Ek Hasina Thi 4th November 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Dev thinking about Nitya and Durga’s connection. He thinks in FB that she gave the blank paper to him, incase if anything happens to him, he will have the right to get her diary. He says why is this sign so strange, why three dots. She says one for Payal, two for my parents. He thinks about Durga’s sign, with three dots. He thinks Mathur is right, everything came out since Durga and Dayal came to Kolkata, Durga loves and worries for Payal so much, why, I also felt that there is something that connects Durga to all this. He thinks of Nitya and Durga’s similiarity. He thinks they used to say some words. He says there is something that I can’t see, so many coincidences can’t be there.

Durga talks to Bhattacharya and says Dev was wounded, he did not tell me.

He says yes, there is someone trying to harm him, but we can use this. She says you mean we can use this in media and save Dev. He says yes, Goenkas will not attack Dev again. She says I will give the news that cancer research project went to Dev and media will cook up story well. She thinks Suchitra will be worried, I have to manage her. Sakshi is shocked to see Dev being attacked in jail, when Dev got the cancer research project, and Goenkas lost it, is this attack related to his project. He says Raima Maheshwari case took a new turn.

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Shaurya and Sanjukta also watches the news. Shaurya thinks its mum and dad’s plan to kill Dev in jail. Sanjukta asks is Dev your elder brother. Shaurya says what, do you like him, he is married, do you like married men. She asks were you born with rotten mind, lets do treatment. Shaurya says twice a day, no. She says your mum is enthusiastic, lets start. Shaurya says when my mood changes, then I will call you, till then sit outside. He says I want you to sit and have drink, will you have hot water with honey, hot milk…..

Durga pacifies Suchitra as she cries seeing the news. She says its Bhattacharya’s plan to keep Dev safe, its matter of two days, Dev will be out. Suchitra asks how. Durga says she is trying her best, she has to go and meet Dayal now for work, please don’t cry and take care. Sanjukta calls Sakshi and says she wants to talk about Shaurya. Sakshi says she will come home in evening and talk. Sanjukta greets Durga. Durga asks about Shaurya’s improvement. Sanjukta says his attitude is problem, I don’t think he is interested. Durga says either he will change or you will get habitual. She says be careful, if he offers you anything to drink or eat, don’t have anything, I hope you understand. She leaves. Sanjukta looks on.

Sakshi meets Rajnath and Vasu. Vasu says one news report can spoil my campaign, media will know the setup attack, and if this reaches my home, my career will end. Sakshi says you think we leaked it, it’s a big loss for us also. Rajnath says yes, its our loss by this news leak, I will find out who did this, I called the jailer. The jailer comes to meet them. Rajnath asks him whats all this, who leaked the news. He says my and Vasu’s career will be affected, if media knows we did this, it will be bad. The jailer says Raghav is in my control, this time nothing bad will happen.

Rajnath says keep Mathur and Dev away. Vasu says I will extend Dev’s custody, this time it should be done. Rajnath says till when will we extend custody, Bhattacharya is qualified, he will get Dev out. Vasu says buy him. Rajnath says not possible, he is honest. Sakshi says then we have to do something to strong the case. Rajnath says what can we do. Vasu says we have a way, Raima’s death. Rajnath is shocked. Sakshi is glad.

Vasu says I know Raima is like family member, but she is critical, she is in coma and we can’t say will she be alive or not, I think it will be good solution, Raima will be free of her pain and Dev will be stuck in jail. Sakshi wonders what will Rajnath do now, will he save his life or his darling GF. Rajnath comes to meet Raima. The guard messages Sakshi that Mr Goenka came here. Sakshi thinks so he reached there. Rajnath thinks about Vasu’s words. He thinks they are saying if you are dead, our case will be strong, but if you die, Dev can never come out of jail.

He says he can never lose her and cries. He thinks in FB that he scolded Vasu, and Raima is alive and she will be fine, if anyone harms her, I will ruin their live. He asks Raima to come back in his life, as he is waiting for her. He kisses her forehead and says he won’t let anything happen to her. Rajnath cries holding her. Kangana thinks about Karan and comes to meet Raima. Rajnath meets her and asks is she fine. Kangana says Raima does not deserve to be in pain. Rajnath says lets pray she comes out of coma soon. Kangana thinks to share everything with Rajnath. She says dad I want to tell something. He asks what.

Durga sees Rajnath and Raima’s spy camera video. Bhattacharya calls her and says bad news, Dev’s custody can extend upto one month. She says no way, I have to free him in two days. He says it can happen only if Raima gets fine and speaks in court to prove Dev innocent. Durga says we can save him. She prays for Dev and talks to Lord. She says Goenkas are the sinners and even I m responsible for this, I m ready to be punished, Raima has to come to her senses to save Dev. She prays and asks Lord to do anything to make Raima conscious.

Suchitra gets a call and looks happy. Sakshi asks Rajnath how is Bhabhi happy. Sakshi hears Raima got conscious and Dev will be proved innocent. Sakshi is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. huh! finally a relieving precap.. dev will be free now and sakshi inside the jail… hopefully

  2. sapna manhas

    I hope dev will soon know durgas Truth ……………love u dev …… I am from ur jammu

  3. It will surely be durga’s plan to trap sakshi to kill raima…and record it…

  4. IndraJit Bhattacharya

    Hope Durga Will save Dev and the devil will punished.Love u Durga…..best wishes for you.

  5. Its good that Dev is getting some coincidence between durga and nitya.and raima who was in coma suddenly came to consciousness!.there would be some brain works from durga behind that

  6. If the writers are not going in dis good track ..then i will not watch dis serial …alwayz shakshi wins at the last min…

  7. plz dev know durga’s truth.

  8. I think its durga s game plan….good going durga…want to see sakshi hopeless..

  9. Maybe Lord listened durga’s prayer..

  10. Definitely Durga trying to push Sakshi into killing Raima ! Hope she falls for it

  11. Durga…make dev cm out f d jail

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