Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 20th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 20th May 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 20th May 2013 Written Update

Episode Starts after yesterdays Scene when Jeevika and Manvi goes to Sweety’s Mom House..Sweety mom says that the house is in Sweety’s Name and Many person wishes to buy that prosperity But I would like to sell out it to you..it nice if you will do that Religion work on it..My daughter will sure Sell it to your truest ‘Sweety’ mom go to take her phone ..Manvi tells Jeevika that the game she is playing is very awful but I will be do finish their game soon..Sweety’s Mom is back and Manvi gives Her a promise that they will be buy their Prosperity soon and Jeevika & manvi leaves.

Manvi Angry over Sweety and her plan with her Mom..Manvi tell Jeevika to go and to reveal the truth in front of family but Jeevika stopped her and says that Dabbu

heart might be break after hear Sweety’s Plan and whole family also will gets shocked so to keep patience..

when they are return at home they sees that Sweety talking with her mother on phone..while they are hiding behind the hedge..Sweety asks why she remember her..Sweety’s mom tells her whole story how 2 sadhu comes her home and their Plan..Sweety says that house is mine and when these 2 sister will go their house than I will be do it..Just Sweety get notice that someone hide behind the Hedge..she comes near the hedge and throw a stone to the place where sister were hiding. Its came on Manvi and she is Pissed..they hear that Sweety tells her mom Today’s her b.day and Dabbu forget it..Manvi make a plan and throw a shell of Banana there..when Sweety comes she fall on the banana and manvi & jeevika smile on their Plan..

Sweety tells Dabbu how she fell, he laughs on her..Sweety gets embarrassed and want to tells about t her B.day just Manvi Interrupt them and stopped them to do discussion..meanwhile Dabbu gets a call and leaves..Jevika asks manvi why she has stopped sweety to remembers her B.day to dabbu and think about her feeling ‘Maanvi says what about the family feelings and I can’t stop and will do as I want.

At Vadhera mansion
The bros are with Swamini Bua and she asks where they wanna to go..Virat and Viran both hesitate and embrassed to tells her but Bua knows why they are asking of her’, she says to go where your heart is sticking..Viran asks where ?..bua says Rishikesh where you are both want to go ..She let them leaves for Hririskesh

Beejee and Badi beejje talking as Sweety comes to talk them how they celebrated b-day
Beejee asks why she asks that..when sweety trying to tells As Maanvi comes and says it is because to plan Dabbu b-day which will be come next month..Maanvi asks Sweety how she make today in dishes..Sweety says she wanna make something special panner ki sabji and kheer as jeevika and Manvi came there’Manvi says she want to Karela and Loky dishes as she like them..badi beejee agree with manvi’s decesion and sweety gets unhappy.

Virat on phone to Maanvi to tell her that they are coming to Hririkesh..She tells some excusses and says not to be come there.’just Viren takes the phone and Manvi give the phone to jeevika..Jeevika says there are too much hot and No electricity there..Just they hearing Virat voice that they can see all fans and lights is on as well.They turn around and find them at the door’Virat Hugs Manvi and Viren hugs Jeevika..Cute and lovely scenes..Beejee with whole family comes and are greeting everyone!

At Virika Room

Viren asks Jeevika are she getting Happy to see him..Jevika replies that she is very happy and it was a pleasant surprise for her..other side Virat angry over Manvi why she lied him to not come here and arrives there..Jeevika asks to stop as tells the problem about Sweety..That is why we did not want you to come here, since it is our problem as Virat says you problems are also ours, right bro, Viren is also agrees

PRECAP: Sweety opens a gift from Dabbu and is complaining that ring is bit low quality and might be less than 2 grams .. why he not bring more high quality Ring..Maanvi tells Jeevika look show she behaves and she will do something else for her..

Update Credit to: Deepali

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