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The Episode starts with Durga telling Dayal that she has to know about Shekhar, as Sakshi will not end his chapter soon. Dayal says I told you what I knowa bout him, I think its not enough, we have to find out more. She says yes, I will find out, as I don’t trust Sakshi, if she can bring Shekhar, don’t know what she planned. He says she is unpredictable. She gets Akash’s call and she asks him to find out when is Sakshi and Shekhar meeting and where. Akash says I m also surprised as she did not tell me about him, we can’t know this, but I will keep an eye on Shekhar, where he goes, whom he meets, I will make sure you don’t get such shocking surprise again.

Dev is doing work and bumps into Shaurya. Shaurya says sorry. Dev asks him to see the blue print. Shaurya says some other time,

I m busy. Dev clears about Durga. Shaurya says I m an emotional idiot and over react, so relax. Dev says I don’t want you to take me wrong for Durga, as we are brothers. Shaurya says yes, same blood, we are brothers. He hugs Dev. Dev smiles and says thanks. He leaves. Shaurya thinks we won’t have any revenge as you will not be alive for long. The truck driver calls Gautam and asks him to meet about Payal’s rape case, as he has such info which he won’t get in any file. He asks for Rs 25 lakhs. Gautam says I need some time. The man says I will call after 30mins. Shaurya says now he will call Dev and he will give anything for such info, as he loves those two sisters. Karan says he can give Rs 50 lakhs too.

Shaurya asks the man to call them on highway where accidents happens and smiles. Karan says its good, but why to involve Gautam. Shaurya says Gautam is Dev’s best friend and his support, he has to go with Dev, no one will doubt on us. Shaurya says kill both of them, you will get double money. Dev comes to meet Gautam and says I arranged the money. Gautam says if this man is fraud. Dev says I m ready to take chance, I don’t have any choice, I want to know this truth. He says I just want to know where is Nitya. Did he tell what info will he give. Gautam says no.

Dev says tell him I will take the money, I don’t want you to risk, this is my fight and I will fight alone. Gautam gets the call and says money is ready, someone will come. The man asks Gautam to come, else deal cancel. Gautam says fine, where to come. The man asks him to come on highway. Gautam says its 100kms away. He says if anyone sees me giving info, I can get into danger, come at night 9pm. Gautam tells this to Dev. Dev says why did they call you. Gautam says I wont let you go alone, we will go together. Dev says I just hope I get to know the truth.

Gautam and Dev reach the highway at night. The truck driver is ready to hit them and sees them arriving. He calls Shaurya and says target’s car passed now. Shaurya says then what are you watching, go and pass the target forever, Bade Bhaiya cheers. Gautam asks Dev did he not tell Nitya his feelings. Dev says I could not tell her, I feel this was the biggest mistake of my life, I don’t know she loved me or not, I was afraid I can lose our friendship. Gautam says we are finding her since many days but not getting her, we don’t know she is alive or not. Dev says no, she is alive.

Dev says one day Nitya will come to me, and I will not let her go then. Gautam says I did not see anyone loving like this, I pray that Nitya comes back to you. Dev says I live in this hope. He gets Suchitra’s call and talks to her. He says I m going for some important work. She says fine, no problem, take care, I get worried for you. He says I will be fine, I have your red protecting thread too, I will come to you soon. The truck hits him and he shouts. Suchitra is shocked and shouts Dev. Rajnath and Akash hear this and is shocked.

She says Dev met with an accident, I heard his voice, take me to him. Rajnath says don’t worry, nothing will happen to him. Akash says I will call all the police stations. Dev and Gautam are fine and asks the truck driver he is doing. He says this not accident but attack. The truck hits them again. Dev drives faster to escape. Durga keeps Shekhar’s pic on the board and says welcome in the game, you did a mistake by supporting Sakshi. Dayal brings a juice for her. She says I will have later. I want info about Shekhar now. Akash calls her and tells about Dev’s accident. Durga is shocked.

Dayal is shocked too. She asks where is he, how is he. Akash says I have no news, I will let you know. Durga cries for Dev. Gautam says it means the phone calls was fake. The truck driver says run, its good to make you run and kill. Dev says the petrol is leaking and ending now. The truck keeps hitting his car. The car stops as the tyre gets stuck in the mud pot. Shaurya bribes the inspector and says Dev is going to be killed in an accident, but it’s a cold blooded murder. Kangana calls Karan and he gets tensed. Shaurya asks inspector to change the case and make it an unfortunate death. He asks him to shut the case. Shaurya says I will get a call and good news.

Shaurya asks Karan whose call is it. Karan says not important, one of those girls, you carry on. Shaurya asks inspector to tell this to his parents too. Karan messages Kangana and thinks what to do about Shaurya. Gautam says Dev hurry up, the truck driver will come. The truck goes to hit him but falls in the valley as Dev backs his car and gets saved. Dev says why will anyone kill me.

Rajnath asks Shaurya did he do Dev’s accident, say the truth.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. oww thank god dev is ok the truck driver is dead nw uff I ws so scared but god saved him 🙂 I ws happy tht durga ws crying fr dev though she wants to take revenge from him 😐 plz understand durga dev is a honest n nice guy plz take him with u bcoz u need him 🙂

  2. Why is she after shekhar now he doesn’t even know about the rape. She’s getting carried away

  3. Rasami thanks Lord for saving Dev

    1. Dont thank god he has nothing to do with this thank the the writers at least they are not like those of yeh rishta kya……

  4. Love Durga and Dev’s jodi…***** 5 stars for u guyz

  5. today was a nice and scary episode as everyone thought for a moment that dev will die thank god that didn’t happened 🙂

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