Ek Hasina Thi 3rd November 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Durga meeting Dev. She is shocked seeing his hand wounded. He says he was working in carpentry place and got wounded. He asks about mum. She says she is fine and sent pastries. She says she got some docs, about cancer research project shifted to Arnav’s foundation, and his mum gave the nod. She asks him to sign on NOU. He says how did um go against Rajnath and Sakshi, as she always supports him and smiles. He asks about Raima. She says she is still in coma. He signs the papers. He thinks he will get to know all truth from Mathur. He asks Durga to take care of mum. She says don’t worry, she is very strong. He goes.

Shaurya is doing exercises with Sanjukta. He feels pain and gets angry saying he does not need her help. She says fine and moves wheelchair far. She

asks him to come and sit on chair himself. She says prove me wrong. He says I will show you whats Shaurya Goenka, just watch. She records video of Shaurya kneeling towards the chair. The chair falls and he scolds her for being good for nothing. She says she did it, that he is determined to bring him to distance. He says this magic is mine, what I decide, I do, got it. She says yes, if you want to stand, push and motivate yourself. Shaurya thinks.

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Dev works in carpentry place and looks for Mathur. Few men start fighting and the police staff goes to them. Dev runs from there and goes to meet Mathur. He says I was waiting to meet you, I want to know all the truth. Mathur says he needs some answers, why did he marry Durga. Dev asks how does you know it and what is this question. Mathur says he has to know about this, he wanted to marry Nitya and married Durga, Shaurya was after Nitya and Durga, and I will tell the incomplete story and then you fill in the blanks.

Dev asks what happened after rape incident. Mathur tells about another bad story, to ruin Nitya and her family. He says Raima met Payal after the rape and took her home. He says Raima gave all info to Sakshi about Shaurya and his friends. Sakshi asked her to burn all evidence. Raima burnt Payal’s clothes. He says then Goenkas used power and money to buy all wwitnesses, Nitya was against the Goenkas and she got the video clip of the rape. Dev says Agnihotri has sold it to Rajnath and he was selling it to me, but don’t know where he disappeared. Mathur says it means Rajnath has played his game, he would be dead now. Dev is shocked.

Dev says I don’t understand, why did Payal change her statement. Mathur says it was Sakshi’s master stroke, as she offered her to marry Shaurya. This made Payal change her statement. Sakshi won and then she changed her mind. Payal’s parents committed suicide, and Payal went mad by this, Raima put Payal in mental asylum whefre she was given shocks daily so that she never gets normal again. He says she used to react hearing Shaurya, and he used to go and meet her many times to scare her. Dev cries hearing this.

Dev asks about Nitya. Mathur says Nitya challenged Goenkas being a driver’s daughter, and Saskhi gave her Supari and I hired the goons to get her killed, but before that, she met with an accident. Dev thinks Nitya is not dead, she is alive, Durga and Dayal has her. Mathur says after Nitya died, we closed all lopp ends, as public’s memory is weak, they forgot it. He says everything was going fine, till Durga and Dayal Thakur came in this city.

He says Sakshi found a puzzle in Durga and Shaurya saw a new challenge in her, a new bet and in their party, a fake journalist spoke about the rape and called Shaurya the rapist. Dev asks who was he. Mathur says a theatre actor, I felt he is doing this on someone’s saying, and many things happened pointing to rape case, and before I found out, someone played a game and sent me to jail, I was trapped and Goenkas did not support me. Dev says what you told me here, can you repeat it infront of judge and world. Mathur says I have learnt winning always, even in jail but I want to go out, if you help me in freeing, then I will repeat all this, maybe. Dev thinks and says fine Mathur, its decided now, it’s a deal. They shake hands.

Kangana meets her friend and Karan comes there. He says he used them to call her here. They leave. She says she can’t get into all this again, how can he use her friends to meet her. He says talk to me once, please. He says he does not understand her love and was afraid to commit, after she went, he was lost, the he realized why is this happening, as he loves her and life is nothing without herm but he won’t force her, I missed you baby. She says I think I need some time. He says fine, take all the time you need. She leaves. He thinks when dad wins elections, he will see Goenkas and I will not see you again, you are dump, but even hot.

Mathur and Dev come back and resume the carpentry work. Dev thinks what Mathur said looks true, whats the missing link between Nitya’s accident and Durga’s coming here, I have to find out, I know Durga and Dayal are settling scores for Nitya from Goenkas, but why, whats the connection.

Sakshi asks Vasu to make the case strong. Rahnath says what are you saying. Vasu says we can make to strong, Raima’s death. Rajnath is shocked. Sakshi enjoys Rajnath’s pain.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  8. The serial sequence is damn good. Especially Shakshi character is remarkable. She is fit for this type of character. It is becoming more and more interesting as it is progressing

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