Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 15th January 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 15th January 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 15th January 2013 Written Update

Episode starts at the picnic place where the vadhera ladies are playing snake and ladder. Vadhera guys join hands and leave to the cooking place. Jeevika looks questioningly at them leaving. Guys are busy cooking. Viren is doing the dishes. Virat is crying cutting onions and scream chachu. IC asks him not to disturb him. Shlok complains that he got pulled between the war of ladies and guys. He says he‘ll ask Manvi di to free him from the punishment. Virat retorts that it s the punishment for guys and asks him to do his work. Ladies are enjoying seeing men struggle. Viren doesn’t know how to cut paneer. Viren in between asks help to jeevika. And she after making sure that nobody is noticing explains to him through actions. When she feels all are busy she tries to leave from there making an excuse that she s thirsty. But Manvi stops her saying that at least for today not to be with them and not with her husband. And she doesn’t allow her to leave. Jeevika complains that because of Manvi even Dadaji is made to do work. But Manvi retorts that let guys also understand how difficult it s to cook. Hearing Inder Chachu making noise Dadaji comments that he’s making dough and not doing any fight. IC asks him to see the way he‘s cutting ladies finger. Dadaji replies that he was judge of high court and not any cook. IC replies that he‘s also a lawyer and not a cook. Shlok asks them to concentrate on cooking and stop talking. Everyone says that their work is almost done .They had cut onions, tomatoes, ladies finger, paneer and made dough. But they don’t know what to do next. Finally virat says he’ll go ask manvi for the recipe. He comes to Manvi and start asking help. But she replies that they never asked help in playing cricket. Then why do they ask help. And she says that she won’t help him. Virat asks her not to show attitude as if she‘s master chef.He comments that she doesn’t even know to make tea. Manvi reminds him about the tea she had made for him at hrishikesh and asks him to leave. SB also asks him to leave. Jeevika says that manvi should have given them the recipe otherwise they won’t have food to eat. Manvi replies that let the guys suffer in kitchen today and if the food is bad they‘ll order food from hotel. Dadaji complains about the work he’s doing. Then the foreigner lady comes there. Dadaji is shocked to see her. He calls all guys there. She says she likes him and will do anything for him. Virat ceases the opportunity and asks Liza to help them. He keeps an offer that if she helps them then Dadaji ‘ll go with her. Dadaji doesn’t accept the offer. But all convince dadaji. But liza doesn’t know to cook Indian food and dadaji asks her to leave. IC says that only he can help them out.

Ladies are talking about the Lohri function. KC says that it s Manvi s first lohri. So they should celebrate. But Manvi replies that SB’s mood is not good. So they should not be celebrating. On Hearing this Jeevika replies that her mannu had grown up. Manvi smiles on hearing that. IC tries to call KC. Chachi makes an excuse that she wants to talk to her dad and goes to the guys and throws them the recipe. All guys appreciate Chachu for having a wife like chachi. But the ladies play a prank and the recipe is torn into pieces and the guys can’t make out what’s written. Chachi says sorry and leaves.

Guys start discussing. Dadaji gives a few suggestions. But Shlok comments that all these are not going to work. Finally Viren says that these days all recipe s are available in internet and they should check that. All are happy hearing his idea. They finally get the recipe and start cooking. Jeevika is sad seeing the guys being made to do work. She complains that because of Manvi they are made to suffer. Jeevika tries to help Viren hiding from others. She explains to him how to roll the dough. Jeevika sees other guys looking at her and tries to hide. Viren shouts asking her to take care. Guys look around but they don’t find Jeevika. Jeevika again explains to Viren how to do it. Viren hurts his hand and Jeevika is tensed to see that. She gives him a flying kiss. She share a romantic moment.

All ladies are waiting at the dining table. Manvi says that to be on the safe side she has noted down the contact numbers of a few restaurants. Virat asks her to first have the food. Manvi asks them to serve. Guys serve food to the ladies. Vanshika says that rotis are round and asks who made it. Jeevika instantly replies ‘Virenji’. All look at her. She says Virenji must ve made it. SB comments that the food smells good. Manvi replies that food should also taste good. Virat asks them to have it. Ladies are having food. Dadaji asks for their judgment. Episode ends with ladies looking at the guys.

Precap: At the picnic place Manvi mistakes Inder Chachu to be Virat and says that she knows he wants a hug from her. She says I love you Virat. All family members are looking shocked at them from behind and the shows actions to Manvi not do anything. But her eyes are closed and she doesn’t see them.

Update Credit to: DesiTVBox

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