Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 19th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 19th February 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 19th February 2013 Written Update

Jeevika tells manvi that she’ll do everything for their divorce. And after this manvi ‘ll get all the freedom. The lawyer ‘ll come with their divorce papers. On the other side Viren tells virat that before going back to chandigarh he’ll make sure that he’ll get divorce. Jeevika says beeji is calling her and leaves. Viren tells virat that divorce ‘ll surely happen and ask him to call all his friends and they’ll party after that. Manvi is upset. She tried to solve the problems between virika and ended sacrificing their relationship.virat says he’ll die, but ‘ll stop the divorce. He decide to stop the lawyer and starts to think.

Dabbu comes and calls madan chachu. Chachu is standing at a corner.

Manvi goes to jeevika

‘s room. Jeevika is doing something with jewelleries. Manvi asks what is she doing. Jeevika replies that she’s separating all her jewels so that she can return everything when virat goes back to chandigarh. So she’s making her job easier. Manvi is shocked to hear that. And asks what is she doing. Jeevika asks her why does she need the jewellery when she had decided to take divorce from virat. Manvi says she doesn’t want divorce. Jeevika asks what happened all of a sudden. Manvi tries to explain, but jeevika interrupts and says virat doesn’t love her so why doesn’t she want divorce now. She can’t go in front of virat and plead before him. Jeevika says once she does commitment, she ‘ll make sure the divorce happens. Manvi tries to reply, but beeji comes there and complains that manvi dint even tie her hair. Manvi says she wants to talk to jeevika, but beeji asks her to go get ready first.

All are in the hall. Pandit asks chachi to tie dabbu’s turban. After that chachi does his arti. Chachù says he looks like a prince. Chachi says no evil befall him. Viren brings garland of money for dabbu and wear it on him. Jeevika says her brother is looking really handsome. And manvi teases him saying like jasmine flower. Chachi asks her not to make fun of him atleast today as it’s a special day for him. Inder chachù comes there and asks madan chachù to leave as they are getting late.

Chowdhary family enter the marriage hall. All greet them. Dabbu sits in the mandap. All are watching him happily. Virat asks manvi whether she talked to jeevika. She replies that jeevika is not ready to listen. They decide to talk to viren. Jeevika is busy in the mandap. And viren is on phone. Seizing the opportunity virman decides to talk to viren about stopping the divorce. But they hear viren asking the lawyer to bring the divorce papers and get upset. One kid from manvi’s kids gang come and take manvi with him saying he wants to talk to her. Manvi leaves unwillingly. Virat goes and talks to viren. He says he doesn’t want the divorce. Viren replies that he knows his brother is a little light hearted. But at times they have to take decisions like that. And he says after divorce he’ll have all the freedom. And that lawyer ‘ll come soon with the divorce papers.

Pandit asks to bring the bride. Sweety comes in her bridal dress all decked with jewels and sits in the mandap. Virat says now they ‘ve to act fast
as it’s almost 7. Virat suggests to talk to some elders at home. Beeji comes toward them and virman decides to talk to her. Beeji comes and thanks them as everything is fine between virika now. She prays to god all her kids be happy always. Seeing manvi upset she asks whether there is any problems. Manvi is about to say but then pandit calls all family members for the pheras as it’s time. Virman is sad and doesn’t know what to do. The function begin.

manvi tells virat that they should stop the lawyer before entering the mandap. Virat asks how ‘ll they identify the lawyer. Manvi replies that all come in wedding costumes with gifts. But since lawyer doesn’t have invitation he’ll come in his formal dress with divorce papers. Virat compliments manvi’s brains. But he says viren is waiting at the door. Manvi calls one of her kid friend and tells something in his ears.

Viren is at the door. The kid goes to him and tells him that jeevika is calling him. So he leave to the mandap. Virman happily goes near the door and start to wait for the lawyer. They greet all the guests. Finally they find a man dressed in suit. he says he wants to meet viren. Virman takes him outside. And manvi tells him that viren had to leave to delhi urgently as he got a meeting with the chief guest. The guy tries to protest saying viren called him there. But manvi tells him that viren had left this message for him. She asks him to leave and as food got over they cant give him food. The man leaves. Virman goes back happily on the success of their plan. But when they enter the hall, they find virika with a lawyer with divorce paper in his hands. Virman is shocked to see that.

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