Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 20th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 20th February 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 20th February 2013 Written Update

Virman sees virika talking with a person dressed formally with papers in hands. Virman is shocked and goes there. They introduces him to them. Manvi asks then who was the other person. The man replies that he must be mr. Khúrana who came with him. Mr. Khùrana comes there. The guy asks where did he go. He says someone told him that viren went to delhi. Virman looks down. Viren asks them whether papers are ready. They give him the papers. Viren asks the waiters to take good care of the lawyers. Viren gives the divorce paper to virat to asks him to sign it. When he says no. Viren tells him not to be weak and sign it. jeevika takes the papers and asks manvi to sign the papers. As she’s the one who does everything first. Virat says he doesn’t want

the divorce. But viren protests. Viren says virat complained that manvi drinks his blood. Always bugs him. So why doesn’t he want divorce. Manvi says she doesn’t want divorce. And they were just acting. Jeevika is surprised and asks acting. ? Viren says lawyer has come and now they have to sign the divorce papers. Manvi starts to cry. Virman pleads to him that he’s such a big lawyer. He has to find a way out of it. Virika starts to laugh. They say they were also acting. Jeevika says she knew they were acting from the moment she was commenting about dabbu’s acting. Virman calls virika biggest dramebaaz. Jeevika says it’s manvi affect. Virat asks why did they bring actual lawyers in this drama. Viren replies that they are not lawyers and they are from an orphanage. The two men come there and viren gives them donation. Viren says it was jeevika’s idea. They thank her and leave. Virman and virika hug each other.

Swamini bua, vanshika and dadaji arrives. Bua calls out for viren. All are surprised seeing them there. But jeevika is upset seeing her. Viren is about to go with her but she leaves his hand and step backwards. Viren, virat and manvi goes to sb happily and hugs her. Sb says she’s really happy to see viren after so many days. Beeji goes and greets everyone. Dadaji asks sorry for not attending other functions. And says they couldn’t miss the wedding food. Swamini bua asks for jeevika. All look back. But beeji covers it up saying she’s doing some important work inside.

Jeevika is in her room. She’s very sad. Manvi comes there and asks what’s she doing there? Jeevika asks her whether she forgot everything that happened at chandigarh? and why she had to come to hrishikesh. Manvi consoles her saying it’s all over and now asks her to come down. As sb is completely well and viren patched up with her. But jeevika is worried that seeing her and sb together will viren remember everything. Viren comes inside and says nothing like that ‘ll happen again. Manvi excuses saying she just came to use the washroom and leaves from there. Viren says that now all their problems are over and apologises to her for all what happened. She replies that mistake was there on her side too. She left home and came there. But viren protests and says he did a bigger mistake. The pheras begin. He asks her not to forget dabbu’s marriage and asks her to come down.

Manvi ties the knot for dabbu and sweety. They take the pheras and after that pandit asks dabbu and sweety to take blessings from everyone. They take blessings from all the family members.

All are having food. Jeevika comes there and sees that nobody had given plate to sb. She goes and prepares sb’s plate. She sees virat and gives the plate to him and asks him to give it to sb. He goes and give the plate to swamini bua. But she keeps it aside. Jeevika is upset seeing that.

All the guests leave. Viren sees that jeevika is upset. He tells her that unless she talks to badi ma they can’t solve this. Beeji is talking with sb. She leaves saying she has some works. Viren goes to sb and tells her that jeevika wants to talk with her. Sb replies that first she wants to talk with jeevika. Jeevika is tense hearing that. Sb asks what did they think. She ‘ll not come to know about the problems between them. She used to be so proud of their relationship and used to give it as example to everyone. But what did they do. She tells viren that she always knew that he’s very much concerned about her. But that doesn’t mean that he should not be concerned about other relationships. Jeevika said everything to her because she forced her. And tells jeevika that she couldn’t face her after knowing the truth because her son was at fault. Sb apologises to jeevika. But jeevika stops her. She asks jeevika to come back home and jeevika agrees. Now that all problems are over she says she’s hungry and asks jeevika to bring plate for her. When jeevika goes to take the plate she says that she needs the same plate jeevika prepared earlier and jeevika should feed her. Jeevika happily goes to bring the plate. All are happy watching all that. Jeevika comes and feeds sb. Swamini bua feeds jeevika. She also feeds viren. The trio hug.

No precap.

Update Credit to: DesiTVBox

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