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The Episode starts with Dev and Durga coming to Thakur house. The power is not there. Dev says he will check fuse and sees the wire broken. He connects it and opens the lights. Durga is shocked seeing Dayal wounded and shot. Dev comes and calls out Dr Thakur. Durga cries aloud shouting Baba. Durga and Dev bring Dayal to hospital. They say nothing will happen to him. Durga cries and asks doctor to save Dayal. Dev pacifies her. Dayal’s operation is done. Durga asks the nurse how is Dayal. She says he has 6 bullets. Durga and Dev are shocked. She cries. Dev says nothing will happen to him. He gets a call from Suchitra. She asks when is he coming home. Dev says you come to hospital. She gets worried and asks is he fine, what happened. Durga asks doctor how is Dayal, is he fine. He says no, he is

not fine, he is very critical, please meet him once, I m sorry. Durga recalls how Dayal has saved her and gave her a new life and his daughter’s face.

She goes to Dayal and holds his hand crying, recalling how he has put confidence and strength in her. He gave her new name Durga Thakur. Dayal opens his eyes. She says you will get fine soon. She sees his pulse dropping and asks him to get fine. Dayal smiles and asks her not to cry. She says we will go far from everyone, I promise, get fine please. She says she will go with Dev, Payal and him. Dev comes and says nothing will happen to Dayal. Dayal says he is fine. Dayal says Dev…. Durga says yes, tell me, what Dev… Dayal drops his head and is dead. Dev and Durga are shocked. Durga shouts Baba and cries. Suchitra comes and is shocked too. She hugs Durga. Durga breaks down.

Rajnath and Sakshi see this breaking news on TV about someone shooting Dayal Thakur at his home. Sakshi says why are you seeing old news, Dayal is dead. Rajnath is shocked and says what. He says I know you did this, just think you have upset Dev and Durga, they will be after us. She says what nonsense, I did not do this, I thought you do this. He says nonsense, why will I do, you killed your husband and son. She says she knows he also killed someone. He says if you did not kill him, then who. She says Shaurya.

The nurse brings Payal to see tv. Rishi looks at Payal and says he has to be strong and he will do for what he has come here. The doctor comes and says Payal will not watch tv today, she will go for walk with us. Rishi hides. The nurse sees the news and says if Payal saw this then… Rishi sees the news and says what, who has killed Dayal Thakur. He calls Karan and Tarun to inform this. Sakshi and Rajnath come to meet Shaurya, aand asks Sanjukta. She says he is in his room, he is not completely fine, he did not go out. They go to Shaurya’s room. Sakshi says Dr Thakur is dead.

Shaurya says yes, he is dead, 6 bullets and tells the position of the bullets. He asks why are you both upset with this, Durga has got a bolt of her life, I want to see her expression. The doctor says they have to take Dayal’s body for autopsy as police has to do investigation, its murder case. Dev asks him to do this later. The doctor asks Durga to sign on forms. She signs and gives. Sakshi says stop talking nonsense, answer me. Shaurya asks what. Rajnath asks did you do all this. Shaurya says you mean I went on wheelchair and shot Dayal, then came back and no one saw me, wow, thanks to think I m capable to do this.

He says Dayal’s character was good and he had many enemies, I m jealous, if I was not on wheelchair I would have killed him, its golden chance to fail Durga. Sakshi keeps his hand on her head and says swear on me, tell me you did not do this. You know you are my weakness and I will save you. Shaurya swears he did not kill her, and thinks his gun bullets have killed him. Rajnath says we should go to hospital now. They leave. Shaurya says go to graveyard directly, what should I do, call Durga or meet her personally to give condolences. He smiles.

The lawyer gives Dr. Dayal’s locker keys to Sakshi. She thinks Durga does not know about it, this key will open some secrets.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. thanksss amena imean how sad dayal dead omg wat will happen next

  2. hate u shaurya!! how can u do this.. i mean how can a girl bear all this. hope durga will compose herself after this

  3. sravana bhargavi

    My god it is such a horrible episode but hope durga stays strongs nd what could be the plan of rishi tarun nd karan

  4. Omg..!Dayal…..v miss u…u r d first supporter f durga…

  5. damn. precap is more horrible.. whats going on!!

    1. Yes yaar its fearful will the secret of the fake face of Nitya will come out?

  6. sravana bhargavi

    I think sakshi is reaching the truth

  7. it is giving a wrong message that good people always have to suffer
    thanks for the update

    1. It is not a wrong message. It is the ACTUAL TRUTH of life. How old are you? Can’t you even grasp such simple philosophy?

      1. yea its not spreading any wrong message. thats the truth. but one more truth is that the truth wins one day

  8. Thanks for the update. Shaurya is so cheap

  9. Very bad it is !

  10. Hate U Shaurya!!!
    dnt hav guts

  11. i can’t believe whether dayal is dead till the serial ends

  12. All of it happened so suddenly.dayal was actually the one who moulded durga from nitya.miss you……

  13. serials shout make the mind pleasant. pl. don’t show this kind of horrible scens as most people are seeing this with family.

  14. Buckwas serial.. Please stop it.. Always good people suffer and die.. There is no justice.. Is it Indian way of living life.. grow up.. atleast show that … bad people will get utmost punishment in the life itself.. how many people has to be killed or raped to get shourya and gang get punishment.. This is one of the worst serials …

  15. i wonder what would be secret of key..it must be durga’s plastic surgery report whatever it would be bt durga give them muh tod jawab.

  16. The usual formula. Good people should suffer till the end. What a cruel and inhuman way shaurya kills Dayal. This crosses all limits. Is life full of cunningness, hatred and jealousy. It is sickeni ng

  17. So sad he died … it’ll be hard to watch the show without Dayal now

    Really hope Shaurya gets punished asap.

  18. Good dayal dead… very sad the evil still alive sadder still. I see no point in dayal being killed he should have remained alive for the last happy scene . Mayb he wanted to leave the serial so they killed him .

  19. Durga be strong its hard time for u

  20. plzzzz dev help her . Her only hope is now only u dev . and plzzzzz let durga knoow shuaryassss ……

  21. Dayal cant die.
    He is the main back bone of Durga. & EHT.
    Please give a good messages to viewers.
    don’t always make the villeins Win.
    We want Dayal back at any cost.

  22. Hope the death of dayal doesn’t make durga to loose her confidence in targetting the goenkas

  23. I don’t think Dr. Dayal is dead. It is Durgas plan to keep in safe. So she announced that he is dead.

  24. its d time 4 sakshi’s move against durga…she will find some truth 4m dat key bt at d nick of d moment durga gona gve her master stroke

  25. Its a truth that god always give sufferings to good people but this doesnot mean that he completly leaves them forever,god suffers them to know and test their sincerity and uncountable purity in love. so i think in real life people like dayal may not get such a cruel suffer as he already suffers due to his original daughter durga’s death.I realy want dayalji to come back to life.I will not leave my hope till the serial ends.As we all know dayals happiness is to see durga winning against goenkas and gain justice.he gave his daughters face and identity to durga.Through this he gave a rebirth not only to durga and payal but also to his original daughter durga.he gave nithya his daughter durgas place in his mind.from this we can see a lovable and sincere father in dayalji.dayalji also knew that durga’s happiness is to make him happy by winning against goenkas and gain justice by maintaining original durga thakur’s brave,intelligent,lovable and smart identity.so give a chance to dayalji to see his daughter winning aganst goenkas and leading a successful,peaceful and happy life with her beloved ones.

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