Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 1st July 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 1st July 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 1st July 2013 Written Update

Episode begins with the last scene of Friday, where Maanvi overhears the conversation between Viren-Jeevika and asks Jeevika as to why shouldn’t she know the truth. Jeevika-Viren-Vanshika are shocked to see Maanvi there, and Jeevika goes up to Maanvi, assuring her that they only wanted to hide the truth from her because they didn’t want to affect her health or the baby’s health. Maanvi asks her as to why is it that when Jeevika only shares her happiness with Maanvi, but not her sadness. She then reassures her that she’s always there with her, and they’d find their way out of this. Jeevika bursts into fresh sobs and declares that there is no solution, and all of her dreams and the dreams of the Vadhera family are shattered. At this point Swamini

and Daddu enter, and they -along with Vanshika- reiterate that Jeevika’s complication is not her own fault, and she should never blame herself for it as the family loves her and accepts her for who she is, and is proud of her. Maanvi then apologises to the doctor for creating a family drama, and attributes it to them being Punjabis and how Punjabis are over dramatic and OTT in such situations. The doctor smiles and brushes it off and congratulates Jeevika for having such a supportive family.

At home, Viren is standing by the window by himself rather morosely. Virat goes up to him and tells him that he knows what has happened, and asks him to share his burden with him.

Jeevika is crying in her room when she feels Maanvi’s hand on her shoulder. She hugs Maanvi, who rather sadly comments that she won’t stop her from crying this time, but she’ll be there for her to hold her hand and support her through this difficult time. Jeevika then begins to lament about how this has broken not only the dreams of the family, but that of Virenji and herself too. She asks God as to why has he been unjust to her, and why is she being subjected to such pain. She asks God as to why did he break their dreams. Maanvi too is teary eyed and in pain at this point. Jeevika and Maanvi go into flashbacks about the time Jeevika had conceived and remember their moments with the kid and the moments where Jeevika decides to give up her kid to save her sister.

Maanvi goes up to Jeevika and tells her that her dreams will not die, and she WILL become a mother. Jeevika asks her as to how is this even possible, to which she keeps Jeevika’s hand on her stomach and says that she will make it possible. She says that from this moment on, the baby in her womb is Jeevika’s, and she has whole and sole right over that baby. Maanvi is smiling determinedly through teary eyes while Jeevika is shocked.

Viren tells Virat that he isn’t worried for himself but he’s worried for Jeevika. He’d promised her that he’d never let her go through any pain and now she has to live with the fact that she can never be a mother. Virat is listening and is thoughtful.

Jeevika takes off her hand from Maanvi’s stomach and asks her as to what nonsense is she saying, and whether she’s lost her marbles. Maanvi goes into a frenzy and says that she’ll handle everything, she’ll talk to Virat and convince him, and she’ll get Jeevika-Viren’s name on the birth certificate as well, and the baby will ONLY by theirs. Jeevika asks her to be quiet, and tells her that she will always have equal rights over Maanvi’s kid, and that is something that the two of them are aware of. Jeevika further adds that she doesn’t JUST want a kid, she wants her own kid. Her’s and Viren’s ansh. Maanvi finally understands, and is defeated. She begins to cry, attributing Jeevika’s past failed pregnancy to herself and accuses herself for taking away her Di-Jiju’s happiness. Jeevika tells Maanvi to never blame herself for what she did to save her She also says that she is proud of herself for being able to save her sister’s life, and that she’d never be able to be happy by taking away Maanvi’s happiness and her kids. The two sisters cry and embrace; Maanvi is defeated, and she sends a prayer to God Almighty to perform a miracle so that she is able to bring back her sister’s happiness.

Virat and Viren are in the living room when a bunch of kids come running inside. Sundar goes to ask them as to what are they doing here, to which they reply that they’re collecting donations for a friendly cricket match. Sundar behaves very rudely with them and is about to kick them out when Viren goes up to him and the kids and admonishes Sundar for his behavior. He hands over some money to the kids who are delighted and run off. He then asks Sundar to never misbehave with a child, as no amount of wealth in the world could compare with the wealth of having a child. Sundar apologises and goes off, and this sparks and understanding in Virat as well. He tells Viren that he’s realised that he was being a fool by not accepting God’s gift. He also mentions that he always wanted kids, but this was not planned so he didn’t know how to react to it. Viren is happy and asks him to always be by Maanvi’s side as this is when she needs him the most.

At night, Viren tucks Jeevika in and he is about to go off to sleep at his side when Jeevika holds his hand and he turns to find her in tears. The two embrace and cry in each other’s arms.

Swamini and Vanshika are folding baby clothes and crying to themselves together over Viren-Jeevika’s loss.

Daddu is staring at Viren-Jeevika’s wedding pics and getting teary eyed as well.

Maanvi is sitting down on the couch in her room with a teddy bear and seems visibly upset. Virat comes in and Maanvi sits up straight on the couch. He sits on the couch next to her and for the first time, extends his hand over to her stomach hesitantly. He hesitates a number of times and is clearly nervous, but Maanvi notices this and takes his hand in her own, and guides it to place it over her stomach.

The next morning at the breakfast table, Vanshika-Swamini and Daddu are wondering as to whether or not the youngsters will be there for breakfast, when Jeevika asks em as to why are they having breakfast alone. The elders are happy to see her, and she serves parathas to all. Maanvi-Virat enter and Virat very courteously pulls the chair for Maanvi before sitting down himself. Viren too comes for breakfast, and the elders are happy to note that the youngsters are taking this in their stride and moving on. Virat pours himself a glass of juice and asks Maanvi to pass him a paratha. She gets up to bring him a paratha -the dish was kept in between Viren and Daddu- when she notices an article in the newspaper which talks about something related to surrogacy. She picks it up and runs off with it, without even giving the parathas to Virat. The Vadheras are worried as to whether she has gotten her bout of morning sickness, and Jeevika gets up to check on her when Virat asks her to sit back, and goes to check on her instead.

Maanvi goes in the room and sits down on the couch with Virat’s laptop and loads it. Virat comes behind her and worriedly asks her if she’s alright, and if she wants to throw up or if she has some mood swing. She reassures him that she’s fine and she just wants to get some work done. He then goes and gets a little below and places it behind her head and asks her to relax and that he’ll send in some lime juice for her. Maanvi asks him as to what is the matter; sometimes he completely ignores her and sometimes he gets over caring. She asks him as to why is he having the mood swings when she is the one who’s pregnant. Virat is kinda hurt and says that he’ll go off for breakfast. Maanvi notices it, but is too preoccupied to go behind him and so gets back to her research. After some time, Maanvi smiles in accomplishment, and exclaims that she’s found the key to her Di’s and the family’s happiness.

Precap: Maanvi calls the entire family for a mini conference. Swamini asks her to think twice before talking and Maanvi assures her that she has done her research, and that Jeevika and Viren can opt for surrogacy if they want a child of their own. The family looks on in surprise and astonishment, while Virat asks her as to how can she think of Viren being with some other woman.

Update Credit to: BalamPichkari

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