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The Episode starts with Shaurya telling Dayal that he is fine and can walk now. Dayal thinks he should warn Durga. Shaurya says he knows what he is thinking, that he should inform Durga, but no, he has to surprise Durga. Dayal says fine, its night, go from here. Shaurya shoots at his leg. Dayal falls and shouts Shaurya. Shaurya says Dr. Dayal Thakur, this was the first bullet, five more to go. Durga and Dev come at the restaurant to have dinner. Mukherjee keeps an eye on them. Dev says he hopes she is not annoyed with his last argument and promises he won’t question anything again. She says fine. He says I will never ask anything. She says fine. He says Nitya and changes the words, saying Nitya used to say smile should be fullest. She laughs. Music plays……………..

Shaurya says he

will get water for Dayal and asks him to get cool, and puts water on him. Dayal looks at him. Shaurya says you feel you will get me paralyzed and I will leave you, you are thinking how did I know this. He tells him everything hoe he found out the goons and Mukherjee told him that the goons attacked him on Dayal and Akash’s saying. Shaurya made Mukherjee kill them. Shaurya says martial art expert have leaked their names. Dayal gets angry. Shaurya says he is sending him to Lord and shoots again. Shaurya asks what happened, is this paining a lot. He says 4 more bullets to go. He brings the wheelchair and says now you need it. He says sit on this and feel how was I feeling. Dayal laughs. Shaurya. Shaurya says he will kill him. Dayal says you won’t be saved. Shaurya says who will doubt on me, that I did this, as I m still on wheelchair for the world.

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He says he has pity on him, and give offer to tell where is Nitya. Dayal laughs loudly and says Nitya. Shaurya says shut up, tell me where is Nitya, Dev and Durga won’t come to save you, as they are busy. He says he called manager to make Suchitra send Dev and Durga on dinner. The manager greets Dev and Durga and says congrats for his new post. He wishes them all the best. Everyone clap. He asks Dev to dance with Durga. Dev says no, we are not comfortable. A lady asks Dev to dance with her. Durga smiles and asks him to go. The lady then asks Durga to come and gives her hand to Dev. Dev and Durga dance.

Durga thinks she is glad to have a friend like him. Dev asks about Nitya. She reminds his promise that he won’t ask any question. Shaurya asks Dayal to say where is Nitya. Dayal says he will not say. Shaurya shoots him on his hands. Dayal says don’t waste time on finding Nitya. Shaurya says 2 more to go, tell me where is Nitya. Dayal says he won’t tell him, he is proud of his money and influence and he won’t find Nitya. Dayal laughs. Shaurya says shut up and shoots again. Durga thinks about Dayal’s words to start a new life with Dev. Dev thinks does Nitya love him. Durga misses Dev and thinks she loves Baba a lot. He tells Dev that she is missing Dayal. He says lets go and meet him. She says no, its late, I will meet him tomorrow. He says no, we will go to meet him now.

Shaurya asks Dayal why did he attack on him. Dayal taunts him. Shaurya says you will play game with me, give me my answers. Dev says it seems Durga is missing Dayal a lot today, we will reach now in some time, don’t worry. Shaurya says I like this man Dayal, you are so brave, death is infront of you and even then your eyes don’t have fear, that what will happen with Durga. Dayal says I m doctor, and I see death daily. He says he will be happy to meet death and about Durga, she does not need me now, I m not afraid of anything now, you have to be afraid, as you don’t know what will happen with you. Shaurya aims at his heart. Dayal laughs. Shaurya says good bye. Dayal says go to hell. Shaurya says hell is here and shoots at his heart. Dayal falls. Shaurya says you have troubled me, its time to celebrate. He sits on the wheelchair and leaves. Dayal falls in wounded state.

Dev and Durga come home. Dev says he will check fuse and sees the wire broken. He connects it and opens the lights. Durga is shocked seeing Dayal wounded and shot. She shouts Baba and cries. Dev comes and calls out Dr Thakur. Durga cries aloud shouting Baba.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. OMG Pls don kill dayal……

  2. Wonder what happened to servant who went to check on the lights….

  3. Is this serial showing the victory of untruth. Who will trust Maa Durga if Dr. Dayal is shown dead.
    The truth has to triumph.

  4. Dayal Thakur of Ek Hasina Thi is an interesting character. Please do not kill him. Let it be a drama and bring him back again.

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