Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 19th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 19th January 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 19th January 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with SB walking impatiently in her room and thinking about what Jeevika said outside the dhaba and what she overheard outside Virika ’s room. Vanshika comes with lime for her. SB shares her tension with Vanshika. She tries to pacify her.

Pinky Chachi is happy that the house is all ready to welcome the guests. She’s not happy with Dabbu’s attire and asks him to change it. She asks him to wear Shervani . Though Beeji interrupts Chachi insists saying Dabbu should like a millionaire. She admires Dabbu in his dress.

All are pulling each others about what they did after having Bhaang and all are having a fun time. When Shlok tells about what Jeevika said about murdering Karan all get upset and asks Shlok to leave for stdies. In SB’s room Vanshika tells her that in today’s newspaper it is given that Jaiswal got life time punishment for Karan’s murder. So she shouldn’t doubt on anyone else. SB looks at newspaper and starts thinking.

Pinky Chachi welcomes girl’s family. The girl asks Dabbu about him eloping with Sweety. Though Chachi and Chachu denies the girl’s family is not ready to accept it. They don’t agree to Dabbu’s rishtha and leave. Outside Sweety is worried. The girl tells Sweety that she broke the relationship and Sweety is happy about the success of her plan.

Viren gets a call about Jaiswal’s punishment. Virika is happy for SB that her son’s murderer got punishment. When Jeevika finds out that SB is not home she gets tensed. But Viren pacifies her saying SB might have gone to jail.

SB is waiting outside to meet Jaiswal. She was thinking about what Virika said on the previous day. She asks Jaiswal why he killed Karan. Jaiswal replies that he loved Karan and Karan was like a son for him and he was ready to transfer all his properties to Karan. He adds that he dint even know that Karan was SB’s son and he just knew that Karan was an orphan like him. When SB asks who killed her son he replies it’s Jeevika Vadhera and Viren saved her from the case because he loves her so much. He says that the sisters will spoil their family. He says that no one is sad about Karan’s death and they are happy about Jeevika returning home. He adds that Vadhera’s will never tell the truth to her. SB leaves for home. She keeps thinking about what Jaiswal said. She’s sad though she considered Viren as her son he cheated her.

Viren tries to call SB. But she disconnects the call leaving Viren upset. Manvi takes Viren to see the pictures of picnic. All are having fun seeing the pictures. SB enters when Manvi shows the photo of Viren missing Jeevika’s catch. Everyone comments about Virika’s love and SB’s upset hearing that. Though Viren asks where she went SB do not reply to him. She makes an excuse of having head ache and leaves from there.

SB is looking at the mirror and thinks about how her family cheated her. She’s not ready to believe all what Jaiswal said. Her mind tells her that only you are sad about Karan’s death and all others are celebrating. After Jeevika and Manvi came to the house nobody understands her. Jeevika comes with tea for SB. She scolds Jeevika and asks her to leave. Jeevika is upset about what happened. She goes to Viren and tells that they should tell SB about Karan’s truth. Though Viren doesn’t agree to it and tries to stop her she doesn’t listen to him. But Viren makes her understand that if SB comes to know about it she would be shattered.

In kitchen Jeevika shares to Manvi about SB. She says that SB ‘s still upset about what happened. But Manvi pacifies her saying everything is fine and SB had lots of fun at the picnic. She organized Lohri celebrations for her. Manvi adds that now hers and SB’s bond is quite good and she is happy about it. Manvi made halwa for SB. When Jeevika approves of it they take it to SB’s room. Manvi asks her to have it and praise her a little. By mistake Manvi breaks Karan’s photo frame. SB gets hurt when she tries to take the photo. When Manvi apologizes and goes to bring first aid SB stops her saying there is no need to apply medicine after giving a wound. When Jeevika interrupts SB asks why she murdered Karan. Though Jeevika denies SB says that Jaiswal was trapped and she wants to know why Jeevika did that. She says when Karan came to their home from that time onwards Manvi always tried to insult him. She asks whether it was because Dadaji was going to give property to Karan they murdered Karan. Though Manvi tries to say the truth Jeevika stops her. But when SB starts insulting her parents for their culture Jeevika cant stand it and she reveals the truth to SB. She says that Karan tried to murder Manvi and molest her on that day. He came to this home just to destroy the Vadhera family as per Jaiswal’s instructions. SB cant believe the truth. Viren enters SB’s room. SB is shocked to hear everything and has a heart attack. She collapses onto the floor.

Episode ends.


Update Credit to: DesiTVBox

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