Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 16th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 16th January 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 16th January 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Dadaji asking for the verdict, SB praises the food, boys are happy, Maanvi says that from here on boys are equal to girls, to which Virat tells that cooking is in their blood … Dadaji asks how is the okra as he cut them.. SB praises it as innovative, the boys taste the food to see if it really is good and are surprised with the delicious food… Dadaji tells that Men are always behind women as women work so hard all their life without any complaints.. SB says it’s not about cooking it is about the feelings and emotions and love which the men showed today and the ladies give a standing ovation to the men ..and they all sit together for dinner

Viren gives a note to Jeevika on a paper napkin, where he writes her to come to the pool side. before Jeevika reads the note, SB asks for some dish and the paper slips from her hand, Viren excuses himself, Jeevika excuses herself saying that Viren forgot his phone..Bua thanks Dadaji for the lavish spread. V-mom, SB excuse themselves,..KC gets hold of the note written by Viren and is surprised, she passes the note to IC along with a roti .IC reads it and leaves the note below a bowl..and excuses himself, and so does KC follows him..

Virat asks Maanvi to pass the bowl, Maanvi gets hold of the note under the bowl, she reads it and is confused, Virat says that he did all this only for her (he was talking about cooking) Maanvi shoves the note in his hands and excuses herself to go and drink water.. Virat reads it and has a naughty smirk and thinks that the food might be really good …he too excuses for water..dadaji is confused.. Shlok is done with the dinner and he leaves as well.. Dadaji throws the same paper napkin note, which lands near Lizz, she thinks Vijay is naughty and decides to meet him ..

@Hirishikesh, the family is having dinner, some kids come and tell that there are lot of people are coming towards choudharies [email protected] – Viren is near the swimming picnic.. @Hrishikesh..a lot of families come to ask daboo to marry their daughter… Beeji says that daboo has 2-3 years before he gets married..but pinky chachi is happy hearing this..

The room service guy tells Dadaji about Lizz who is searching for him..Dadaji curses her under his breath and decides not to go to his room..as Lizz is somewhere near his room.. Maanvi is thinking if Virat wanted to surprise her and says aloud “Virat I love you ” and was running when she bumps into dadaji, who tells her to sit with him and talk ..Maanvi is eager to go, she is looking around for excuses, Dadaji is looking around to make sure Lizz isn’t around…Viren is waiting for Jeevika, Jeevika comes there.. Viren and Jeevika having a little romantic moment, just then KC comes there humming a song, ViriKa hide near the pool.. KC calls “Indu ..Indu …” and wonders where he is after giving her the note.. Viren understands the confusion …

Dadaji is narrating incidents of some 50 years back to Maanvi who is sulking and thinking .. she tells dadaji that shlok is hurt ..and he needs her and she wants to attend to him and he might be scared to be alone, saying so she was about to leave, and bumps into shlok who asks her who is scared of what,..Maanvi stumbles on her words.. Shloku says he wants a partner to play ludo.. Dadaji says he will play.. Maanvi says I am going and she runs off..

@poolside – KC wraps a shawl on her head like a dulhan.. Virika wonder who is coming next and think it to be IC..but they are shocked to see Virat there..Virat holds chachi’s arms from behind and tells “darling show me your beautiful face” Virika control their screams .. Virat turns KC around and both of them scream in unison.. they ask each other what they are doing here and tell he came for Maanvi and KC came for IC.. they hear someone coming and they both (Virat and KC) go and hide near ViriKa they all face each other and scream…Viren and Virat have a cute little argument as what Virika were doing here ..

IC comes there slowly calling out “Kaaju Kaaju ..” Viren and Virat realize Kaaju is KC and tease her, KC wants to go to IC, Viren stops her to see what chachu will do next ..IC is still calling for Kaaju ..two hands wrap around him.. he thinks it to be KC.. KC, ViriKa and Virat is shocked..Virat asks whose hands are those..all are shocked on seeing Maanvi behind IC…wrapping her arms around him..

Maanvi asks him(IC) “Virat why did u wear this monkey cap as you are cute monkey without the cap” and pulls his cheeks… Maanvi says that she knew why he called her there.. she asks if he wants to give her Lori gift.. Virat mutters that it is chachu and he is here .. she tells that she would give him(Virat for her…ok IC for us) a pyari is huggy and kissy ..and turns him around…her eyes still closed ..and tells “I love you Virat” and was about to kiss him..Virat runs superfast and hugs Maanvi .. Maanvi opens her eyes and asks if you are here.. who is the one in monkey cap.. and looks at chachu and screams and asks what are they all doing here.. Viren tells it’s a night of confusion and coincidences .. they hear footsteps, and see dadaji walking towards them, all 6 of them hide..

Dadaji is on the edge of the pool and wonder how to get freedom from this English woman, Lizz ..he is annoyed totally ..Dadaji relaxes on a pool chair.. the 6 of them wonder how dadaji is here and how will they go from here..Lizz aunty comes and places her hands on dadaji’s eyes.. Dadaji stammers and asks what is she doing here.. Lizz tells that he himself called her.. and shows him the note.. VirMan and KC-IC argue over the letter.. Lizz tells that he has given the note to her and she also confesses that she can’t live without him and says I love you to dadaji, who is stepping behind closer to the pool..Lizz tells that she wants to marry him ..dadaji keeps on walking behind and slips into the pool..all three couples stand there in shock with ViriKa closing their eyes, IC-KC shutting their mouth and VirMan closing their ears – like the Gandhi’s three wise monkeys

Precap: all vadheras dancing around the Lori fire, with the Lori song from Veer Zaara

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