Ek Hasina Thi 28th July 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Rajnath managing the situation and Sjaurya acting really cool and not affected by Durga’s engagement news. Dayal asks were they discussing about them. Rajnath says no, we were talking to Dev and his recovery. Dayal says project can wait, once Dev recovers, then we can resume work. Dayal says wish you a nice day, we will leave. Rajnath says congrats once again. Sakshi says God bless you Durga and smiles. Dayal and Durga leave. Shaurya goes to his room. Rajnath tells Sakshi that we don’t need to cancel the project now. She says Shaurya’s I don’t care attitude is a show, else Durga;’s engagement drama is a plan against us.

Durga tells Dayal that she knows he is not happy, but I hope Shaurya breaks the promise made to Sakshi. Dayal says either you will get engaged

to Shaurya or a stranger, so both are bad news for me. Shaurya tells Sakshi that he is going to office from today, now he won’t run after Durga, as he will now be on his path now. He says I m not qualified, but I have luck on my side, I will work hard and learn everything. He leaves. She smiles. Durga comes to meet Dev and asks how is he feeling now. He says he is feeling amazing, it was his dream to be on this hospital bed. She laughs.

He says I m being mad here. She says you are discharged. He says finally. He gets a call from unknown number. An insurance agent calls him and Dev says its late to mediclaim now. Durga asks about his ringtone. He says its very special tune, Nitya used to say I sing very bad, she broke my singing dreams, but I learnt guitar to impress her and then I composed this tune. Durga thinks of her and Dev’s old moments. Dev tells Durga what Nitya used to say. She cries hearing her same words which Dev remembered till now. Dev says she was very true, I wrote a song on this music, thinking to make her hear this and ask how do I sing.

Dev asks her how is this music. She says very nice. He says I m sure she will also like it. He says I want to meet Payal, I want to see how is she, I m sure I will reach Nitya through her. Rajnath comes to take Dev with Suchitra. Dev asks about any info from CBI. Rajnath says no, we did not find out. Durga hears this. Rajnath says we will find the culprit, don’t worry. He asks him to trust him and get well soon. Suchitra says Rajnath is right, let him work on this matter.

Shaurya comes to office and the manager asks him to meet new girls in office. Shaurya says I came here to work and I m interested only in business. Sakshi hears this and is happy. Shaurya says don’t call me Sir, I m your intern and came to learn. The manager asks are you serious. Shaurya says yes, tell me more about business. Sakshi can’t believe this and smiles. Durga takes Dev to temple. Dev asks her where is she taking him, as he lied to everyone. She jokes. He says you are kidnapping me, please don’t, we are very rich, I will give you money. She says I don’t want money. She takes him to meet Payal.

He jokes that his old mum is waiting for him and laughs. He thinks about the road accident and thinks its Bhishnupur, why is she taking me there. Dev and Durga come to the farmhouse. He asks where is she taking him. She says you wanted to meet Payal. He says yes. She shows him Dayal and Payal. Dev is shocked and says Payal. Dev meets Payal. Payal hugs him and cries. She says Nitya Di……………. Dayal asks Durga to step back and let Payal talk to Dev, as he is connected to her past. Dev asks Payal not to cry, as he has come now. He asks where is Nitya. Payal points to Durga and Dev is shocked.

Shaurya asks Durga to get engaged and leave him, and says congrats. He leaves. Sakshi looks on while Durga is shocked seeing his behavior.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Even I am shocked of shaurya’s behaviour 😐 epi ws gd not boring….. eager to see how dev will react seeing payal’s answer 🙂 n thanx amena fr quick update

  2. Shauraya is obviously acting..because he wants to cool things down…

  3. awesome episode

  4. ashiyuvi virman

    Shaurya is of course acting! He is trying to show durga i don’t care and to sakshi how good a son he has become

  5. 2days update?

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