Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 18th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 18th February 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 18th February 2013 Written Update

Jeevika goes angrily to manvi. Manvi asks her what happened. She replies that it’s all because of viren. Manvi asks her what happened as a little while before they were romancing with each other. Jeevika tells her that her decision about divorce was perfect. and she doesn’t know what these brothers think of themselves. She’ll do whatever it takes for their divorce. Manvi tries to protest. But jeevika doesn’t listen. Go the other room viren tells virat that his decision about divorce was right. And he’ll support him in that. He says how did he live with manvi for all this while. She’s not at all like her sister. The sisters come there and manvi asks virat what’s going on. Viren replies that there’s nothing to talk and they ‘ll stick

on to divorce. For the first time in the history of vadhera’s they ‘ll give divorce. On hearing that jeevika replies that manvi ‘ll leave virat and not virat. Jeevika tells her that they decided everything and leave from there with manvi.

Jeevika asks manvi to sleep and after dabbu’s wedding she’ll tell everything to everyone at family. She asks her not to worry and asks her to sleep fast. As tomorrow morning ‘ll be a new beginning for her. Manvi is upset. jeevika lies down looks at her and smile.

In the morning, manvi and virat are at court. Judge asks them whether they want divorce. Virika comes there and says that they need divorce. Judge asks for reason and jeevika replies that there are a number of reasons. She says virat always disturbs manvi. Viren says manvi never shuts her mouth and bugs virat. Jeevika says virat always sleep and never do anY works. Judge asks them to take the papers and sign it. Viren asks virat to sign it fast. Jeevika tells manvi her freedom is waiting forger and asks her to sign it. Suddenly manvi wakes up from her dream. She decides to do something for her life.

Virat knocks the door. Manvi asks him what he was doing here all night. Virika are hiding behind the curtains and watching them. Pinky chachi comes there and takes manvi with her saying there are lots of works pending. Viren takes virat with him to buy some stuffs beeji asked. And they leave. Jeevika smiles looking at them.

Dabbu asks manvi whether he should wear red or pink turban. As sweety likes pink and he likes red. Viren and virat comes there. Manvi asks dabbu to go and ask viren about the turban. Manvi goes near virat and tries to talk with him. Beeji and madan chachu arrives. Virat goes to beeji and tells her that jeevika needs her some jewellery but she’s shy to ask her. So he asks beeji to go ask her. Beeji goes to jeevika and asks what she needs. Seizing the opportunity manvi and virat enters a room.

Manvi hugs virat and tells him that he’s her only husband and she can’t live without him. Virat replies that even he doesn’t ‘ve hundred wives. But then suddenly virika comes there. Jeevika asks manvi what’s she doing with virat alone in the room. She tells her that people will try to talk her out of her decision, but she should stick onto her decision of divorce. Viren says the same to virat. Though virman tries to protest, virika is not ready to listen. Jeevika says she’s her sister and she knows what ‘s best for her. And she leaves with manvi.

manvi and jeevika is helping beeji with the arrangements. Virat and viren comes there. Viren tells virat that he had talked to a famous divorce lawyer in chandigarh and he’ll take care of everything.

Jeevika takes manvi to a room and shows her photos of many marriage material boys. She says these are guys photos. For her second marriage. She shows a guy’s photo and says he has construction business. She says there are many more photos and she’ll give her a4 size photo and biodata by tomorrow. Manvi is all confused. And don’t know what to reply. On Seeing that jeevika says that all girls react this way seeing their would be husband’s photo.

In the other room, viren shows virat photos of some girls and asks him to choose from that. Virat asks him what he should do with that. Viren replies that he doesn’t want his brother to roam about like devdas after divorce and says that it’s for his second marriage. He says girls are really beautiful and not from small town. Virat tries to protest. But then madan chachu comes there and asks them what are they looking at. On Seeing the photos he asks whether virat feels like marrying again since it’s dabbu’s wedding occasion. Viren and virat laugh to cover it up.

In the room, virika is discussing about virman. Jeevika feels bad for virman. Viren says let them understand that they shouldn’t treat serious issues like divorce as a joke. Viren feels bad that due to their plan they ‘ve to stay away from each other. Viren hugs jeevika and try to romance with her. But chachi calls jeevika and she has to leave.

Manvi is getting ready in her room. Virat comes there and says she looks very pretty. But one thing is missing. He wears vermillion on her forehead. He says that he’ll be her husband for her entire life. And he’ll sort the entire mess today itself and ‘ll tell everything to bhai and jeeju. But then jeevika calls her and she leaves from there.

Jeevika takes manvi and aside and tells her that she found a very good divorce lawyer for her from chandigarh and he’ll come there today evening at 7. And they ‘ll go meet him. On the other side Viren tells virat that he had found a good lawyer for him also. Though virat tries to protest but he doesn’t listen.

Precap: manvi tells jeevika that she wants to be with virat and she doesn’t want this divorce. But jeevika doesn’t listen to her. She asks her why did she change her mind. She says she’ll be with her. And once she do a commitment, then she’ll surely complete it. Manvi is upset and wonders what to do.

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