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The Episode starts with Durga praising Dev and comparing him with Shaurya. Shaurya gets angry and Rajnath signs him no. Sakshi sees them. Durga leaves smiling and greeting everyone. Shaurya breaks the glass by his hand and everyone is shocked seeing his hand bleed. Suchitra asks the servant to get first aid kit and goes after him. She says I will apply ointment. Sakshi says you let it be, its ok. I will see, you go. Suchitra leaves. Shaurya says mum please leave me alone. Sakshi says fine, first learn to control yourself. How can you expose your weakness. Why don’t you understand you are losing out showing your emotions. Shaurya leaves.

Shekhar talks to Mike and says he is finding Durga Thakur. Shekhar asks him about Durga. Mike says she is not in touch with me. Mike says Durga has a fight

with her dad and she was feeling lonely. Shekhar asks for what. Mike says no idea. Shekhar says ask your sister and tell me whatever you find. Mike agrees. Shekhar thinks this is not special info, but its interesting. He says I have to tell this to Sakshi, after all I have to expand my business.

Dayal asks the servant to find his glasses. Durga brings tea for him and she sees his glasses on his head. He laughs and says I m absent minded professor. She says I just came, I did it. He asks what. She says I have ignited fire in Goenka family, that they will be tired of watering it. Shaurya and Rajnath bumps. Sakshi comes there. Shaurya leaves in anger. Rajnath asks what happened to him now. Sakshi asks why, don’t you know, did you not see what happened. He asks what. She says I doubt on you, you are really a fool or act to be a fool.

She says Durga came here to make Shaurya angry. Rajnath says tell me why she came. She says Durga is not the one you think and see, she is not innocent, she came in our house and ignited fire between Dev and Shaurya. He says why will she do this. She says you did not see how Durga was flirting with Dev and ignoring Shaurya. She says you can understand how will this affect him. He says what will she get doing this. She says I will find it out, very soon. He leaves.

Durga tells Dayal that she will make the brothers fight. She says Dev will propose me soon and Shaurya will not agree for this. She says Dev will be out of his family as no one will support him. Dayal says you have many ways but follow the right one. Shaurya plays pool with Karan. Karan says just forget Durga. Shaurya says no, I can’t forget her and can’t let her go to Dev, he is impressing Durga, tomorrow he can bring her as his wife and my Bhabhi, I won’t see this, I can’t lose to Dev.

He says bad news is not Durga, not Dev. He says how can Goenka car get damaged. Karan says it may happen sometimes. Shaurya says Dev planned it. Dev wants to trap Durga. Durga is praising Dev like he did a magic on her. He says mum wants to stay away from Durga and I will kill everyone who comes in between me and Durga, Dev has to die now. Karan says what. Shekhar tells Sakshi about Durga. She asks some useful info, why did she come to Kolkata. Shekhar says she had a fight with her dad. Sakshi says I don’t know, so we are hosting you here.

She asks why did they fight, on what matter. He says I don’t know, but I will find out, she was adamant. Sakshi says the Durga we know, she is very calm and in control. Raima nods yes. Sakshi says she is very close to her dad. Shekhar says then we have to find out why they had a fight. Raima says how can these different personalities be in one person, it looks like we are talking about two Durga. Sakshi says we have one way to find out. Raima smiles.

Raima calls Durga and invites her for dinner at her home. She asks her to bring Dayal too. Durga says that’s sweet of you. Raima says you have to come, I can postpone it for you, I won’t hear a no, I will talk to Dayal and personally invite him. Durga says no, we will come. Raima says good, see you tonight. Sakshi says so she is coming. Raima says yes. Sakshi says very good Raima. Lets see who is real Durga. Durga says why is Raima inviting me and dad, with Goenkas and this way.

She says there has to be some reason for this. She calls Akash. He says I just came home. Durga tells him about Raima’s dinner invitation. He says what. She says yes, I don’t understand, why did she invite me. I have a strange feeling, find it out, what is the reason behind this. He says fine, don’t worry. I will find out and tell you. Durga thinks its Sakshi’s game, but why.

Durga tells Dayal that Sakshi’s smile makes her sense danger. Dayal asks her to be careful. Rajnath takes Dayal and Durga is left alone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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