Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 11th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 11th January 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 11th January 2013 Written Update

Episode begins from where it ended yesterday at the picnic place.
Foreigner lady asks dadaji whether he’s married. Everybody is stunned
hearing that. Dadaji is shell shocked and says he’s a widower. She
introduces herself to dadaji and asks his name. He ‘s not able to
answer and shlok replies that his name is vijay singh vadhera. She
replies that he’s just as hot as amitabh bachan. Everybody laughs.
Dadaji is shocked and asks everyone to leave. And he too leaves from
there. The foreigner lady looks at them leaving.

dabbu s searching for his lottery ticket in the waste bins . There is
a lot of waste and he wonders how to find his 25 lac lottery ticket.
Finally he sees a goat trying to eat it along with some leaves. He
requests goat to leave his lottery ticket and finally snatches it from
it’s mouth and shouts in excitement.

@picnic place:
foreigner lady goes to an astrologer. The lady asks her to read her
palm. Pandit says she’s from london and is a fashion designer. Lady is
excited to hear all this. He also says her prince charming lives in
india. And she ‘ll meet her love of her life in india. Lady is really
happy. She thanks him . Pays him and leaves.

@ hrishikesh
Dabbu won the lottery and everyone there are celebrating. He’s coming
with madan chachu in a riksha all dressed up in suit , hat and shades.
Entire hrishikesh is celebrating. The girl whom dabbu likes comes and
from a lady she comes to know that dabbu won 25 lakh lottery. She’s
shocked to hear that and thinks about something.

Beeji s house
dabbu enters with madan chachu and all are happy to see him. He comes
inside and starting singing a song and start dancing. Badi beeji asks
why he dint bring golden earrings and necklace for him. dabbu replies
that for 25 lakhs he can bring a new groom for her. Badi beeji s
stares at dabbu. Pinky chachi comes in and does his aarti. A man comes
and delivers sofa to pinky chachi. She ‘s so happy . Sits on sofa .
And says it’s very comfortable. She enquires whether the jeweller has
come to deliver her diamond necklace worth 3 lakh. madan chachu s
shocked to hear that. Pinky chachi asks madan chachu to show her 25
lacs as she has not seen such a huge amount in her life. She sees the
money and faints. Dabbu holds her.

At picnic place
virika looking at the sunset. Jeevika says it’s very beautiful. Viren
keeps looking and says there is nothing more beautiful than this where
the sky and water meet. They share a romantic eyelock. Virman arrives.
Manvi comes in between virika and says when her di and jeeju look at
each other. Then that’s the most beautiful scene for her. Virat
comments that she ‘s not so romantic with him. Manvi replies that it’s
the affect of company. Hearing that virat takes her in his arms and
goes from there. Seeing that viren says seeing their childishness he
feels like being a little bit naughty. They share a romantic moment.

Dadaji is sitting on a chair and having tea. The foreigner lady comes
there all dressed up in indian attire. She’s wearing a read salwar
kamiz. Dadaji is all shocked to see her. Lady asks whether she can
join him. Dadaji says he has some important work and tries to leave.
But she stops him saying here everybody comes for holiday and not to
do works . So asks him to enjoy. She asks how s she looking in her
indian attire. He just nods his head. She tells him about meeting the
astrologer and what he said about meeting her prince charming in
india. She’s all shy. There ‘s a moment of silence and then she
proposes to him. . Dadaji is shocked to hear that. He says ‘m a
grandfather. The lady also tells about her past. Dadaji still doesnt
listen to the lady. Virman arrives. And manvi supports the lady. She
says that there ‘s no age limit for love. And manvi asks dadaji to
grab his chance. Inder chachu comes and takes dadaji with him. He
tells dadaji that idea of an english mom is not a bad idea. Dadaji
stares at him.

@Hotel room
manvi is looking at her camera. virika s sitting on the stairs. Manvi
asks them to give a romantic pose and she take a pic. Then she goes to
vanshika and virat. Virat s lying on her lap. Manvi says it’s really
cute to see them and takes a snap. Shlok arrives. Then rd takes
swamini bua r pic. Shlok says it’s a really boring picnic . Kadambari
chachi comes and scolds him for talking like that to elders. But shlok
says let s all play cricket. KC asks cricket at night. ? virat
supports shlok and says yes . Why not. Let’s play cricket. And he adds
that cricket is guy’s name. Why do we ask these ladies. Manvi comes
and replies that ladies can do anything from cricket to bungee
jumping. She says she was the number one batsman of hrishikesh local
team. Virat challenges her to show her talent on the field and not in
words. Manvi opens the challenge. Guys v/s Ladies. All ladies are
shocked to hear this. And they dont support manvi. Guys say that
ladies can do anything else but cant play cricket. They leave from
there saying let’s go play. Vanshika stops them and says she ‘ll meet
them in the field. KC s shocked to hear that. Manvi is happy. vanshika
says we are not lesser than anyone. She adds that she was the captain
of women’s cricket team at college. All are excited to hear that. But
swamini bua says she ‘s not playing . All try to convince her. And
finally she agrees. Atlast shlok announces the match. Guys v/s Ladies.
Manvi comes forward and asks for the prize. Virat replies that
whatever you ask for. Ladies discusses among themselves. Finally manvi
says that If they win Vadhera guys should cook for them. All guys are
shocked to hear this. Ladies are laughing seeing this. Atlast Viren
comes and says to manvi that they accept the challenge and extends his
hand . When all ladies nods manvi go forward and shakes hand wit
viren. All vadhera ladies and men stand opposite to each other and
give challenging looks.

Manvi is in the field. She announces vadhera private league to the
viewers . All the guys and ladies are standing opposite to each other
and give challenging looks at either teams.

Update Credit to: DesiTVBox

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