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The Episode starts with Shaurya being in office and his friends coming to pull his leg seeing him so sobered up. Shaurya tells them he wants to do something for his parents and sends them. Karan gets Kangana’s message that she is back. Rajnath and Sakshi bring Kangana from the airport. Kangana says I don’t want to go back to US, I was thinking to be here and launch my brand. Rajnath says done, your wish is my command. Sakshi says she looks grown up, shall we find a prince charming for her. Kangana says no way, I won’t do arranged marriage, I know my likes and dislikes. Sakshi says does it mean you found someone. Kangana says no, I want to do love marriage just like you too.

Dayal and Durga have a talk on the way about engagements decorations. She says he is Neil Bhattacharya, with whom

I m getting engaged, will he come on time. He says he took a flight and is coming. She says he is a nice person, he came here as you called him once, that’s really sweet. Dayal says he is my best student, honest, straight, topper. Dayal praises him and says when he talks, it all makes sense. Durga says its good for our plan. We don’t have time to prepare him now, I don’t know he won’t have to do anything in the engagement. Dayal says I will drop you home and then I will bring medicines and come.

She sees Neil at her home taking care of all the arrangements. She thinks he is decorator. She asks him to go to venue and execute. He pulls a rope and red rose petals fall on Durga. He turns and smiles seeing her. He says see me like this, then you will be in love with me. She slips and falls on him. He holds her and says I always dreamt of this moment. Reality is better. He says I m a guest here, if I go from herem you will cry for me. He says Neil…………….. She smiles.

Dayal comes and says Neil……….. Neil greets her. Dayal says you came so soon. Neil says I just wanted to surprise you. Dayal says what a lovely surprise, and hugs him. Durga says I m really sorry Neil. For taking to you rudely. She says Dayal described something else about you. Neil flirts and sits on his knees asking will she take a chance for being her fiancé. Durga laughs. He says you are too beautiful, we will live a life in these two days. He says sorry Sir, I mean we should live each day to the fullest.

Dayal says you changed a lot. Neil says yes Sir, Bollywood came in me, the only way to connect to India was Bollywood, I saw many films there and when you called me here, I was eager to came here. Dayal says its good. He says I will show you your room, follow me. Neil says Durga, don’t miss me too much. She smiles as he leaves. Dev reads Nitya’s diary and thinks about her old moments. Kangana comes and greets him. Dev is happy seeing her. She hugs him.

Suchitra smiles. He jokes and removes his sling to hug her. She asks him to try few suits as its Durga’s engagement. He says I know you went to buy for yourself and bought for us too. She says its good to look special. She says I shopped for Shaurya too, I will go and meet him. She hugs Suchitra and leaves. Suchitra says she is so sweet, its good she came back. Dev says I was thinking how is Shaurya, as Durga is getting engaged, there is no reaction. Suchitra says he became calm, going to office and working. This is happening for good.

Durga thinks about Shaurya’s no reaction till now. Neil comes to her and thinks she was waiting for him to come and talk to him. She laughs. He says now I know what you think about me, I m an ideal husband material and you can’t let me go. He says I saw in my family, and friends, engagement and marriage is a big milestone for a woman, who starts a new life, I m sure you also had a picture pic in your mind, about the ideal man. He says then what you are doing now, it requires lots of courage, and why and what are you doing, I don’t want to know, and don’t want to interfere in your life, but I really respect you a lot.

She thanks him for coming from USA to India without asking any reason. That’s very sweet of you. He says that’s my Gurudakshina. He says maybe in two days, you will completely fall in love with me and come after me to USA, and ask me not to leave you. She laughs. He says I have many girls dying for me. She smiles.

Durga gets ready and is tensed as Shaurya did not call till now. Dayal says see the ring came. She says I just hope Shaurya comes before I get engaged to Neil. Dayal tells the importance of engagement and he is not happy and its painful for him to see the fake engagement. She asks him not to be sad. Durga tells Dayal what if Shaurya does not come.

Sakshi says maybe Shaurya won’t come. Shaurya comes there and everyone is shocked seeing him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. didn’t knw tht rajnath n sakshi’s marriage ws a love marriage 🙂 hmmm shaurya came in engagement Well nobody ws hoping it though 😐 btw 2days epi ws ok not bad either 🙂 interesting lets see wht happens nxt 😉

  2. Who is kangana??

  3. kangana is shaurya’s little sister rajnath n sakshi goenka’s one n only daughter 😎

    1. Hmmm… Neil and Durga will fall in love. I want to see Nega engaged

  4. the one that katana is going out with and kept in phoning him when sakshi came to his house to ask him about dev’s shooting

    1. yes it’s karan I hate auto correct

  5. its karan…. ryt? 😎

  6. Hes so cutee

  7. Wow its so nice to see sanjeeda and amir ali together in ek hasina thi. They were a good pair in nach baliye.i think they got married in real life also…..luv you amir and sanjeeda

  8. arman chaudhary malik

    i cant undrstnd who is going to be with durga
    who is real hero…whom will durga marry
    durga and shauraya
    durga and dev
    durga and neil
    cant understand really yar….shauraya tu villian hy phr dev aur neil
    i want neil and durga to be married

    shauraya plz engagement honay do…mat ao

    1. Durga is planning to become shaurya’s and she might do something to cause chaos

      Durga and Neil engagement is fake they wants shaury a to tell his feelings about her
      so she would get married to him and bla bla nla

      she feels guilty to tell dev the truth

  9. i love u rucha,,,,,plz marry me,,,i m just like amir ali,,,,i will try my best to give all happiness 2 u,,,,,i m best husband u will say,,,,,i really love u,,,,cutie pie,,,,,,u are amazing,,,,,we will make our son doctor and daughter pilot,,,,i am a rich dear,,,whats ur age,,,,age jitni b ho i want to marry u,,,i am 50 years old but rich

    1. Ansar r u actually 50

  10. ansar my age is 25…i want 2 marry u yar….

  11. Ansar and rucha r u guyz for real?

  12. Lila love h qhahhaah

  13. I m just joking…actually I am not of 50 guys…just teasing my sweet heart rucha…

  14. Hahaha ok ansar. So do u know rucha, I mean have u met each other in real

  15. Pls provide updates as soon as possible. I love it.. bt language is a prblm . It wld be grt if they provide subtitle in english..

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