika and manvi insists he comes near them. Jeevika asks him not to be shy like bride as the bride is waiting inside. They asks him not to be nervous. And make him go inside.

Dabbu enters the room and locks the room. He goes near sweety. Sweety gives him the milk. He remembers virat’s words and takes the glass from sweety and drinks the entire milk. And takes sweety’s ghunkat. But then says sorry to her for doing that without her permission. But when she smiles he says she’s looking very beautiful in this dress. She asks him not to faint by the end of night. He replies that he fainted the moment he saw her. Now he wants to lose himself in her. She tauntingly replies that he’ll lose himself and ‘ll be difficult to find him in his entire life. Duo hug.

Everyone are at the breakfast table. Beeji asks for dabbu and sweety. Dabbu comes there. Manvi asks for sweety. He replies that she’s still sleeping. All look at dabbu. Jeevika covers it up saying the bride gets most stressed during the wedding. So she must be tired. But chachi says her daughter in law is modern and modern dil gets up late. Dabbu comments that breakfast is awesome and starts to eat. Virat gets a phone call. And he excuses himself and goes to attend the call. Virat comes back and says he got a call from a music company. And all are happy hearing that. Viren asks him to leave now itself. Manvi says she’ll pack the bags now itself. But virat asks her to come with viren and jeevika in the evening and he’ll leave alone now. Virat leaves.

Viren Jeevika and manvi gets ready to leave. Beeji tells jeevika that now she’s really happy as jeevika is going back. And she prays to god that nothing bad happens to them again. Manvi says nothing can happen when beeji is there to guard them. Trio hug. Manvi asks for sweety. Dabbu replies that she’s not well and she’s resting in her room. Manvi asks what did she do so much that she can’t even come to see off them. Jeevika says it’s k. They say bye to everyone and leave.

At chandigarh, manvi viren and jeevika enters. But swamini asks jeevika to stop there. All are upset. But swamini comes with aarti taal and does jeevika’s aarti and asks her to enter. All enter happily.

Dabbu comes near sweety and hugs her from behind. And he tells that there’s noone at home. But sweety doesn’t reply. He asks her what happened. She replies that she misses her home and wants to go there now itself. When she insists he agrees. She says we can come back tomorrow itself and hugs him. She says he’s really sweet. She tells him that they’ll take all the gifts to her mom’s place and open it there. Dabbu agrees to that also.

At chandigarh, all are sitting and having tea. Viren comes there and gives the happy news that he finally won mr. oberoi’s case. All are happy. Dadaji says it’s a very happy day for the home as both their daughter in laws returned home today. Virat’s career is going to take a leap. And viren won the case. He asks for manvi. Manvi comes there with a cake and says it’s a surprise for virat. She did not want to hear the good news in phone. So she thought of this surprise. A servant comes and says virat’s car has arrived. All get ready to give him surprise. Virat comes in and manvi asks him to give the good news and asks what’s his contract amount. He ‘s sad and replies that like his luck his pocket is also empty. He lost the contract. All are sad hearing that.

Precap: viren asks virat whether he remembers the spider’s story that they studied at school. It wanted to cross a walk and All the webs it made got spoiled. But it was not ready to accept it’s failure. It tried tried and finally succeeded in crossing the door. Virat says he knows why viren told him the story. But he doesn’t know what his future has in store for him.

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