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The Episode starts with Kangana sharing the matter about Karan with Rajnath. She says Raima told her to share it with him, and says she loves Karan. He is shocked and thinks how to tell her that Karan is also a rapist like Shaurya and he is playing with her feelings. She asks him not to tell anything to Sakshi. Rajnath says I will help you, but don’t meet Karan till I tell you. He thinks he won’t leave Vasu for this. Sakshi talks to Sanjukta about Shaurya and his progress. Sakshi asks her to be careful. Sanjukta says even Durga told me this, he is very egoistic and his attitude is bad, but we can use it in his favor, but not here, this is his comfort zone. Sakshi says so take him out, make him stand on his feet. Sanjukta says Shaurya won’t have any option there and he will be helpless to agree

to me, and he will mentally accept it, but you have to trust me. Sakshi says fine, you prepare for it, I will talk to him.

Shaurya breaks the mirror and says he won’t listen to Sanjukta. Sakshi says only she can make you fine, do what she says. She says just get back on your legs. She says Durga told her to beware of you. He says what, I will not leave Durga. She says if you do what you always did, she will be sureshot winner and I will regret why did I reject the proposal. Shaurya says fine, where does Sanjukta want to take me. Sakshi thinks that’s interesting, Durga will be worried to see Shaurya missing from home.

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Rajnath comes home and thinks about Vasu suggesting Raima’s death. Sakshi sees him worried and is happy that he has to choose himself or Raima. She thinks she thought she will get Raima’s death news but he is slow like always. Suchitra comes there. Sakshi asks her to come and have breakfast. Suchitra says no thanks. Sakshi says I know you are annoyed, but we don’t have any animosity, we are family, its court hearing tomorrow, if court is innocent, Dev will be free and he will come back. Suchitra says yes, then we will have breakfast together.

She gets a call and is happy knowing something. She says really, just give me a min. She goes to her room. Sakshi and Rajnath see her. Rajnath says what happened. Sakshi says no idea, how did she become happy in this tension time. Suchitra says it means Dev will be free, as Raima got conscious, thanks Durga, it’s a very good news. Sakshi hears this and is shocked. She thinks no, this can’t be. Suchitra thanks Lord. Sakshi comes to secret room and says this can’t happen, how can Raima come out of coma, how did Durga get the news before me, why am I giving money to that guard.

The doctors take Raima for the scan. The guard calls Sakshi and says congrats, Raima got conscious. He says I heard someone saying this and Raima is taken for scan, doctor went with her. She says make me talk to someone. He gives phone to doctor. She says I will like to talk to Dr. Amit. She asks is this true. He says yes, so we took her to scan, she will be out in sometime. Sakshi is shocked. Sakshi calls the nurse and asks what the hell is happening there, how can Raima come out of coma, did you not give medicines to her. The nurse says I gave her, I don’t know, if anyone knows I changed medicines, I will lose job.

Sakshi says I have your bad track record, you are there because of me. She says do as I say, Raima will be taken back to ward, kill her. The nurse is shocked. Sakshi says you have to kill her, Raima has to die. Sakshi thinks she has to stop this news from reaching Rajnath. Sanjukta tells Shaurya that he can’t take this much luggage. He says he will take. She says please stop it and who are they. He says they are my personal staff to work in rehab centre. She says no one will come with you. Sakshi comes to them. Rajnath talks to someone on phone and asks him to control the damage, as they have to hide the news before they link Dev’s attack to rape case.

Sakshi asks him to see Shaurya and leave about Dev. He says he has work. She says see Shaurya, handle him and drop him to physio centre. Rajnath asks why many bags. Sakshi says Sanjukta will not give phone to Rajnath till he checks in rehab centre. The landline phone rings and Sakshi stops Rajnath saying no more phone calls. Rajnath says wait a min and takes it. He says its legal head call. The man says I made legal notice, it will reach Dayal soon. Rajnath says no, there is change in plan, give a press statement, that we will accept the court statement. He says then we won’t be able to file case again. Rajnath says I know what I m doing, just do as I tell you.

The nurse sees Raima being taken to ward and thinks about Sakshi’s words. Rajnath asks Sakshi why is she sending him, even she can go. Suchitra comes and asks did they not go to Shaurya. Sakshi says Shaurya will be in rehab centre, its good you came to bless him. Suchitra says her blessings will be with Shaurya and he will be back and come back home, as she has blessed Dev and he is coming tomorrow, he will be free after Raima’s statement. Sakshi gets tensed. Rajnath asks what, Raima’s statement, she is in coma. The nurse goes to kill Raima. Suchitra says yes, don’t you know she is out of coma, Durga called me and she told me this. Rajnath gets happy. The nurse tries to kill Raima, but its Durga in her place. Rajnath asks Sakshi why did she not tell him, and controls his feelings.

He says Sakshi will be happy and we should go and see Raima. Sakshi says we will drop Shaurya. Shaurya says I want to see Raima. Rajnath says we will drop Shaurya. Sakshi thinks Suchitra failed my plan, if nurse does not kill Raima, its all over for me. Durga holds the nurse’s hand and she is shocked. Dayal comes there and opens lights. Durga looks at the nurse.

Durga talks to Sakshi. She taunts Sakshi. Rajnath asks doctor how is Raima. Durga tells about someone trying to kill Raima. Durga looks at Sakshi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  9. what is the time for repeat episode, last time it was 2 pm but since 3-4 days its not comming. This show is getting very interesting, everyone planning something.

  10. what is the time for repeat episode, last time it was 2 pm but since 3-4 days its not comming. This show is getting very interesting, everyone planning something..

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