Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 12th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 12th February 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 12th February 2013 Written Update

Episode begins with Virat, Manvi and a lot of kids in the garden. One of the guys asks Virat if he would play the tug of war with him? Virat instantly agrees. Right then Jeevika enters with a small girl and gives her and a boy some directions. They begin acting. The small girl tells the boy that she too want to play the game. The guy gives an evil laugh and says that this game needs strength, which apparently girls don’t have, so therefore they can’t play.

Jeevika signals the small girl to start crying. As soon as she starts crying, Manvi gets up and says there is no game that girls can’t play. They will play and win the game as well. Next scene, the game is set up and everyone is ready to start.

Virat calls out

to Viren, and asks him to join, being the elder one, he is the caption of the boys team. Manvi discusses with her girls, and quickly shouts out to Jeevika who is declared the caption of the ladies team. The game begins with Jeevika and Viren at the front.

They pull the rope, and soon, Jeevika and Viren get close to each other, and Viren touches Jeevika’s hand too. (Zindagi mein plays in the BG) Manvi takes advantage of the situation and pulls Jeevika’s dupatta on Viren. Then all the girls pull the rope and alas Viren crosses the line, ends up falling on Jeevika. Both on the ground and their romance continues.

Meanwhile, Virat screams at Manvi for being a cheater and that he saw how she put the dupatta on Viren’s face. Manvi asks him to stop making excuses since they lost. He should admit they were a weaker team and begins shouting with all the girls. Now Virat is super mad and calls Manvi a cheater as well as besharam (shameless). Manvi feels bad, tears flows out of her eyes and she walks off.

Later on, Jeevika is crying in her room. Viren comes, and is about to comfort her, but stops his hand from touching her. He explains to her that they have teamed up, and she need not worry about VirMan, they would soon patch up. Jeevika hugs Viren. While they are hugging, we see Virat and Manvi peeping into their room from outside. They are happy to see both of them getting close, and leave smiling at each other.

At night, someone knocks at the door. Manvi opens it only to see a drunk Virat with a random girl entering the house. Jeevika too appears and asks what’s going on. Manvi says she can’t take it anymore and today Virat has crossed all the limits by coming home in a drunk state. Jeevika asks Virat to control himself and moves him away from the girl.

Viren too comes there and asks Virat to behave himself, and cannot believe Virat was actually drunk. Virat responds saying that for a drinker, there is no day and no night, it all begins when he gets the bottle in his hands. Manvi is disgusted and says she wants the divorce right away.

Viren thanks the girl for dropping Virat home, and requests her to leave. She says she has her own car, but would prefer him (Viren) dropping her home. Jeevika looks at the girl in anger, and says Viren would not go drop her, and she can go back alone. The girl leaves while Virat tells her “hum gain raahi pyaar ke, phir milenge chalte chalte”

He then follows Manvi into her room, and bangs the door for her to open, suddenly, the doors open and Virat pops inside, leaving Viren and Jeevika confused. They leave for their room.

Virat is all excited and asks Manvi about how awesome his acting was. Manvi in return, throws pillows at him and hits him. She asks him what was the need of bringing that girl? Virat says it was all to make his acting look real. Manvi says that if he needed supporting cast, he could have used a guy and not a girl! That even a pretty one! Virat holds her and tells her that in his eyes, there is only one beautiful girl in the entire world, and that is Manvi Singh Vadhera Manvi gets shy as Virat leans closer to kiss her, she pushes him off and says that they have to continue their acting!

Back in VirIka’s room, Jeevika is expressing her tension about the next day’s Haldi function and if Virat and Manvi would create a scene there. Viren asks her to switch off her fikr meter and switch on her sleeping meter for now. Both look at each other lovingly. Viren goes to sleep and leans too much towards the end of the bed. Jeevika asks him why, and what if he would fall down in the middle of the night? He agrees and moves back inside. They sleep close to each other with smiles on their faces!

Next day, the Haldi ceremony is on. Viren and Jeevika are asked to bring the big haldi bowl, and while doing so, Viren hold Jeevika’s hand by mistake. VirMan and Beeji are happy to see their bonding. Beeji then asks Jeevika and Viren to apply haldi on Dabbu first. While doing so, Jeevika hugs Dabbu (her face is next to his) and Viren unknowingly puts haldi on Jeevika’s face thinking its Dabbu’s. Chachi comments on how they will be getting flashbacks of their own ceremony. At first VirIka are uncomfortable, but then both smile/blush.

When it’s VirMan’s turn to apply haldi, they whisper that they need to add another scene to their act since the cold war between Di and Jiju is not over yet. End.

Precap – VirMan and VirIka are in a room. Jeevika says that every couple has fights, even themselves (her and Viren) and why do you think she left Chandigarh and came here alone? Because… Viren and is shocked. Virat says that he always knew that they had a fight! Manvi too says that if the best couple can have a fight, then why can’t they? And besides they have already made up their mind on the divorce. Both leave and VirIka look at each other awkwardly.

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