Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 17th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 17th January 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 17th January 2013 Written Update

Episode starts at the picnic place near the swimming pool where Liza pushes Dadaji to the swimming pool by mistake. All the vadhera family members are hiding behind the bushes and are watching it. Dadaji screams asking someone to help him. Liza throws her duppatta to him and ask him to get hold of it and save himself. Without knowing it was her duppatta dadaji gets hold of it. When he sees it s her duppatta he leaves it asking her to leave. He shouts asking for help.

Dadaji is having a bad cold. He s all covered in a shawl and wonders who played this prank. Virika and Virman are laughing thinking about the whole situation. Inder Chachu arrives. They ask about Kadambari chichi and he says she has a sprain. He had applied medicines and she ‘s taking rest. They tease IC about him calling KC ‘Kaddu’. Manvi apologises to chachu for all what she had said. Chachu says it is k. They wonder who wrote that letter. But they are happy that they had lots of fun. They ask Virika why they were there. They reply that they also had the misunderstanding that the letter was for them and escapes. Viren says he’ s sleepy and all others leave. He gets hold of Jeevika. They admire the beauty of moon. They share a romantic moment together.

Manvi shouts asking for help. Jeevika hears that and they go to Virman’s room. There ‘s a cockroach on the floor. Virat is on the other bed and he’s also shouting for help. Virika arrives. Viren teases them about being afraid of the cockroach. Chachu and Vanshika also arrives. Viren gets hold of the cockroach. He scares Manvi with it. Manvi complains that her husband cant even save her from a cockroach. Virat replies that he can save her from anything but not from a cockroach. Swamini Bua arrives there. She says she has planned a surprise for anything. She takes everyone out.
All are happy seeing the preparation of lohri. SB tells Manvi that as it is first lohri after marriage she has done all this for her. She’s really happy with it. Virat says he also have a surprise for her. He gifts Manvi a ring. They hug each other.

Dadaji is pretty serious and asks everyone who wrote the love letter. All look at each other. Finally Viren confesses that it s him who wrote it to Jeevika. He says he doesn’t know how others got it. Everyone teases them. Dadaji also start laughing. SB asks what happened and Dadaji narrates the whole story to her. And she starts to laugh. Jeevika says too Viren that the purpose of their picnic is now complete as SB is happy.

Liza arrives. She brings a gift for Dadaji. Dadaji is astonished to see her there hides behind Vanshika and SB. She asks for Dadaji. SB and Vanshika moves and Liza tries to give the gift to him. Dadaji asks her to leave saying nothing can happen between them. Liza says she knows that. She adds that in her next life she would like to have him and a beautiful family like his. And asks him to agree to that. Finally Dadaji agrees. And she gives the gift. It’s a family photo of Vadhera family and all are happy to see it. Dadaji gifts Liza a rose in return. When she’s going to leave Viren tells her about Lohri and invites her for the same. They light the fire and everyone goes around it. IC brings KC there. He warns her asking her not to dance and leave to dance. A lohri song is played and all are dancing. (Please watch the video. It s an awesome performance .)

Jeevika is on top of an ambulance. She’s all drunk. With a glass of bhaang( a punjabi drink) in her hand. She’s shouting from there that If Virenji doesnt agree that she loves him more she wouldnt get down from there. And she ‘ll jump.

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