Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 14th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 14th February 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 14th February 2013 Written Update

Manvi thanks virat as he saw jeevika coming. Otherwise their plan would ‘ve become a big flop. Virat says he saved them for today. But next time the same may not happen. Manvi says before that they ‘ve to solve all the problems. Today is sangeet and tomorrow is marriage. After that viren ‘ll leave to chandigarh and they ‘ve do everything before that.

Dabbu and beeji comes to virman’s room and asks why are they fighting. But then seeing virman beeji understands that they are just acting. But beeji says it’s not good to see a married couple fighting in this occasion. Manvi says beeji is a genius and says she has a sam. She shares her plan with everyone and all are happy with it. Dabbu assures that he’ll do his role well. Virat

says they ‘ll dance a lot and solve the problems too.

Jeevika and viren are getting ready in their room. Dabbu goes to virika in a sad mood. Jeevika asks him why he has not changed. He replies that he doesn’t want to marry as it’s the end of love. And it’s destruction. But jeevika explains to him that marriage is a sacred relationship. But dabbu says there’s only problems in married life. He says virman are fighting and they think that noone knows about that. He asks whether they don’t ‘ve problems. Virika is quiet hearing that. Dabbu says that their couple is the best couple If they ‘ve problems then why should he marry.

Chachi is admiring all the arrangements. But she complains about the flowers. She asks them to decorate with rose flowers as it’s valentine’s day. Virika comes there admiring the decorations. But dabbu comes there angrily and says that why do people take valentine’s day so seriously. Jeevika tries to make him understand that for people who love each other it’s a very special day. But he says it’s all nonsense. Virman arrives there. And dabbu leaves angrily. Virat says there’s a surprise for everyone. Manvi tells jeevika that he hasn’t even told her. Viren asks them not to start their world war 3 again. Already dabbu is saying weird stuffs from morning. And asks them not to fight in front of dabbu anymore.

Virat is waiting for someone at the door and manvi comes there. She asks whom is he waiting for. He replies that it’s a surprise. And she leaves.

Chachi is admiring dabbu’s dress. She says no evil befall him. Manvi comes there and tells dabbu to be careful and do everything properly. He assures that everything ‘ll be fine.

Guests are arriving. Kadambari chachi and inder chachu arrives and all greet them. Pinky chachi compliments kadambari chachi.s sari and they start chatting. Beeji asks her to take guests inside and talk.

Rahul arrives in his car. He’s about to enter when he remembers about dimpy. He goes and opens the door for her. They go inside. Beeji asks them whether they are virat’s guests and greet them. Badi beeji says their jodi is awesome and asks them why they did not marry. Dimpy replies that they had swayamwar in tv. Rahul asks badi beeji whether she watches tv and asks her to vote for him.

Virat greets them and introduces them to everyone. Chachi comes there and admires rahul and dimpy. She says they are celebrity couple and says she’ll introduce them to all her friends. Dimpy gives the gift to chachi. She asks virat what’s the plan. Manvi replies that plan is solid and shares it with her.

Virman is performing on the song ‘radha on the dance floor. . ‘. And dancing dancing they end up fighting by the end of the performance. Virika is upset seeing that.

Dabbu goes to virika and repeats the same thing that marriage is total destruction and tells them about virman. Their marriage is not even one year old and they are fighting in front of friends and family. And says he doesn’t want to marry. Sweety comes there hearing that. She asks dabbu whether he has any confusions regarding the marriage. He replies that he’s just scared. Sweety tells him that they are going to be together after tomorrow and he need not be upset. She asks viren to explain to dabbu. Viren tries to cover it up by saying he was also scared before his marriage. rahul and dimpy arrives there and viren quotes their relationship as an example to dabbu. Rahul asks dimpy whether she’ll be with him. And they perform on the song ‘salame ishq . . . ‘. All are happily watching their performance. Jeevika looks at viren enjoying the performance. All applaud for them.

Dabbu tells viren that rahul and dimpy are celebrity couple and they are just normal people. And their case is different. Rahul comes there and says that they are celebrity couple, but even he feels love decreases after marriage. But viren disagrees to it. He says love becomes more strong after marriage. Dimpy says his words are nice to listen to. But asks him to prove that. Even dabbu supports dimpy. Viren gets up and goes to jeevika and extends his hand towards her.

Precap: viren and jeevika are performing on a romantic track.

Update Credit to: DesiTVBox

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